Blue-gray bedroom

The gray-blue bedroom looks stylish, modern and cozy.. However, if you overdo it with the number of accents, you can achieve the opposite effect. Therefore, in order to harmoniously decorate a room in these shades, you should follow some rules.

Color features

Each of the colors of this range has its own characteristics, which you should be aware of before making one of them dominant.

Blue belongs to the cold spectrum, so that it can bring freshness, tranquility, peace in the interior. It is also associated with summer, sky, sea, which has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the bedroom. This color helps to relax, helps to sleep. Lighter shades of blue can visually enlarge the room, which is useful if the apartment has small dimensions.

The disadvantages of the blue color are manifested only if you overdo it with its use. If it is too much, then the bedroom can become uncomfortable and repulsive, too cold to feel. Also, an excessive amount of blue trim can outwardly reduce the cost of the overall picture.

Gray color refers to the base, but depending on the shades, it can go into one of the spectra. Being neutral, it promotes relaxation, reduces emotional stress and nervous excitement, and also allows eyes to rest. This color is able to visually increase the size of the room. If there is not enough lighting in the room, then he may begin to depress what to consider when buying lamps.

Dark shades of gray, not balanced by other light colors, may over-press, which is not very desirable in the design of the bedroom. In general, so that the monochrome scale does not cause depression and does not oppress, it is recommended to use it only with companion colors.

The interior in gray-blue colors is one of the classic variants of combinations of different colors. They harmonize and eliminate the shortcomings of each other.So, gray reduces the activity of its companion, and blue, on the contrary - makes it less faded. When combining it is necessary to adhere to the balance and use shades of one degree of saturation. The darker the gray, the brighter should be blue, and vice versa.

With the right balance of saturation and the choice of shades, the bedroom in a similar color will be a great place to relax. In it, the situation itself will act peacefully.

Variants of combinations

If blue is the dominant color, then it is possible to embody designs in the styles of classic, Provence, neoclassic, Mediterranean. Gray embodies more modern trends, for example, minimalism, industrial. So that the gray-blue design does not seem too arrogant or faded, it is best to choose finishes, furniture and decor with different textures. Visually enrich the interior with a combination of silk, velvet, leather, terry carpets, aged wood, glass and bronze. To make the impression of design more deep, matte, glossy, mirror and metal surfaces should be combined.

If blue is used as a finish, gray furniture will balance it. Excessively bright wallpaper is not recommended for the entire area of ​​the room. It is preferable to make only one wall active, while others are neutral. If the walls or floor are made in gray, then blue accents can be added with textiles - curtains, bedspread, pillows, furniture upholstery. In the monochrome room, vivid pictures are also appropriate, the plots of which range from classical landscapes to surrealistic abstractions.

If lighter shades of these colors are used, the external cold can be reduced with the help of furniture. Items that are made of wood or imitate its texture will be appropriate. The color of the furniture in this case should be close to natural - brown, beige.

Often the blue-gray bedroom needs to be diluted with some other color.. In this case, it is best to choose different shades of white and beige. For example, in a similar bedroom you can put a white leather chair or sofa that will look not only harmonious, but also stylish.

Beautiful solutions

The muted shades of gray on the floor and walls do not make the room dull, but, on the contrary, give it a laconic balance. White is added as an additional color using lamps, a bookcase, a ceiling and doors. Blue is present in several shades at once: from light blue to rich “dirty”. This color is made carpet, upholstery, bed linen, as well as one of the frames.

Gray is dominant, because it is represented by the decoration of the walls, bed, curtains, carpet. Its blue accents are balanced: a light-colored armchair, a patterned white-and-blue bedspread, and a bright bedside table. White and beige are used as companion flowers in the form of flooring and furniture.

The amount of blue and gray is balanced approximately equally. The pattern on the wallpaper creates a feeling of volume and softness, and the accent wall is decorated with two gray-black stripes with a pattern. Curtains of the main coloring merge with the walls, but light yellow spots help them to stand out. Gray furniture (armchairs, desk and chair, bed, floor lamp legs) combines several textures at once. In order not to overload the interior by alternating only two colors, dark brown and white were added in the form of small pieces of furniture and decoration.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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