Bright bedrooms

 Bright bedrooms

The bedroom is a special place where the house owners begin and end the day. Almost a third of our conscious life is occupied by sleep, and its quality largely depends on the emotional component in the interior of the room for rest. Attempts to increase the functional load of the available space due to the arrangement of the working segment or the playing area are not particularly relevant here. The main purpose of the bedroom - to give peace of mind, to put in order thoughts, to remove the tension accumulated during the day. Let it remain so, no more, no less.

The main task is to create a comfortable, organic and cozy atmosphere with a relaxing atmosphere. One of the options is to use the capabilities of light, airy and unobtrusive shades of a light palette. What style directions and color solutions for furniture, decoration, textiles and decor will help to realize our plans as efficiently as possible - let's find out in more detail.

The advantages and disadvantages of light colors

The relevance of light shades in the interior design of bedrooms proves a lot of stylish and original images of the premises in cream, white, beige, pearl, caramel, pale yellow colors. The love of designers for this kind of color solutions is explained by the following advantages of a bright range:

  1. The ability to create visual effects of volume due to the visual expansion of space. The room seems more spacious, at least twice the size of what it really is. When developing design projects for modest-sized bedrooms, such a useful property is of particular value.
  2. Universality - the light palette is combined with almost any color spectrum and seamlessly interacts with most styles. Both that, and another simplifies the implementation of complex design ideas. The huge choice of various combinations is not only a source of inspiration, but also an unlimited field for creativity.

Three more arguments for the bright interior specifically for users:

  • partially compensates for the lack of natural light;
  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system, contributing to a strong long-lasting and, therefore, healthy sleep;
  • eliminates the difficulties in the formation of the furniture ensemble. A large number of furniture for bedrooms is produced exactly in the light version. The same applies to finishing materials.

The disadvantages include two points:

  • mandatory work with accents. Due to the neutrality of white, gray or the prevalence of "bleached" pastel shades, there is always a risk of getting a dull and dull atmosphere. The dominant snow-white color is able to impersonate a room altogether, washing out the shape of objects and the boundaries of surfaces. Competent placement of accents will help to avoid such troubles;
  • cleaning a bright bedroom will be needed more often, although dust accumulations are much less noticeable on white furniture than on “practical” dark surfaces.


A single style is desirable in the interior of other rooms, and your needs and aesthetic preferences serve as the main reference points when designing the bedroom. Consider several popular style trends that have repeatedly proven their convenience and functionality.


An understandable and cozy classic style with a logical arrangement of furniture ensembles, elegant decor and beautiful compositions is always relevant. The main condition for the successful implementation of the classical style in the interior - the presence of a spacious area. If you make out a small bedroom, the space, in the end, should not look overloaded.

In what capacity to use the bright colors here will depend on the chosen color solution:

  • Contrast - furniture and textiles of bright color + light finish.
  • Saturated - cherry and burgundy shades support a rich palette of golden or ocher tones. Another option - light finish contrasts with the color of cherry or burgundy.
  • Pastel - pastel gamut always softens the situation, making it truly cozy. In such an interior is selected furniture with a concise design.
  • Monochrome - only black and white duet in this case is not a prerequisite: a popular contrasting pair can be complemented with any shade.

Requirements for the design of a bedroom in a classic style:

  1. The color performance of the furniture ensemble is any shade of natural wood. An alternative option is white or dairy furniture, dark lacquered can be used.
  2. The lighting is necessarily a chandelier, no matter if it is a luxurious design with crystal "tears" or ascetic, but it should give the impression of an expensive thing.
  3. The use of textiles and wallpaper with floral patterns or geometric patterns, tapestries and paintings that demonstrate classic themes.


The interior of the bedroom, beaten in the trends of a simple but very unusual loft design, should have a maximum of free space and a minimum of furniture. No frills and flashy tones as accents. To create contrasts, it is better to use calm and restrained cold shades, which, due to the ability to visually distance objects, will help to avoid visual reduction of space.

As for the furniture, the "attic" style is in many ways similar to minimalism. The furnishings should be low to visually emphasize the height of the room.

Features of the situation:

  • Panels with different texture - Upholstery, decorative stone as the main type of decor.
  • Lighting - warm tones of lamps from such natural materials as woven straw or unbleached flax.
  • Wall mural - A great option for increasing space. Panoramic views of the cities on them will create the impression that the room has an extensive stained glass glazing.
  • Window in a small bedroom it is best to decorate with a light curtain cloth of a milky or pure white color.


This style direction absorbed many features of its prototype - the Scandinavian style. Both are simple shapes, naturalness and neutral tones. Contemporary is a minimalist style, where there are many classic items. The design is diluted with rich multi-tiered lamps, variegated mats, bright panels, photo wallpapers. All of the above neutralizes the severity of a minimalist environment.

Character traits:

  • For built-in cabinet furniture, simple geometry of shapes and sharpness of lines is preferable, whereas for soft, streamlined shape is desirable - smooth lines will soften the atmosphere and make the room cozy.
  • Patterns and ornaments of geometric shapes on the floor, walls, textiles and upholstery.
  • Maximum free space.
  • Minimal decoration of window openings (ideal if with thin tulle). Using Roman blinds, roller blinds, roller shutters as an alternative to curtains.
  • Hidden lighting systems, giving the interior lightness.
  • All components of the environment are practical and functional.

In contemporary colors, one tone smoothly flows into another, a similar effect can be achieved with the help of soft, muted shades - this is melted milk, gray palette, cream, ivory.

Modern style

The bedroom in modern style embodies many features of minimalism, but differs from it in an increased degree of warmth and comfort. Compared with pure minimalism, this direction puts the main task to create a functional, practical and outwardly attractive interior for life with the greatest possible comfort.

The concept of “flexible” is applicable to modern style - it denies strict dogma, welcomes the designer’s fantasy and close interaction with other styles: art deco, modern, nano-style, loft.

There are no clear design rules, but there are a number of features that form the basis of the style:

  • Simplicity of form, clarity of lines.
  • Maximum free space and natural light.
  • Requirements for decor and accessories - 100% practicality and the use of a minimum.
  • There are no drapes on the windows and carpets on the floor.
  • Color options are monochrome or neutral.
  • Monochrome finish and furniture lining is welcomed.
  • Accent combinations with bright, colorful, rich shades.
  • Visual expansion of space with glossy and chrome surfaces, and the creation of optical illusions - an abundance of mirrors.

Popular shades for walls

When choosing a color solution for wall decoration, they take into account the area of ​​the bedroom, the number of windows, and which side of the world they go to. The south-eastern and southern sides eliminate the lack of natural light, and in this case cold shades are suitable.The north side is already demanding design in warm colors that can increase the color temperature of the room. Designers recommend using a maximum of three colors with a light tone as the base.

How do the following colors affect perception?:

  • gray - have a calming effect, stabilize the emotional background. The ideal partner tones are pink, olive, blue, green;
  • brown - contribute to the removal of fatigue, neutralize the effects of stress, soothe. Ideal pairs form brown and beige, turquoise, pink, cream, coffee, orange, green or yellow;
  • green - relax, soothe, adjust to the desired mood before bedtime, which is ideal for decorating the walls in the bedroom. A harmonious duet is obtained from soft green and white, warm brown or pearl gray. Here you can use beige, orange or yellow gamma as accent colors;
  • blue - promote relaxation after work day and become the best helpers for creating romantic interiors. In addition to the ability to visually enlarge the space, they give a feeling of freedom and freshness;
  • cream - have a positive effect on overall well-being and harmonize emotions. These are very self-sufficient and, at the same time, unusually harmonious tones that can be combined with any color, and the interior only benefits from it;
  • lilac - the magic of lilac extraordinarily attractive, most importantly, to comply with the measure. The predominance of the lilac palette can cause a depressed state. But for people with a tendency to depression, it will be the best medicine. No other shade has the ability to influence our emotional background anymore;
  • yellow - give a charge of cheerfulness and set up a positive wave. Compensate for the shortage of the sun, add dynamics, warmth and brightness to the interior. The correct combination of yellow on the walls and other shades in the interior allows you to visually adjust the space, visually bringing objects;
  • beige - beneficial effect on vision, without irritating the eyes, cause a feeling of peace, helping to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. To avoid the effect of blurred borders of the floor with a ceiling, the interior with beige wallpaper is diluted with an additional shade of beige.
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Floor finish

The choice of flooring is one of the key moments in the design of the bedroom interior in bright colors. Proper floor decoration gives the image of the room completeness. The most common floor finishes include:

  • cork cover. Eco-friendly, wear-resistant material with excellent thermal insulation properties, resistant to moisture and mold.
  • floorboard. The best floor covering that will organically complement any design. It will last for a long time only with appropriate care and does not tolerate high humidity - it leads to loss of shape.
  • linoleum. Economical type of coating that can fit into any interior solution. The main advantages are easy installation and maintenance.
  • carpet Another budget option that allows you to save both on the purchase of the coating itself, and on the wizard’s work, because everyone can master the installation of carpet. Pros - practicality, durability, visual appeal, undemanding maintenance.
  • laminate flooring. It features a huge variety of textures with imitation of granite, wood, marble, stone.The main advantage is an attractive low cost. This coating is hardy to use and easy to install.

Choosing and placing furniture

Furniture ensemble for a light bedroom is selected taking into account the chosen style decision. To maintain the color scheme in a spacious room, the components of the situation - a bed, a wardrobe, bedside tables, a dressing table, chosen from light wood. If the priority is a contrasting color palette, then on the background of light walls a dark bed and a chest of drawers would be appropriate.

Luxury white furniture in the bedroom - a solution that will never lose its relevance.

Do not forget about accents. The flooring in the dark version in combination with light walls will visually increase the space, emphasize the geometry of the forms and clearly mark the boundaries of the room.

What curtains fit?

Textiles made of rustic flax, elegant silk, iridescent satin, strict cotton, sophisticated chiffon, and noble velvet can make the design unique and inimitable.

Selecting curtains, repelled by their purpose and stylistic direction. If the bedroom is decorated in the trends of modern or high-tech, from the French or English curtains will have to give up. But the interior of the spacious classic bedroom can be supplemented with French curtains with lush dramatic folds, and a small bedroom with Austrian curtains.

The use of textile design allows you to visually adjust the space. The skillful combination of colors of facing upholstered furniture, bedside rugs and window drapes will help to highlight the advantages, hiding the flaws.

With light fabrics, a room of modest size will look more spacious. With the help of beige and terracotta, you can increase the color temperature, and gray and purple curtains - slightly cool the interior. Curtains with vertical contrasting stripes will be able to “lift” the ceiling, with transverse ones contributing to the “expansion” of the walls.

Most often draperies on the windows are limited to a decorative function and serve as decoration. If the priority is not only beauty, but also functionality, pay attention to the light-tight, thick curtains Inspire Blackout (Blackout).Curtains-filters are made of a material with high barrier properties, providing insulation of sunlight up to 100%.


Accessories are designed to make the atmosphere original and exclusive. Thanks to the finishing touches, the interior becomes a reflection of the individuality of the owners, demonstrating a creative approach. Neutral decoration with bright accents - decorative pillows, bedspread, bedside rug, will never be boring. It is only important to stick to the chosen style and color palette.

The light palette is diluted with bright details: original flowerpots with indoor plants, books in dark bindings on a light rack. The most juicy and rich tones should be in a small decor, it is under this condition that the situation will be expressive. Focusing on a large decorative element - a picture, a carpet, a coffee table, he is supported with the help of small accessories - pillows, napkins, small vases.

To create sharp contrasts in a classic light interior or Art Deco design, a black palette is used. Black is the perfect complement to the white background.Here the main thing is to observe the balance of color, otherwise you can get not a white and black interior, but a black and white setting.

A completely white interior is diluted with a few small black patches, it is ideal to use soft shades: brown, rich blue, smoky. Each color can be a complete replacement for black, while making the situation easier, more refined and modern.


Harmonious interior demonstrates the synchronous interaction of all elements, each of which is important in its own way. The leading role is assigned to the light. It is well-chosen lighting fixtures that are involved in creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the bedroom.

Changing the perception of the image of the room is another ability of sources of artificial light. Modern lighting systems differ in the way the light is distributed — direct, diffuse, reflected, and the type of lamp. The combination of different ways ensures stunning visual effects.

When planning the lighting in the bedroom, they are guided by the area of ​​the room, the layout and layout of the furniture.

To expand a narrow room, the main direction of the luminous flux should be a longitudinal wall.The stretched space can be visually corrected with the help of a backlight directed to the far wall. Combined lighting - reflected light + diffused, contributes to the visual expansion of the space at once in all directions. A similar effect will provide a brightly lit bedroom perimeter.

Beautiful interior design ideas

In the photo collection presents the original interiors of bedrooms in a different color palette and style performance. There are several solutions for narrow rooms up to 20 square meters. m. in a typical apartment.

  • Design of a small bedroom in bright colors.
  • Original bedroom design of 20 square meters. m
  • Making a bedroom of 15 square meters. m
  • Bedroom 14 sq. M. m
  • An example of visual increase in space in the bedroom 12 square meters. m
  • Design classic bedroom in bright colors.
  • Contrast execution of a light bedroom.
  • Loft style in the interior of the bedroom area of ​​20 square meters. m
  • Bedroom decoration in the style of contemporary.
  • Bright bedroom in a modern style.
  • Classic style in the interior of a bright bedroom.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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