Bedrooms with bay window

Bay window - protruding part of the room from the plane of the facade, which increases the area and improves illumination. Bay windows are of several types: rectangular, multi-sided and semicircular. Bedroom design with a bay window provides great opportunities for creating an interior: there you can equip a sleeping place, a small office, completely glaze and make a winter garden.

Special features

A bedroom with a bay window will always attract attention with its sophistication, courage and comfort. When creating a room design, such an architectural element should be used as profitably as possible.

Creating a bedroom project, designers advise to consider the following features:

  • As an aesthetic element, it is very useful for the architect.: this element introduces an unusual appearance into the facade due to the convexity in the wall and makes it possible to create interesting effects in the house - stepped walls, a play of light and shadow.
  • Unusual shape: rectangular, polygonal, round, bay window, porch (actual in a private house), wall. The type of bay window influences the choice of design, style, furniture arrangement, design and decoration of the room.
  • The protruding part of the facade creates additional storage space.which allows to expand the room, to make it more spacious, if necessary - to zone into functional areas.
  • Good light. Usually the bay window is made in the form of a large window (from the ceiling to the floor), due to which a lot of natural light enters the room. Due to this, the bedroom will be bright and more spacious.

Suitable styles

Owners of a bedroom with a bay window are lucky - they have a unique opportunity to get an exclusive designer room. Experts note that not all styles will suit the bay window. Especially organically fit the following styles:

  • Baroque and Rococo look bohemian, chic and "rich." Bay windows are decorated with a large number of textiles. The furniture is upholstered with luxury high-quality fabric interspersed with buttons, as well as a bed with a wide headboard, forged dressing tables, velvet padded stools. Antique objects are arranged.Rococo has a more delicate color range, in such a room there are lilac, caramel, blue, pearl colors.
  • Elegance, chic, intricate forms will bring the English style, measured and noble. Expensive fabric is used, on furniture there are a lot of covers, pillows, carpets with tassels. The palette is deep, rich, represented by burgundy, pistachio, mustard, emerald, chocolate colors. All furniture is massive, solid, with patterned elements. In English style, moderation and restraint are important, it is impossible to prevent overloading the interior.

Design options

Bedroom with bay window perfectly zoning. From this principle depends on the choice of room design. There are several options for how to make the bedroom a functional part of the apartment and equip the bay window, depending on personal preferences:

  • Sleeping place. Far from any bed. Due to the unusual shape of the bay window (for example, rounded), you will have to choose an oval or round shape of furniture.
  • Workplace. Due to the illumination of this place is perfect for the location of the table, chairs, shelves and locker.
  • Living room. If the apartment is one-room, then every centimeter of area would be useful to use. Therefore, in this case, the bay window serves as a reception area, it houses a rounded sofa, a good option is chairs with a round table.
  • Relaxation zone. Rest will be relaxing on a soft large chair in front of the window where you can read, listen to music, enjoy the view on the street.
  • Winter Garden. For lovers of plants and florists - this is a real paradise on earth. Flowers are placed on the shelves and special supports; climbing plants are set on the wall and ceiling.
  • Corner makeup artist. For every woman it is important to have a dressing table with a lot of tubes, jars, bottles. Bay window is quite suitable for this, only you need to think over a good lighting system (several spotlights, one powerful - on the table).
  • Place for sports. You will be able to put any simulator and train at a convenient time, without taking up much space.


The choice of materials for decorating the bay window depends on the style, but designers advise to follow the general rules:

  • For walls use paint or plaster. These materials will emphasize smooth bends and will not distract from the main points.Wallpaper is also allowed, but when sticking it can be difficult - joints, problems with print. The best option - plain walls.
  • To give the room even more light and visually increase the space, light-colored paint is used. To create an intimate space fit deep colors. It is better to refuse bright and screaming colors.
  • Ceilings - stretched or suspended, stacked, glossy or matte.
  • The floor is covered with simple materials, without drawings, patterns and prints. This will help preserve the unity and integrity of the interior.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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