Choosing a bedroom set

Stylish and originally designed bedroom set will perfectly fit into the interior of any bedroom, giving it a completely new look, while very harmoniously combined with the overall design. Today, in many furniture stores, you can easily find such a bedroom set that you have always dreamed of. Its not the highest cost will allow you to become the owner of a truly chic modern furniture set.


Many people, while arranging their bedroom, continue to purchase furniture separately, while completely ignoring the irrelevance of the combination of various basic items - and thus cluttering the room with different furniture, which does not always look beautiful.

The following advantages of buying a bedroom set can be highlighted:

  • Equipment. In the usual bedroom set, the most common are the bed itself, one or two bedside tables, a wardrobe, and a dressing table (can be either with or without a mirror). Often a chest of drawers and a large wall mirror are also included. All these products are decorated in the same style that looks very harmonious when placed in a room.
  • Ready-made bedroom set will save you from many problems associated with the choice of furniture. You do not have to bypass a dozen furniture stores to pick up a wardrobe, bedside tables and puzzle over how to place them under an already acquired bed, so that they also perfectly fit together. You yourself can choose the type of desired bedroom set. If, for example, you do not need bedside tables at all, you can easily refuse them.
  • The cost of such a headset will be much lower than the price of all pieces of furniture purchased for your bedroom separately.. Such savings will allow you to purchase even a bedroom set of author's work, which is very important if you yourself created the design of your bedroom and want to fill it with exclusive furniture.
  • You do not have to waste your time to figure out how and where to place the furniture acquired for the bedroom, as experienced designers and professional engineers offer ready-made furniture solutions that have already been worked out to the smallest detail.
  • You get the most ergonomic design. - thanks to the provided complementarity.

Basic equipment

Many buyers when visiting modern furniture stores are often thrilled with ultra-fashionable and originally designed bedroom sets, while completely forgetting that they are rather quickly outdated. But not everyone can afford to buy new bedroom furniture every two to three years. That is why your attention should be attracted to the basic sets of headsets for the bedroom, which are universal classic solutions - they are always in fashion.

Basic Headset for the bedroom usually includes a bed, a small wardrobe and bedside tables.

Expanded headset also implies a small size dresser and dressing table.

With a special desire, the number of various options here can be expanded:cabinets can be combined with a bed, and a usual wardrobe can be replaced with a wardrobe or a corner wardrobe.

The interior can include a large number of diverse shelves and mirrors, as well as upholstered furniture.

The main part of any bedroom set is a bed, the size of which you choose according to your needs. All other elements of the headset should be combined in colors, sizes and materials with the bed itself. If you have a lot of things, it is better to immediately buy a bed with internal drawers - so you solve the problem of placing things in the bedroom, where there is no large and spacious wardrobe.

On the bedside tables, you can install lamps and store various small items. Some variants of modern bedroom sets suggest a good replacement for the bedside tables - a shelf at the head of the bed, which gives much more space for storing various trinkets.

Chests in such headsets usually differ depending on the required functions. They look more compact than cabinets. Such products do not clutter up the interior of the room. A long chest of drawers will easily replace your wardrobe.

If you place a large mirror on this dresser, then you can easily do without a dressing table in the basic set of the headset.

Cabinets are also diverse here. - from the most convenient wardrobe corner type to cabinets with hinged doors and products in the form of an accordion. Sometimes these cabinets are so rich in decor and luxurious design that it makes them the center of the whole interior, pushing the bed to the background.

Materials and colors

The best choice for a modern bedroom is to purchase a furniture set from environmentally friendly natural wood., which will give any room a special “expensive” style and help create a cozy atmosphere for high-quality rest and sleep.

However, not everyone can afford to buy a headset from the array. Therefore, furniture sets for a bedroom made of veneer, MDF or chipboard are very popular in furniture well as beds and other products with decorative elements made of wrought iron or chromed metal.

Forged furniture usually characterized by special elegance and grace - especially if it is combined with leather upholstery. No cracks, no chips, no scratches on it will not be visible.

If you are going to decide on what color furniture sets are most suitable for your bedroom, you should realize that the bedroom is a place to rest and sleep, so you should be very careful when choosing the basic color of furniture. Properly selected bedroom sets with their color scheme will be able to narrow or expand the space of the room, increase the degree of illumination or reduce it.

Most often, the consumer's choice falls on the bedroom sets of light and white shades.which give the interior of the room features of aristocracy and sophistication.

If you want to create in your bedroom the effect of cold respectability - black headsets are perfect for this.

If you want optimistic notes to give you a good mood in the bedroom, then you should choose sets of furniture in shades of light wood. Dark wood is a conservative shade, it is suitable for classic interiors, but it also creates the effect of solidity and reliability.

The blue and blue colors for the bedroom will visually expand the space, and the yellow and orange shades will narrow it.Green, gray and purple-red colors do not affect the visual perception of the room at all, so they can be used without fear.


Today, many manufacturers offer different styles in the design of manufactured furniture. If you want to choose a particular style, you first need to familiarize yourself with the main directions in the design of various furniture systems. In accordance with the style of furniture, the material for its manufacture, finishing materials for various elements of sets, their colors and functional load are selected.

The most popular furniture today is products in modern and classic styles.

Eco, hi-tech, fusion, shebbi-chic, loft, pop art, minimalism - these are the main directions in the modern style, which are quite originally embodied in various furniture sets.

High tech

The high-tech bedroom will appeal to you for its design, in which silver, glossy, metal surfaces will prevail. This is a pure embodiment of modern positions, where the functionality of furniture comes first.

Typically, these headsets perfectly fit into the bedroom of a teenager, student, bachelor, for whom minimalism is the basis of life.


The sleeping set in the loft style is the best solution for a creative nature. Loft is a large spacious open-plan room. Loft furniture has an industrial décor and a minimum of furniture. Furniture set for the bedroom here is very massive, comfortable, it completely lacks decor, decorations and patterns.


The classic style for decorating your own bedroom is usually chosen by balanced people, for whom the important point is quality, as well as constancy and harmony. Here you can highlight such styles as the classic itself, baroque, neoclassical.

Classic bedroom set is made from natural materials of high quality. The bedroom furniture of the classical type is distinguished by its beautiful form, the presence of patterns, carving, mosaics and expensive fittings. Headset items are perfectly combined with each other.

Classic bedrooms from the array never go out of style. Such furniture always looks stylish, fashionable and “expensive”.

Baroque bedroom looks the most luxurious. This is a bulky headset, characterized by chic, it is great for spacious rooms and does not fit into the size of modern apartments, so it is most often used in palaces and hotels.


One of the popular trends today is modern. For bedroom sets of this style are characterized by numerous curved lines, original floral ornaments, a harmonious combination of elements of various historical styles. Bedroom furniture in Art Nouveau style has beautiful smooth lines and a unique shape.


If you like peace of mind, pay attention to the bedroom suite in the style of Provence. These are furniture sets, decorated with paints slightly whitened in the sun, warm textiles with a small floral pattern, all sorts of ruffles and ruffles. Comfortable furniture differs author's manual decor.


When selecting the most appropriate options, you need to consider the following:

  • The size of the bedroom itself. Before buying a selected bedroom set, it is still best to determine in advance the size of the bedroom where it will be located.Knowing the basic dimensions of the room, you can always predict when buying whether bedside tables that you like so much will fit around the head of the bed, whether the wardrobe can stand in the niche that you have prepared for it. Proper space planning will allow you to save a lot of time and effort when arranging an already acquired sleeping set. You can do this with the help of special programs or mobile applications. You just need to enter the parameters of the room, the number and size of the furniture itself, and then virtually move it from place to place until the optimal arrangement is selected.
  • The size of the headset itself. First of all, it is necessary to determine the size of the bed itself (as a basic element of the headset itself), because you can refuse from the bedside tables, but you cannot refuse the bed itself. To quickly determine the correct size, you need to lie down on the bed and put your arms bent in the elbows under your head - the distance between the elbows and will be the required minimum width of the bed for one person. To determine the minimum length of the bed, you must add 10 cm to your height.If the area of ​​the bedroom you allow it, the size of the bed can be easily increased. Beds are available in widths from 80 to 200 cm and lengths from 180 to 210 cm.

The size and all other elements of the headset depend on the size of the bed.

The following video will tell you how to choose the right bed.

We select furniture for a small bedroom

In order to choose the right bedroom set for a small-sized room, it is best to immediately choose compact and functional furniture, which will not visually reduce the already small space.

So that your bedroom does not look overloaded, you should pay attention to the laconic furniture of neutral light shades (without decor).

In this case, it is best to limit yourself to the basic configuration of the bedroom set: it can be a bed with small bedside tables, a mirror that will visually make the space of the room larger, a small wardrobe or a chest of drawers.

For tangible space savings, it is better to choose your own bed, which will have drawers for storing linen and other sleeping accessories.

The main recommendations on the selection and location of the bedroom set in a small bedroom:

  • The entrance to the room should always be free.
  • The wall opposite to the entrance should always have a minimum of furniture - in order to preserve the feeling of spaciousness.
  • To "expand" the room, you can use spotlights to illuminate the basic elements of furniture.
  • Thanks to the mirror inserts or ornament of the vertical type on the facades, even a small bedroom will seem roomy.
  • It is better to replace bedside tables with a long shelf at the head of the bed. If you chose a headset with thumbs, then stop your choice on mobile thumbs with high legs.
  • The wardrobe should be narrow, and the corner wardrobe will allow you to save even more space in the room - without losing roominess.

Top manufacturers

Quite a lot of domestic and foreign manufacturers today offer consumers high-quality bedroom sets of various functional areas and price levels. Particular attention should be paid to those factories that specialize in the manufacture of bedroom sets. Here, the choice of models will be presented much more extensive than the range of conventional furniture factories.

Ruf betten

German manufacturers are at a height here, as always.For example, the factory Ruf Betten offers its customers luxury bedroom furniture for the premium class, which creates the most convenient and cozy place for a quality leisure person.

De haus

De Haus company will offer you a combination of German quality and interesting design decisions when choosing a bedroom set, its beds and other products for sleeping are in great demand in Europe and our country.


Especially it is worth asking about the Ikea bedroom sets, which have been very popular with domestic consumers for quite a while. The bedroom suite from Ikea is a reliable and high-quality construction, ready to serve you for many years with faith and truth. The furniture of this manufacturer perfectly fits into any interior, it will make your bedroom beautiful and stylish - regardless of its size.

Collection "Brimnes" will allow you to equip a small bedroom with a very functional set, and Mandal collection will give the fragrance of real wood, as this furniture is made of solid pine.

Lovers of retro style will suit headset "Hemnes".

Vegas and Juno

Do not lag behind the best manufacturers of bedroom sets and Stavropol furniture factories, which are ready to offer a wide range of products for the modern bedroom. Among them, separately stand out the modular bedroom "Vegas" and "Juno" - sets of furniture that can be installed in the desired sequence for themselves.

Practical, sophisticated design, unique design - the most recognizable features of Stavropol bedroom sets. By the way, they also belong to the economy class producers - their furniture is available to the ordinary man in the street (despite the high quality of workmanship).


Here you can also include bedroom sets of Belarusian manufacturers - for example, the furniture system for the bedroom from Pinskdrev will give your home the necessary comfort, and you - peace of mind and a sense of reliability.

Headset Tips

In order for your chosen bedroom set to really please every eye, it is necessary to choose it correctly from the beginning. The advice of experienced designers on the choice of this versatile piece of furniture will clearly help you:

  • First you need to clearly understand their financial capabilities. Modern furniture stores feature a lot of beautiful and stylish (plus inexpensive) bedroom sets without expensive fittings and gold-painted surfaces. Sometimes inexpensive headsets from domestic manufacturers fit better into the interior of a regular room than models from well-known foreign manufacturers, so you should not chase the name and brand. It is better to pay attention to the functionality and convenience of the chosen furniture set.
  • The dimensions of the furniture should be in harmony with the size of the room. It is well known to everyone: if bulky furniture is placed in a small room, this set will look ridiculous (as well as if you want to install small furniture in a large room). Properly taken into account the parameters of the room will allow you to accurately select the most suitable bedroom suite and the number of products that it includes.
  • It is very important to choose the original design of the chosen headset in order to give the whole room a certain shade of aesthetics. The bedroom suite should ideally be made in the same style with the interior of the bedroom itself.At the same time, it is necessary to think in advance about the layout of the new furniture, the only way you can get a good result. By the way, when choosing a bedroom set, you can show your own individuality by simply choosing each piece of furniture according to your personal preferences and tastes.
  • Functionality and ergonomics are two of the most important criteria when choosing the right set of furniture. In no case should a sleeping set be used to clutter the room so as not to turn it into a box, and for this it is necessary to choose it in such a way that all the lockers, bedside tables, chest of drawers make it possible to significantly save room space even with the most active use. Corner furniture system, wardrobes in this regard will perfectly help you.
  • Properly chosen color of the bedroom set will allow you to feel as comfortable as possible in your own bedroom and get real relaxation here, as well as the necessary peace. Properly chosen color of the headset will distribute the light well around the room, make its space easier, airy.

Furniture with mirror surfaces will significantly expand even the smallest space. Bright accents or unusual combinations of colors will help to make the room very attractive and comfortable.

Room design ideas

The following are the most interesting options:

  • Your bedroom will look very original and unusual if you place all basic furniture nearby by the bed. To do this, you need a sufficiently large bedroom space or a small number of headset elements. But from now on, everything you need will be at your fingertips - a bedside table, wardrobe, chest of drawers, mirror. So you can even zone individual parts of the room, in the second half of the bedroom you can place a similarity of the cabinet.
  • Some people prefer to install the head of the bed against the wall, but many designers consider this arrangement of furniture to be wrong. The headboard of the bed, located by the window, will give you much more light and allow you to install furniture in your bedroom, even the darkest shades. The "airiness" of this placement will be immediately noticeable.
  • Bedside tables in many modern furniture sets can be found not as often as before. They slowly give way to more functional shelves, but the most original design solution in this case is the placement of shelves in the form of an arch over the headboard. You get a lot more space for placing small things, trinkets, books, souvenirs, you can even store clothes and underwear. All this - without losing space.

This means that in favor of such an arch, you can completely abandon the use of a conventional dresser (and even a cabinet).

  • A good option is a built-in wardrobe. If the size of your bedroom allows, you can even arrange a small dressing room in it. The most important thing in this interior is to harmoniously fit the built-in wardrobe into the general view of the bedroom furniture set.
  • The canopy and wallpapers will help you slightly dilute the too strict style of the interior of your bedroom. They will give it a lighter and more refined appearance, which is especially important for bedrooms. In many rooms there are furniture sets that do not have decorative elements. For this reason, they often seem boring.

Nobody forbids you to make your own noticeable changes to the design of such headsets to make your bedroom more interesting and original design.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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