Blue bedroom

 Blue bedroom

The blue color is one of the most gorgeous and luxurious in the color palette. Thanks to associations with the sea and the sky, more and more people prefer to include it in their home interiors. Being in such a room, you can rest peacefully with your body and soul, because such a tone has a calming effect. Particularly impressive is the blue bedroom - the embodiment of one of the most creative design ideas.

Blue color

Interest in blue has arisen in ancient times. Even then, a noble shade was given special significance, associating it with the manifestation of divine powers. In ancient Egypt, blue painted frescoes and expensive dishes, used it for the manufacture of Pharaoh's wigs.

It was believed that this particular color would emphasize the strength of character and the will of the person.

In psychology, the love of blue is an indicator of dedication, self-confidence, the presence of leadership qualities. Different shades of this color are perfect for politicians, businessmen, speakers. They will also appeal to philosophers who like to reflect and analyze. In addition, blue develops intuition, helps to form a character, to feel stability and peace. The bedroom in this color is an ideal solution for people who highly appreciate relaxation and home comfort.


Blue has a lot of shades, and they all look different in the interior. The light color palette is especially popular. These are warm shades of blue, cornflower blue, azure tones. The color of celadon, sky and gray color will also perfectly fit into the bedroom interior.

Premises made in such colors are full of tenderness and romance with a touch of flirting.

A darker palette that combines cool luxurious colors is ideal for decorating bedrooms facing south. Denim, cobalt, dark-azure shades look very beautiful.A comparative novelty in the world of interior design is the color of Bondi Beach Water. This unusual shade, a kind of mix between bright blue and aqua, will appeal to those who love originality.

The dark color gamut is the deepest and most intense. Bedrooms in such colors immediately attract with their mystery and mystery. An excellent choice for a real royal bedroom will be a dark blue color. Ultramarine, sapphire and dark azure colors are not far behind in popularity.

However, it is worth remembering that too many such dark colors can be depressing, so it’s best not to overdo it.

Finishing options

As you think about the finishing of the bedroom in blue, you need to know which stylistic directions it combines best:

  • Of course, one of the best options will be a marine blue and white theme. The ideal color for the walls is a bright azure or marine shade, but the floor is preferably wooden. In white or warm wood tone, it is worth buying furniture, then you will get the impression that you are in the cabin of the ship.
  • A bold design solution is a dark blue ceiling. You can emphasize it with black, purple, dark pink elements in the bedroom. Such an idea will make the room magically attractive, give it a hint of passion and romance that the newlyweds will appreciate.
  • Dark blue walls look no less fascinating., but it is better to choose a white ceiling. Such a contrast is perfect for dreamers and originals.
  • Of the latest innovations in the design world, the walls with the bottom wooden panel are worth noting. It will be interesting enough to look the lower part in a calm white color. Cover the upper part of the wall with plain blue wallpaper.

Such a small trick will make possible the subsequent creation of a beautiful Scandinavian style or direction "Provence".

We put furniture

The choice of furniture is a very important stage in equipping the blue bedroom. A good option would be to add furniture in snow-white, milky, brown tones.. This is especially true for the bedroom mainly in dark colors.

The first thing to choose is a bed.. Look good with white or woody patterns with blue linens and bedspread.

The wardrobe is another important detail of the perfect blue bedroom. Simple cabinets with frosted or mirror sandblasting will help to withstand the overall style.

Simple abstractions, small floral elements, images of faces and animals will elegantly and elegantly emphasize the atmosphere. But it is better not to get involved in photo wallpapers, otherwise you can spoil the contrast. The only thing that suits is the night images of cities, slogans, black and white drawings.

An interesting alternative to furniture in classic colors will be its blue varieties. Such a reception will help the bedroom look chic and rich. Choose furniture with good, expensive upholstery, such as leather, velvet, velor. In addition to a sofa or bed, it is quite possible to purchase a small ottoman or a chair to match, a bedside table, a dresser or a coffee table will also look good.

Do not forget that furniture of this color looks best in combination with light walls and floor, otherwise you will get a boring monochrome room.

Popular color combinations

The most classic and common combination is a bedroom in blue and white. This combination perfectly complements each other, making the interior warmer and more harmonious.In this case, a good solution would be to paint or glue the walls in blue, and to choose white furniture and textiles.

Due to the ability of white to reflect light, the room will seem more spacious and fresh.

If the white-blue combination seems too strict and boring, try to vary it with bright elements. When creating an interior in a maritime theme, light brown colors and accessories in gray and red are appropriate. Warm brown colors look great with blue. This is especially true of bright rooms, with an abundance of rich azure and cornflower blue colors.

A magnificent recreation area can be obtained by issuing a bedroom in blue-gold and blue-blue tones. Absolutely all blue shades are elegantly set off in gold, creating a truly royal setting. As gold items, select curtains, patterns on the wallpaper, accessories.

Bedroom in blue and blue paint gives a sense of serenity and peace. It will be nice to come back after the end of the working day.

A rather extravagant idea would be the combination of blue with bright colors, such as green, orange, yellow. These bedrooms are well suited for energetic, motivated individuals who like everything original. However, it is worth remembering that such shades should be in the minority. Inappropriate to purchase bright curtains or furniture.

Modest accessories in the form of cushions, a vase or a small ottoman will cheer up and invigorate.


Lighting in the blue bedroom - one of the main criteria for future comfort, so this issue should be approached very carefully. Since blue is a rather cold tone that absorbs light quickly, take care of enough natural light. For this purpose, great fit large windows without decor. The ideal option would be French glazing, which is a luxurious window from floor to ceiling.

This pleasure will be expensive, but the end result will exceed all expectations.

Natural lighting is not the only thing that will make the bedroom comfortable. Artificial light is absolutely necessary, as there is night time and curtains on the windows. The perfect solution would be a ceiling with spotlights. Such lamps can be placed in different ways - around the perimeter of the canvas or hide in the eaves.

A beautiful crystal chandelier or a few sconces can complement them.

Bright light is something that the blue bedroom doesn’t exactly like. If you decide to decorate the room in such colors, try to create a soft evening atmosphere. Comfortable floor lamps and night lamps will help to cope with the task. They create a gentle diffused light that sets up a calm and romantic mood.

In the bedrooms, decorated in palace styles, built-in multi-colored sconces, which can effectively highlight expensive accessories, will be appropriate.

We select curtains, decor and accessories

Selecting the curtains for the blue bedroom, you can consider several options and they depend on the interior of the room. In classic styles, as well as modern, such as modern or high-tech, light curtains will be the best option. Buy models made from lightweight fabrics, such as tulle or organza. Such curtains will add a touch of cheerfulness to the surroundings and refresh it without overloading.

It will be a great solution for children's and teenage blue bedrooms,where massiveness in the interior is strictly prohibited.

If you decide to decorate the bedroom in a more outrageous direction, you should think about buying luxurious, heavy curtains. This is especially true of such styles as glamor and palace, where extravagance comes first. The color of the curtains themselves is best determined by the dominant shade of the room. But you can do it differently - choose a model that is a bit different from the decoration of the bedroom.

Such an idea will help emphasize the contrast and dilute monochrome.

As for the decor and accessories, the designers offer a variety of creative solutions:

  • One of the interesting options is the decor of the wallpaper. Golden elements that make the room warmer are perfect for this purpose. If your goal is to create a cool atmosphere, stop your choice on silver and light gray tones. There should not be much pattern, the main rule here is simplicity.
  • An interesting idea is the decor of the furniture. If this is a wardrobe, choose simple drawings using sandblasting technique. The matte surface with small mirror elements looks very nice.It is possible to decorate furniture in the interior of the Provence direction - floral and natural motifs are best suited. But the gloss is better to refuse - it will create an additional feeling of cold and restraint.
  • Selecting accessories for the blue bedroom, take care and purchase a beautiful bedspread. The most suitable option would be, of course, blue - it will emphasize and highlight the overall atmosphere, but you can use other colors. The headboard or columns can also be decorated with various patterns. Pay special attention to pillows on the bed - models of bright, saturated tones will look beautiful. It is no secret that with the help of these small accessories it is possible to change the image of a room almost every day.
  • To play on contrasts, fit not only pillows. Bright vases, ottomans, contemporary paintings and photographs will do an excellent service if you choose the right color. With the blue will be in harmony with small patches of lemon yellow, bright green, pink and red hues.

Natural flowers will also be a wonderful solution; large outdoor plants in light pots look especially interesting.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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