Scandinavian style bedroom

 Scandinavian style bedroom

The Scandinavian style in the interior is different restraint and minimalism from painting walls to furnishing furniture. The article will discuss how to design a bedroom in accordance with the principles of this style.

Special features

The Scandinavian style in the interior is distinguished by the predominant use of white, focusing on natural light, and light wood in furniture and decoration.

Such features are due to the natural factors of the northern countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway. The long, cold winters forced people to furnish housing in such a way that they let as much natural light into the room as possible. Birches, pines, beeches and other trees with light-colored wood growing in the northern latitudes determine the abundance of finishes from this material and the color of the furniture.

Thus, the main characteristics of this style are:

  • large windows, usually without curtains;
  • white or very light colored walls;
  • furniture and furnish from a light tree with the minimum processing and natural drawing.

As it has already been perpetrated, the Scandinavian style bears down to minimalism. Furniture should be functional and no frills. Simple shapes, straight lines and right angles - these are its main features.

Few motley and bright decor is another characteristic of the Scandinavian interior. It is also associated with the desire to keep as much space, air and light as possible in the room. Note that this is just a feature, and not a firm rule. With a skillful approach, the design can be quite bright and diverse, while maintaining the overall "northern spirit".

Note that the above features of the style meet all trends of modern design. Therefore, the Scandinavian bedroom will be not only incredibly stylish, but also fashionable.


Making a bedroom with a Scandinavian character will be a great solution for a small room. The white color of the walls and ceiling visually increases the space. Simple, functional and light furniture, as well as minimal decor, will not create a feeling of cluttered space.

In addition, for small budget apartments such unassuming design will help save money and at the same time stylishly equip your home.

Scandinavian interior in the attic bedroom will look very natural and harmonious. The wooden beams under the ceiling and the floor of wood of natural color and texture will perfectly fit into such a room.

In addition, in many attic rooms it is possible to make several skylights to let in as much light as possible.

If the placement of the sleeping area is planned on the balcony, then such a simple design will help to preserve natural lighting and a sense of freedom. The minimum of furniture assumed by the Scandinavian concept will save space and preserve the aesthetics of style.

Color solutions

The main color is usually white. This applies not only to the walls, but also furniture with textiles. Very often you can see bedrooms in which white is almost everything, including bed linen.

Such a color scheme is, of course, a matter of taste, and it is not necessary to decorate a room so monochrome.

You can use different light shades of blue, gray, blue, brown, green or pink. Wooden furniture of natural color also diversifies the interior. Pretty bright accents are allowed. For example, a few posters on the walls, colorful bedding, colorful pillows or vases.

Note that the desire to let in as much light as possible involves the use of light and transparent curtains. And you can do without them.

You can also hang colored shadow curtains without transparent tulle. They will be straightened only when necessary, and most of the time in the folded state.

This technique will help preserve the necessary style.

Subtleties of design

Scandinavian minimalism implies fairly simple forms, many monochromatic surfaces and a small number of objects. Thus, the walls and ceiling are usually light, solid and painted with paint.

Rarely used decorative, not too embossed plaster. But the wallpaper is unlikely to fit harmoniously into the interior.

If you wish, you can retreat from the total monotony - decorate one of the walls with some kind of painting, suitable “natural photo wallpapers” or trim with wood.

Laying the floor is best with parquet, board or laminate. Ceramic tile, carpet or linoleum can break the overall style.

From the furniture in the bedroom is to leave only the most necessary items: a bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe.

If the room is more than 20 square meters. m., you can put a dresser and dressing table.

When interior design should not get involved in artificial lighting. At least, lighting fixtures should not be obvious and attract a lot of attention.

Scandinavian style involves the use of natural materials. Furniture and furnishings made of plastic or metal will violate its identity. Therefore, in addition to wood, it is recommended to use glass, ceramics, dried flowers in vases, natural flowers in pots, etc.

Well suited textiles with national ornaments.

Note that the main place to decorate in the Scandinavian bedroom is the space above the head of the bed.You can hang an interesting poster or picture, shelves with books, figurines and vases or even make a graphic painting.

The modern style of the interior, called loft, which has become fashionable and loved by many, has brought into the design such an interesting element as a brick wall. In white color it will look quite harmoniously in our natural style.

Beautiful examples of the interior

On the balcony

A great example of a bedroom on the balcony. All signs of the Scandinavian style are striking: a lot of white, wooden floor and window sills, maximum functionality. A place under the bed is given under the storage area, and quite a lot of books will easily fit on the windowsill.

The cold shade of the blue color of the bed fits perfectly into the “northern” interior of another bedroom on the balcony. White walls and whiteboard flooring are characteristic features of Scandinavian style, as well as folding curtains that let in a lot of light.

And yellow pillows add warmth and comfort, reminding the scanty northern light of the sun.

The following example shows how harmoniously the urban elements combine with Scandinavian simplicity.Against the background of a white brick wall, a simple gray bed, plain pillows and the green of houseplants look great.


Next, we consider examples of rooms on the attic. Let's start with an incredibly austere interior: wooden beams on the background of white walls, matching to them the color of the picture frame and table, bird cage from natural material and dried flowers on the wall create a single natural composition of the decor against the white walls and milky color of the bed.

The following design is another example of how to correctly combine several areas. In our example, it is ethnic and classical. The curved lines of the chandelier and the deep burgundy color of the bedspread, as if from palace interiors, look very interesting and original on a white monochromatic background of the walls, as well as a wooden ceiling and floor.

Standards of style

Now consider an example of a standard bedroom in the Scandinavian style: white ceiling and walls, one-color gray linens, a poster over the bed, wooden beams as decor and a minimum of other items.

The Scandinavian style fits perfectly in the attic space. It is impossible to hang curtains on the windows, which meets the requirements of the style.And the ability to maximize the use of white color, visually expands the space and allows you to equip the bedroom, even in a fairly cramped room.

The use of wood as a finish creates a cosiness even in combination with a cold blue color of the bedspread and one of the walls.

The considered style with its restraint and simplicity is perfect for decorating a bachelor apartment and, in particular, a bedroom. To do this, a combination of white and blue and gray.

The ability to use the most simple decor consistent with the solid male character.

The following interior is an example of an original design decision, a competent combination of colors and placement of accents. The Scandinavian character is preserved by the light walls, the accent on the wooden furniture of natural color and the decorative branch. And its black color, black-and-white photos and dark gray bedding bring originality and add a special memorable look to the room.

In the following interior, we would like to note the decor, accentuated in nature:

  • northern animals on posters;
  • ceiling design, resembling a branch with flowers;
  • large green plant of the original form;
  • carpet with white and blue ornament, associated with a cold winter sky.

All these details create a feeling of closeness to nature.

The wall, trimmed with wood, can replace a lot of decorative elements and techniques. The contrasting combination of wood with white walls and bright accents on the bed attract all the attention. Thus, there is no need to use any additional pieces of furniture or decor.

Another design of a male character is suitable for a teenage boy's bedroom: noticeable yellow-blue accents give out a children's room, and an abundance of gray-brown gamut says that the child is already on the way to adulthood.

It is also worth noting the decorative function of the combination of vertical and horizontal lines on the closet and birdhouse.

Another interesting decorative element is painting on the wall in the form of trees, in this case, birch trunks. Greens of indoor plants, sky blue with sunny yellow on pillows and a blanket are all that is needed to harmoniously complement the image on the wall.

The following design demonstrates how a Scandinavian-style bedroom can be bright and rich.White-blue walls and a bed act as an excellent background for bright red objects, and the national ornament on the pillows and the poster with the fox retain the northern style.

In conclusion, we consider an example of how to give a discreet Scandinavian design romance and elegance. The color of coffee with milk, refined floor lamps, tied curtains, edging on the bedspread, a little stucco on the ceiling and embossed cushions on the bench decorate the interior while maintaining the overall concept.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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