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The bedroom is a special room in the house, because it is in it that the owners rest their mind and body. With its arrangement it is important to create a cozy atmosphere that will contribute to relaxation and bedtime. Also, do not forget about the aesthetic appeal of the interior - the room must meet the taste and character of the tenants. For the balanced, quiet people who are striving for spiritual harmony, an English-style bedroom would be an excellent option. But it should be noted that this design is suitable for large bedrooms, as a small space does not allow to fully realize the traditions of England.

Main characteristics

The interior in the English style represents elegance, comfort and reliability. It harmoniously combines elegance and severity, simplicity and luxury. In the arrangement of the bedroom must take into account the main characteristics of the design:

  • the presence of wooden elements - it can be both accessories, and furniture or finishing materials;
  • fireplace, and not necessarily wood, is quite suitable electric or decorative;
  • a large number of high-quality and expensive textiles;
  • antique decor items with a long history;
  • expensive, massive furniture with carved elements and fabric upholstery.

The color scheme of the English interior largely depends on the size and location of the room, but personal preferences of homeowners should also be taken into account. Mostly used warm colors:

  • rich shades of red, such as ruby ​​or cherry;
  • pastel orange tones - peach, caramel;
  • yellow, but in a small amount, as it increases the tone, which can interfere with relaxation;
  • various shades of brown.

You can freshen up the interior and visually enlarge the bedroom with the help of cold colors. For the English style, shades of blue and some green tones, including turquoise and sea wave, are well suited.

Decoration Materials

The English style is in many ways similar to the classical one, since the interior assumes the presence of a large amount of natural materials. For decoration, wood or products are mainly used.imitating wood coating:

  • For the flooring, expensive parquet would be an ideal choice, but wooden boards are also suitable. In extreme cases, you can use a laminate of dark tones that most closely match the natural material.
  • The walls are finished with paper or fabric wallpaper. They can be both monophonic, and with a small flower print. Wooden panels are attached to the lower part of the walls, and above them are friezes or moldings.
  • The ceilings are usually decorated with wooden beams., but if the dimensions of the room do not allow this, then the surface can be painted in the traditional white color.

Despite the popularity of metal-plastic windows, you should install a product made of natural wood in the English-style bedroom. Moreover, large frames should be divided by strips into several rectangles.

Interior doors should also be chosen from wood or from a material whose surface completely imitates a woody pattern.


Modern bedroom sets are absolutely not suitable for arranging the interiors of the English style. The most valuable is antique furniture, concealing the history of several generations. But if there is none, you can purchase items made to order.

The central object of the bedroom is a wooden double bed with a large headboard and carved elements. It should be tall and rather massive. Previously, the obligatory detail was a canopy, emphasizing the aristocracy of the owners of the house, but today it is used very rarely. To create a cozy and warm atmosphere, many pillows, blankets and a large blanket or blanket are placed on the bed.

Complement the design of the room are bedside tables, an old chest of drawers with a large mirror, a couple of chairs and a wardrobe with swing-open doors, which should be at least 3.

Furniture should be arranged symmetrically, especially for paired items.


The English interior welcomes a large number of accessories and decorations:

  • pictures in wooden carved frames;
  • porcelain and glass figurines;
  • floor and table vases with flowers;
  • shelves with books and magazines;
  • elegant lamps and wall sconces;
  • knitted napkins;
  • massive wall or mantel clocks;
  • family photos in elegant frames;
  • candelabra and antique candlesticks.

Additional comfort to the bedroom will give carpets with floral or geometric patterns. You can place one large item in the center of the room or 2 small beds on either side. You should not save on carpets - they should look expensive and have high quality.

An equally important element of the interior in the English style is the drapery of windows - it should be lush, and decorated with embroidery, patterns or fringe. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of fabrics. A combination of expensive material and cheaper, such as velvet with chintz, or flax with damask, is allowed.

English bedroom interior will have the liking of mature people who aspire to a measured, comfortable life, and want to create a cozy family nest.

Mostly this design is chosen by women, but often it is preferred by men with a restrained, aristocratic character.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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