Gray wallpaper in the bedroom

Many successful people seek to emphasize their status with the help of not only wardrobe elements, but also the interior of their home. A calm neutral atmosphere combined with a touch of elegance in the bedroom design can bring gray wallpaper.

Thanks to the modern variety of design and wallpaper varieties, you can emphasize the interior with a very original wall design, as well as “play” with the space of the room, visually making it larger or narrower.

Special features

Gray wallpaper in the bedroom is an ideal option for those who wish to see peace and tranquility in the interior, which will make the holiday just wonderful. Colorists claim that the gray color in the design of the room subconsciously adjusts a person to relax. It is able to give a feeling of stability and harmony, and therefore is considered one of the most suitable color solutions for the bedroom:

  • His light shades perfectly complement the interior and have a binding effect, aligning and softening other colors, making the room more pleasant for perception. In addition, in combination with light furniture, these wallpapers are able to give a feeling of airiness and freedom, so they are usually chosen to decorate the walls in rooms with a small area.
  • Dark shades gray colorists recommend using in well-lit and spacious bedrooms. The ash tone is perfectly combined with the bright upholstery of the furniture and is able to distinguish it against the background of the general interior. This tone brings elegance and nobility into the interior, emphasizing the wonderful taste of the owner.

Popular varieties

The style of the interior and the overall impression of it depend not only on the color of the wall covering used, but also on the type of wallpaper chosen for this purpose. To create the desired effect and style, you should be guided by the following tips that give professional designers:

  • The most budget and environmentally friendly option are paper wallpaper. This is the most popular option for decorating a children's bedroom.They are comfortable, they are easy to glue, and therefore will not need to specifically engage for this experienced craftsmen.

The modern variety of prints will allow you to easily choose the option that suits the owner of the room. For the interior of the bedroom usually buy two types of wallpaper: dark gray covered wall behind the head of the bed, and light - the rest of the room.

  • Non-woven and vinyl wallpapers suitable for those who seek to create an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication in the room, as relief printing and silk-screen printing are often used for these materials. Such wallpapers look the most interesting and presentable, as well as are durable. The most popular are soft gray wallpaper with the image of large flower buds.
  • Natural wallpapers - an option for those who have large funds and hopes to see elegant restraint in the interior of his bedroom. Natural bamboo, cane, veneer, jute and many other materials are used to decorate the walls. The tree, made in gray, looks very "expensive" and elegant. It is often used in combination with beige furniture.
  • As a design of a separate wall (for example, in the working area) you can choose glass wallpaper. They are also well suited for covering walls in new buildings that shrink. Such materials are covered with a layer of paint. This is a great option for decorating a teenager's room or an art deco lover. If necessary, the gray coating can be easily painted over with another shade - or even invite an artist to diversify the wall with a bright pattern.
  • Gray textile wallpaper fit for the design of the bedroom of the spouses. They will give the room extra comfort. These wallpapers are environmentally friendly and are considered to be a very exclusive material that looks stylish and interesting. Depending on the preferences of the owner, you can choose a more rigorous geometric print or a more romantic smooth pattern.


Gray wallpapers are neutral, so with the help of them you can easily emphasize expensive furniture, as well as interesting to beat the interior with bright accents. All shades of this color are perfectly combined with many colors of the palette, and therefore this tone is considered to be a very versatile option not only for decorating the bedroom, but also for any other room in the house.

How to combine gray and beige wallpaper in the interior of a bright room, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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