Choosing a shelving for the bedroom

Choosing a shelving for the bedroom

The bedroom is a cozy and beautiful room, which promotes relaxation and excellent rest. Very often the question arises, where to place things, what furniture is better to pick up, how to design the bedroom. The excellent choice for the competent organization of objects is the rack.

Features and benefits

Shelving for the bedroom is more suitable for large and spacious rooms, because they occupy most of the walls. The rack is presented in the form of an open cabinet with a small depth of shelves. It has different heights and can even reach the ceiling. Such furniture can be solid or modular. It is usually installed close to the wall or mounted to the surface of the wall.The presence of a large number of shelves allows you to conveniently arrange items.

A beautiful model will allow you to decorate the interior, make new notes and colors in it.

The main advantages of shelving for the bedroom:

  • ease of use;
  • small weight;
  • ease of installation of the product;
  • mobility - if desired, it can be moved to another place;
  • on the open shelves it is always easy to find the right thing or item;
  • Great for zoning space in spacious bedrooms;
  • profitability - the rack is much cheaper than the purchase of a cabinet or wall module;
  • A variety of models and colors allows you to choose the perfect option for interior decoration.


Designers offer a wide selection of shelves for the bedroom. They are presented in different shapes, sizes, materials, colors.

Shelves are usually used to place vases and flowers, photos, books or souvenirs.

When choosing a rack, it is necessary to decide not only on which room it will be located in, but also what things and objects will be located in it:

  • Corner models are ideal for saving space. This option takes up only one corner of the bedroom, while providing a large number of shelves for organizing things. Corner shelving may consist of two narrow options that are attached at right angles.
  • Wall option can be used for decorating the room. For the embodiment of modern styles, models in the form of a “grid”, which include horizontal shelves and vertical supports, are perfect. Looks elegantly option in the form of a Christmas tree or a house of cards, which consists of diagonal shelves and diamonds.
  • Racking in the form of "slides" is usually used for zoning a spacious square-shaped bedroom or studio apartment. Exquisite model will help separate the living room from the bedroom. It divides the room across and is usually attached to the wall side. On the opposite side there is a free passage. This option is lightweight, transmits light and does not interfere with air circulation in the room.
  • If you like unusual furniture, then you should pay attention to the rotating model. They are usually placed in the corner of the room, but remember that they take up more space than the corner options.


Modern manufacturers of cabinet furniture offer a wide range of attractive and unusual shelving. Usually they have a height of 180 cm, their width is 90 cm. Shelves are equipped with convenient shelves, which usually have a depth of 45 cm. Most often the shelves at the bottom of the product reach 30 cm in depth. For ease of use, the height between the shelves is from 35 to 40 cm.


Shelving for the bedroom are made from various materials. Wooden models are not in great demand because they are bulky and heavy, although they are classified as environmentally friendly furniture. The models from the array will add to the design of coziness and home warmth, since they are represented by natural shades and harmoniously emphasize the chosen interior style.

Shelving can also be made from plastic, metal or MDF sheets. Each option has its advantages. A universal solution is a model of chipboard or MDF. These materials are characterized by ease, ease of maintenance and affordable price. To create the effect of natural wood, you should pay attention to the racks, covered with veneer.

If you compare furniture made of MDF and chipboard, then the best choice is a rack of MDF, since it belongs to environmentally friendly materials, without emitting harmful substances into the air.

If desired, the rack can be made in any color. Often, customers order options that are covered with fabric or eco-leather. The glass rack on metal supports looks impressive. Steel or aluminum tubes give beauty and elegance to the models. This option is ideal for the embodiment of the interior in modern style directions, for example, modern or high-tech. Such a rack performs only a decorative function, it is strictly forbidden to put heavy objects on it.


Modern models can be presented in a variety of configurations. For classic interiors it is worth picking up simple, horizontal options. For a modern style, models with a large number of cells are perfect. It is interesting to look at options that mimic the branches of trees. They can be used to decorate a window or door. Highlighting will help give the shelves charm and sophistication.The muffled evening light will perfectly fit into the bedroom design, will give the interior coziness and comfort.

Ideas in the interior

Here that designers advise:

  • The rack in the bedroom can be used for zoning spacious rooms. End-to-end models are very popular. They will allow to separate the workplace from the recreation area. A large role when choosing a shelving for dividing a bedroom into zones is played by the number of shelves. To create lightness and weightlessness, it is worth using models with a minimum number of shelves.
  • Many designers use shelving as a bedroom interior decoration. They can be placed around the door in small rooms, so you can save space and conveniently arrange a lot of things.
  • For small bedrooms, shelves are often placed in a niche or used in the design of the window. With a non-standard room layout, they can close openings in the walls or be located under the stairs.
  • The asymmetric model looks impressive and stylish.which usually has different depth of shelves and attracts attention with an unusual shape.
  • Shelving perfectly fit classic style. They usually occupy the entire wall, and the upper shelf is used as a countertop.
  • Floor models are perfect for storing books, CDs and other items. They can be used as walk-in closets, since bedding is usually located in the dressers.

To learn how to make a rack with your own hands, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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