Nightstands for bedrooms

 Nightstands for bedrooms

Few people think that such familiar interior items as bedside tables are an integral part of the original design of any bedroom and qualitatively complement it with their decorative appearance and functionality.

Benefits and Purpose

The bedside table is a very popular piece of furniture today that has a wide enough upper plane so that you can put glasses, a telephone, a lamp or a clock on it when going to sleep. Often, such a nightstand contains a lot of items that usually do not lie in their places, so the shelves in such a cabinet sometimes are very deep and roomy.

The most important advantage of such an element of the interior is that it is thanks to him that all the necessary things in the bedroom are now at arm's length - a glass of water, for example, if you often wake up at night from thirst. Many bedside tables have several shelves at once, where you can fold bed or underwear to save.

Types and designs

Bedside cabinets differ significantly from each other by type and type of construction. Therefore, if you decide to purchase these interior items, you should pay attention to the quality characteristics of each type so that the purchase is optimally combined with the overall design of the bedroom.

  • Classic rectangular. It is simple and practical, functional and easy to use, versatile and usually does not have decorative excesses. Created to store a considerable number of things.
  • Suspended. Suspended pedestals are especially popular lately, because they look especially original. Their main purpose is decor, room decoration, space saving in the room and practicality.
  • Stand with extendable table - in case you like to eat or work at the computer in bed.
  • Pedestals with an unusual design. If you like to fantasize and you like everything extraordinary - you should take a closer look at such products, because they will not just decorate your bedroom, but make its interior more lively and interesting. Soft models can be such unusual curbstones - they can not only store things, but also sit on them.
  • Corner bedside tables originally fit into a small bedroom. They only appear to be narrow in appearance, in fact, furniture designers usually make them quite roomy.
  • 2-3 shelves compact shelving on the legs can also act as bedside tables.

By design, the bedside tables for the bedroom are divided into the following models:

  • Open bedside table. This is a neat table without drawers or doors, for storing a small number of different things.
  • Cabinet with drawers. This type of furniture with multiple drawers will allow you to store various accessories, hiding them from the eyes of others.
  • Bedside-transformers.

The shapes of the cabinets are square and rectangular, angular and trapezoid in shape, oval and round.

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Additional elements

Like any other piece of furniture, bedside tables have a variety of additional original or exclusive decor elements.that allow you to pick them up for a certain style of a bedroom set or interior room.

  • Curbstones with wrought iron and glass elements.
  • Leather upholstered cabinets.
  • Models of bedside tables with high thin legs, resembling tables and having a tabletop of various types - from round to trapezoid.
  • Bedside cabinets on wheels.
  • Options with open and closed sections for storing small items.


For each style of interior, it is necessary to select its original bedside cabinet, so that with its appearance it emphasized the stylistic orientation of the room for which it was chosen. How to make so that new bedside tables most organically fit into a bedroom interior?


Usually, the bedside tables in such a simple style look like a simple wooden box, painted in certain colors, but nonetheless carrying a certain exclusivity in its appearance.


It is also called the colonial style.. Most often rattan cabinets with elegant legs are suitable for him.Such interesting elements of decor as the weaving of walls, a rectangular silhouette, the tone palette of natural colors, as well as vegetable notes in the painting can also be used here.


Classics are always solid bedside tables made of natural wood, no matter if this is true - they will be massive or simplified versions. For decoration, you can use the unusual form of furniture handles and legs, but the color is best to prefer dark, aristocratic.

Italian Palace

These are metal bedside tables decorated with art forging, with artificially aged or lacquered shelves.


Modern cabinets usually have a variety of unusual shapes and colors.. Ethnic motifs and plant geometry can be used actively here. When choosing high-tech styles and minimalism, one should prefer bedside tables with metal base or glass tabletop doors with a minimum of decorative details.


Elegant bedside tables of neutral colors from a natural tree without excess decorative elements.


This is, first of all, wooden cabinets of graceful form on thin figured legs.


The most important criterion for choosing a bedside table is its height.. The ideal option would be the height of the bedside table flush with the bed, so that you can easily put a thing on it or take it. In this case, the bedroom set will line up in a harmonious range, which will help make the ensemble of beds and bedside tables more symmetrical and ergonomic.

When choosing the dimensions of curbstones for a bed, it is important to remember the size of the berth itself, while applying the principle of uniform dimensions. If the bed is very large, and the bedside tables rather look miniature, visual imbalance immediately becomes noticeable, which is not always pleasant to the eye. If the bed is heavy and massive, has an impressive headboard, then the large cabinets-dressers are most suitable. To the bed with a small back fit small, elegant bedside tables.

For a bed of the chic size, the width of the stands should be approximately from 50 to 100 cm. Models of bedside tables with a width of less than 50 cm are perfectly suited for an ordinary double bed or a standard bed for one person.Another important parameter is the depth of the furniture. If you choose a cabinet deeper than 50 cm, this can make it difficult for you to access the bed, which will spoil the bedroom's ergonomics, so choose a standard - a depth of 30 cm.


The original and functional bedside tables today are made of materials of various types - from solid wood to synthetic plates.

  • The greatest preference is still given to natural wood.because it has a deep textured color, an ecological component and a guarantee of long service.
  • Low cost cabinets are made of chipboard, fibreboard and polyvinyl chloride.
  • For women's bedrooms are perfect chic bedside cabinets from eco-leather (cheaper option) or leather (more expensive option). These cabinets look very impressive and unusual in any interior.
  • Mirror or glass nightstand designed to visually increase the space of the bedroom, but too quickly covered with chips and scratches due to the vulnerability of the base material. Most often, the shape is round.

You can always purchase combinations of various materials - for example, a bedside table made of solid pine with the presence of a plastic or forged finish.There is also a wide choice of metal models with mirrored shelves and openwork forged legs.


For many ordinary people it is extremely difficult to answer the question of how to choose the colors of their new bedside tables. There are no general rules here, designers usually use typical color schemes, one of which you will obviously have to taste:

  • The headboard and bedside table next to it are made of different materials, but kept in the same color scheme. For example, the head of the bed can be brown, and the color of the nightstand can be coffee with milk.
  • The color of the bedside elements is directly opposite to the color of the bed. The bed can be saturated black or red, then the thumbs should be dazzling white.
  • The color of the bedside tables is fully consistent with the non-basic subton of the bedroom interior design. Wenge-colored furniture is perfectly suited for this purpose, if the whole bedroom is designed in a strict classical style and uses textures that most closely resemble natural wood.
  • Bedside cabinets are matched to the color of other pieces of furniture, which are also successfully present in the interior (only the bed is not taken into account).
  • Bedside tables fully support the original color of the walls, floor coverings or doors.
  • Bedside cabinets are combined with the main range of colors of the bedroom. So, in a bright bedroom, pastel-colored bedroom sets will look best.
  • Drawers or tables are eye-catching accents. For example, a wrought bedside table is perfect for a bedroom from an array.

Do it yourself

If you want to create a bedside cabinet in your own, original author's style, then in fact you will need not so much strength and tools.

For example, you can always build a stylish and eccentric bedside table from a pair of ordinary durable plywood boxes or a pair of plastic containers.

For work you will need:

  1. Own speaking, the boxes themselves, boxes or containers.
  2. Old wheels or legs from a low table, chair or stool.
  3. Dry branches (preferably of different sizes) in the sawn state in the form of circles.
  4. Cork panels.
  5. Any quality paint.
  6. Saw.
  7. Hot glue in the gun.

In order to quickly make an unusual nightstand in the bedroom, you just need to paint the cooked drawers in a pre-selected color and let them dry.. Using glue, attach legs to a freshly painted box. With the same glue, glue the panel from the cork over the nightstand to create the effect of a beautiful tabletop. The same panels can be glued to the side panels. Mugs of dry branches stick on the sides of the stand and your product is actually ready. You can additionally decorate it with sparkles, rhinestones, sequins or any other decorative elements characteristic of the interior of your bedroom.

How to make a bedside table with your own hands, see more in the video below.

Stylish design ideas in the interior

Most often, bedside tables are installed on both sides of the bed, which is extremely comfortable if it is a double bed. But it’s not at all necessary that these bedside tables be identical in design or in style; they can differ even in color, shape and height.

To visually equalize the sides of the same bed with the thumbs of different height, you can use mirror surfaces, photos within or frames, hung on the same level. To balance the light in such a room, you can use lamps of different sizes.

In the bedroom style Provence, you can set the tables in the "skirts". Fabric covers will make the interior of the bed more soft, feminine, comfortable. The advantage of this option is that the color of the bedside table can always be changed by simply ordering a new “skirt” for it.

The bedside area can always be originally furnished with various objects that will fit the bed or the entire bedroom set in size, color and style. It can be interesting in design coffee tables, stiff poufs, old stools-stairs, forged stands for flower arrangements.

Properly chosen bedside tables will help you create the ideal conditions for the most pleasant pastime in the bedroom.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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