Dressing tables with a mirror in the bedroom

 Dressing tables with a mirror in the bedroom

Dressing table - the dream of all those who are accustomed to spend a lot of time behind the mirror, decorating themselves before going out for walks, business and work. When placed in the bedroom, it not only significantly saves time and nerves, but also brings a special refinement to the interior. Such a place for solitude is useful for both business women and little fashionistas, for whom it becomes an interesting place to play.

Special features

Dressing table is a set of furniture that serves to store cosmetics, perfume, jewelry and other things that help in daily bringing the appearance in order. When only this element of the interior appeared, it served for washing, since a jug with water, bowls and deep containers were placed on it.

It is called so because of the outdated meanings of the word "toilet":

  • table with a mirror;
  • the process of targeting marafet, that is, creating hairstyles, make-up.

Over time, the dressing table began to be applied in wider areas, and at the moment it performs both a functional and a decorative role. Behind him you can not only make up, comb your hair, do a manicure, but also be occupied with work or hobbies, sit at a laptop, read.

In fact, the dressing table is a personal corner for both the important process of preparing for publication and a place to rest or work.

Finding this set of furniture in the bedroom allows you to most effectively assemble, because there is also a wardrobe with clothes. In addition, on the table are stored all the necessary tools for personal care and cosmetics, which means that they do not migrate to the hallway or bathroom.

Properly designed place makes the process of applying makeup easier, which helps good lighting and mirrors.

Some dressing tables are not used at all by their owners. Often, their design is so unusual and gorgeous that such furniture would be desirable to put only as a decor. A luxury kit can be the main focus of the interior.The price of dressing tables varies depending on the items included in the set, as well as materials. Thus, models made of natural wood will cost more than, for example, plywood. The cost depends on whether the most common set is purchased from a regular store or made to order by the designer.

Dressing table should be in harmony with the general interior, not to stand out from it.

However, it is not necessary that it be identical to other furniture, for example, a wardrobe or a bed. The main thing is that everything should be kept in the same style and be combined. For those who want the full similarity of all furnishings, modular furniture will be a good option. It is a whole set at once, which often includes a dressing table.

The choice of model should depend on each specific case. To store the basic set of cosmetics and a few sets of jewelry enough for a couple of departments. But the more things and means, the more preferable a large number of branches.

The main thing is not to clutter up the main surface of the table with unnecessary objects, so that it continues to look like a dream from the cover of a magazine, and not a cluttered bollard.

Varieties and models

By their design, women's dressing tables can be divided into the following types:

  • The walls. The most common and classic sets in which a straight table with legs is placed anywhere in the room. Most often, in order to save space, it is located exactly at the wall, although this rule is not at all necessary. Depending on the model of the table, it can have from two to four legs, or it represents a single design like a pedestal. Wall dressing tables are classics, appropriate in any style.
  • Suspended. This is a console attached to the wall. There is no legs for such a model, which is convenient in small bedrooms. Under the table, you can put a chair, ottoman or place an additional cosmetic box in which all care and makeup products will be stored. Even a massive model will look easy and not make the situation heavier due to the fact that it is attached to the wall.
  • Corner. Placed in the corner, which is convenient if necessary to save space. Such tables can have a wall, suspended or combined design. This model is not only ergonomic, it also balances the proportions in the elongated narrow rooms.

Dressing tables differ not only in the type of design, but also in the type of equipment and design:

  • The most common classic set consisting of a table, a mirror on top, a drawer and a chair. This is the most optimal and simplified ladies version, which in general should be enough for anyone with a standard set of cosmetics.

In some cases, the set does not include a mirror or boxes, in which case you should take care of their additional purchase.

  • In the tables of the trellis type, there is a tricuspid mirror, in which the sides move. This design provides a greater viewing angle, which is beneficial for those who pamper themselves with styling and hairstyles.
  • The pierum is distinguished by the presence of a large mirror, in which a reflection is seen in full growth. In this case, the included desk and drawer can be quite small and constitute a solid cabinet.
  • The bureau most often quite cumbersome, but their undoubted advantage is considered to be a set of retractable small drawers.
  • Profitable in a small bedroom modern model - a table with a folding mirror. In the closed state, it is a normal work surface on which you can work with documents and a laptop.The upper part leans back, revealing a view of the mirror from the back and drawers in the recess.

It is conditionally possible to divide the types of dressing tables, depending on the preferences of the owner. So, the perfume model will have a lot of high open and glazed shelves, on which you can put beautiful bottles. A makeup table should have a large number of departments and drawers into which all cosmetic wealth can be distributed. In addition, the plus will be the most convenient ottoman and footrest, as the process often takes a lot of time.

In a city apartment, the dressing table most often plays the role of a bedside nightstand on which you can put the necessary things, such as an alarm clock. In this case, it is better to choose concise models without side walls or drawers, standing at the top.

Design and design

Completion and design of a toilet set should depend on whether it will play a decorative role or functional. In the first case, it can be chic in its design model with thread on the legs, a smooth surface, forged parts and painted drawers.There are a lot of styles in which this furniture is made: from classic to minimalism. Each of them has its own set of special external characteristics. The presence of drawers, pedestals, chair is not necessary. Most often, a decorative set includes a table and a mirror with light.

To use the table as intended, you will need a set with a chair or ottoman. They are needed for greater comfort, because the makeup can be spent from fifteen minutes to an hour. The style of functional dressing tables is as great as decorative. But when choosing them, more attention should be paid to additional compartments for storing things, cosmetics and jewelry. You can see the model with the chair, if the size of the room allows.

Furniture design should depend not only on the overall interior and style, but also on the owner. So, in the children's room you can put fantasy tables with shiny coatings, funny stickers and drawings on the mirror. In an adult bedroom, less infantile options would be appropriate. Romantic ladies may like curved elements in the design, and more reserved - straight lines and severity.

The variety of materials used makes the model range of dressing tables large enough. The tree can be used in its natural form or be painted, aged. Glossy surfaces are popular, as they are able to revive the appearance of even faded in color. Furniture can be wicker, wrought, glass, metal. Some models are intentionally coarse, while others are romantic or outrageous, thanks to a combination of different geometric shapes.

Color solutions

Dressing tables are made in different styles, which affects the variety of colors:

  • If we are talking about such sublime, luxurious directions, such as classic and empire, then white, cream, beige color with gold, silver, pearl, blue trim are appropriate.
  • In more mundane styles, such as loft and country, natural shades of brown are appropriate: from dark chocolate to gray-beige.
  • Minimalistic models in such directions as hi-tech, minimalism, modern - gray, white, brown, or even glass with a bluish or greenish tint.

The choice of colors is great, and the most daring decisions in the form of patterns and drawings can be used as a finish. In this case, the full spectrum of the color wheel is presented.The most common options are white in all its diversity and beige. These colors are well suited for the bedroom, do not clutter the decor, but rather make it easier.

Black and red, on the contrary, are not as common as they are too active.


The correct size of the dressing table will provide the most comfortable spending time behind it. It is important that its height fits each specific owner. 80 cm is considered the most optimal and averaged, but depending on the physical characteristics of the hostess, the numbers may vary. The height of some models, for example, the dresser reaches 100 cm, as the full-length mirror enters the kit.

In itself, the variety of sizes is large. There are absolutely tiny models with a width of no more than 50 cm. This is a great option if there is not enough space in the bedroom. To such a table you can buy additional wall shelves, if not enough built-in drawers. Classic tables have a length of from 100 to 160 cm, which is the most optimal size. Bulky models up to 200 cm and more are relevant only if the room dimensions are in addition.

It is not necessary to adhere to the idea that in the large bedroom and furniture should be massive, and vice versa in the small one - miniature. The dimensions of the table should be selected depending on the style, design of the existing interior and the preferences of the hostess.

Accommodation in the interior

When buying a dressing table, it is important to initially understand what place in the bedroom he will be allotted. From this will depend on the possible dimensions of future furniture, as well as the type of construction. Somewhere fit and full-fledged straight-wall table, and in another case, there is a place only angular.

If the size of the room is severely limited, it is best to take accurate measurements, and after that consider specific options.

The most ideal place for this piece of furniture - at the window. There is a lot of natural light, which is necessary when applying makeup. But the ability to place a dressing table there is not always there. In this case, you should place it in a well-lit place or take care of the possibility to put additional lamps.

When installing, be aware of the presence of additional outlets.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice and location of the mirror, as it can both visually expand the room and break proportions. Reflective surfaces - a very active element in the room. Therefore, it is best to place the mirror so that it reflects the opposite wall, and not the doorway. If this is not possible, then it is better to limit yourself to a small table mirror or a convertible table. Small rotating options are also convenient because they can be exposed to light.

In the small bedroom you can place compact hanging or corner sets. They save space and allow you to use it more efficiently. So, under the hanging table you can push the chair, and put the folding stool closer to the wall or even hang it on the hook. Instead of floor boxes, you can use hanging shelves, and replace one large mirror with a pair or a triple of small ones.

In a small bedroom, the dressing table often performs the additional function of a bedside table or workplace. In this case, it is better to choose a folding model with a flip mirror. Also the tables which are not encumbered with compartments and regiments on a surface will approach.Care should be taken to provide electricity in order to put electronic devices on the table, such as a laptop. Best of all, if a small but comfortable chair will move under the table.

In a large room you can afford spectacular pierum and bureau, tables complete with ottoman or even a designer chair. TOEach element can become an independent subject of decor, but it is better if they are all designed in the same style.

How to make a dressing table with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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