Pink bedroom

 Pink bedroom

The most peaceful, quiet, cozy place in each apartment, of course, is the bedroom. The peaceful atmosphere disposes to rest, relaxation, restful sleep. Therefore, the interior should fully contribute to rest.

Gentle, dull colors, beautiful furniture, lovely knick-knacks are integral parts of such a setting.

Usually for the walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, textiles are used soft, calm colors. One of the most beautiful and romantic colors is pink, which is represented in a huge number of very different shades: from soft, muted to bright and screaming.

Special features

The pink color is very versatile. It can irritate, cause a feeling of anxiety, excitement, especially if it is a palette of poisonous, saturated, bright shades.Or maybe vice versa - soothe, relax, give a feeling of security and comfort.

For the design of the bedroom is best to use cold, calm and very restrained tone. If pink is not used as the main one, then it can be more saturated and bright.

In this case, it is perfect for creating bright accents in a restrained interior.

Pink bedroom like natures sublime and romantic. This color looks great in different styles (classic, romantic, Provence, art deco). It can be used in the design of walls, textiles, furniture, decorative ornaments.

Color combinations

Pink color is self-sufficient. It is magnificent in itself and perfectly harmonizes with other shades and tones, emphasizing their richness and depth.

With white

One of the most gentle and pleasing to the eye combinations. Ideal for very small spaces. The harmony of these colors makes the interior more light and airy.

White looks great, both with deep shades of roses, and with a soft pink color. The combination can be used to design the bedroom in a classic or modern style.Design options can be many: in white can be sustained walls, ceiling or floor.

Snow-white can be furniture, decor, curtains, textiles, bed linen. And vice versa - the pink shade can become dominant.

With gray

An interesting option that looks a little less festive and elegant than the previous one, but no less stylish and expressive. This interior contributes to relaxation and tranquility. Walls, curtains, flooring can be gray, and ash-pink accessories, lamps, bedspreads and other decorations will effectively emphasize and tint a discreet, discreet color.

With olive

Olive color in combination with different shades of pink is rarely found in the interior of the bedroom, but this combination looks original and fresh. One of the colors can play a dominant role or they can be used in equal proportions.

The pink-olive room “comes to life”, becomes fresher, gives a feeling of calm and peace.

With purple

The purple color itself is very rich and deep. Therefore, its choice for the interior must be approached with extreme caution so as not to overdo it.Too bright colors will look hard.

But light shades of roses, lilacs, violets, especially in a sunny room, look just great!

With brown

Brown color, at first glance, may seem the least suitable for the design of the bedroom. In fact, it has many advantages over other tones. Deep shades of brown, close to chocolate, combined with pale pink look like a delicious milk chocolate with cherry filling.

With green

Green - the color of the first greenery, grass and barely blooming leaves. It looks the best with bright, pale and deep tones of pink. A room decorated in a combination of these shades does not seem overloaded. The interior remains fresh, light, juicy and extraordinarily beautiful.

With blue

Blue is another light, noble shade, great for decorating a bedroom. The combination of natural flowers give a feeling of lightness and freshness, so they are suitable for decorating a variety of rooms, including a children's bedroom or a bedroom of small sizes.

To make the setting more elegant and festive look, you can add elements of white.

With black

Black is a universal color, which in combination with different shades and tones can look completely different. Helps to muffle the poisonous pink shades or elegantly emphasize the tenderness of pale pink tones.

Black should not be too much. It is usually used in the decoration of bedspreads, curtains, flooring patterns, can decorate one of the walls.

With yellow

Bright sunny yellow with pink color fills the room with light and gives a feeling of joy.

With gold

Turn your own bedroom into a luxurious royal apartment will help gold. Golden pattern on the wallpaper, golden candles and lamps, carpet, curtains, wall picture frame - gold can be used in various objects of the pink room decor.

Furniture, lighting, decor

Pink is loved not only by girls, as many people still believe. This is the color of the romantically-minded natures, sublime and sensitive. It is not surprising that they strive to decorate their homes by adding warm, beautiful, delicate colors to it.

Looking out for bedroom furniture, most often the choice stops on snow-white beds or sofas. This is a win-win.More practical, but no less interesting is the furniture of dark wood or beige, gold, gray. Pink bed will be combined with white wallpaper. The interior should look harmonious.

Bright, rich colors should be muffled by more calm and restrained colors. Only then will the room look beautiful.

The choice of sources of lighting for the room plays an important role. Soft, diffused, muffled light softens the harsh tones and shades, promotes relaxation and comfortable rest. Most often wall sconces, small floor lamps, table lamps are chosen for this purpose.

And finally, the decor. The choice of additional elements, accessories and decorations depends on the overall picture, the saturation of the colors used, the size of the room. If the room is made in a combination of pale shades, then beautiful curtains, the original shape of a chandelier, a beautiful picture or photo on the wall will help make it more bright and modern.

Snow-white curtains, a peach-colored bedspread or bed linen, and pale yellow decorative elements will help to muffle deep, poisonous pink tones.

Useful tips

Making the bedroom in soft pink colors, special emphasis should be placed on the choice of accessories. They may have a concise, strict design, but a deeper and more saturated color than the rest of the interior.

Such a room will immediately become more expressive, bright accents will add to the restrained atmosphere.

It is not necessary to arrange the room in only one color, especially in such a heavy one as pink. It is better to use different combinations with white, yellow, blue and green.

You do not need to choose poisonous and bright colors for a small room - it will become even smaller.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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