Bedroom in a wooden house

It's no secret that wooden houses are incredibly cozy and interesting. In such an environment, you can build a very attractive and harmonious interior. A bedroom in a wooden house should be perfect.

Features of log rooms

Wooden houses have always been the embodiment of home warmth and comfort. Being in such an environment is not only very pleasant, but also absolutely safe. Not to mention the environmental friendliness of natural materials.

Even under the influence of high temperatures, no harmful and health hazardous substances are released in log houses. Today, not all building and finishing materials can boast of such properties. The disadvantage of such materials is their fire risk. In wooden houses it is necessary to observe safety precautions.

Wood must be treated with special means and impregnations that protect the material from negative external influences and make it more fireproof. Without such actions, natural material will quickly lose its appeal. It may crack after some time, fade and acquire cracks.

Often, various tree parasites breed on the surface and in the inner part of logs and planks, and it is very difficult to get rid of them. Protective compounds will avoid this common problem.

The tree does not like moisture and dampness. Such a negative impact can lead to the formation of mold and the occurrence of other fungal diseases on its surface. You can also forget about this nuance by covering the wood with special impregnations. The main thing is to do it regularly, since the only processing of the material will not be enough.

The important points of processing a wooden house inside and outside are described in the video below.

Most often, cozy summer houses and country houses are built from natural materials. In such conditions, you can create a very favorable environment for healthy rest and sleep. A bedroom in a wooden house of any size can turn into a real paradise, if you correctly select the finishing materials and furniture of a suitable style.

Sleeping areas in wooden houses are not designed to receive guests, so it is worthwhile to arrange them in such a way as to be on their territory as comfortable as possible.

Often the sleeping area in such dwellings is arranged in the attic, where the atmosphere is quieter and more peaceful than, for example, on the first floor. If you want to wake up with the first sun rays, then you should arrange the bedroom so that its windows are directed to the east side.

On the north or west side, such rooms are recommended for those who like to sleep a little longer. Such a layout is not the only possible option to design a wooden house. The location of the bedroom depends on the personal preferences of the owners.

Recommended materials for finishing

Wooden walls are the perfect backdrop for beautiful furniture and decorative details. For this reason, you should not get involved in various materials of decoration, especially in those cases if they are not artificial.

It is possible to emphasize the interesting texture of the tree from which the dwelling is built.To do this, refer to the special enamel or tint tools. It will not be out of place to paint the material with varnish.

Suitable styles

A beautiful and harmonious ensemble can make a beautiful plaster in any way. However, there are several particularly attractive areas that fit perfectly into the conditions of a wooden house.

Country music

This style is most often used in the design of a wooden house. If you correctly select the furniture and decorative items, then the result will be a very comfortable and attractive bedroom.

The walls of the room can be decorated with beautiful plaster with a relief texture. You can also choose neutral colors. For the design of the floor and ceiling is permissible to use the same materials.

When designing a country-style bedroom, you should focus on natural light. The windows (if any in the room) should in no case be darkened or closed with heavy blackout curtains.

A beautiful and harmonious country-style ensemble consists of trifles. An important role in a cozy interior will be played by such details as home-made lampshades for artificial lighting, warm knitted plaids,beautifully embroidered napkins, touching family photos in suitable frames and candles in aged candlesticks.


The rustic style of the interior largely follows country, but it is more simple. Everyone can make a “Russian” ensemble.

Knitted with openwork lace details will look spectacular in such bedrooms against the background of a log house and logs. It is necessary to supplement the interior with some elements “from the past”: large peasant chests, painted lacquered boxes or wooden benches.

Furniture can also be made in the style of a peasant hut. Ideal for things decorated with beautiful paintings.


In the design of a wooden house insanely popular style such as a chalet. This simple name comes from a small house in the mountains in which hunters and shepherds once lived. The distinctive features of this direction are rough and unprocessed surfaces. To decorate such a bedroom, you can use not only wood, but also stone.

Furniture for such an interesting bedroom should be selected massive, rough and simple.Intricate patterns and carved details in such interiors should not be.

Attractive chalet style ensembles are most often performed in soothing neutral colors. Such interiors are characterized by the predominance of sand, brown, wood and wheat shades.

The interior of the chalet is not recommended to use a central light source. More suitable options would be small lamps, placed in different places in the bedroom.

Chalet style is characterized by aggressive and eye-catching decor elements. It can be horns and skins of animals, forged items, weapons or simple textiles.


For the design of a bedroom in a wooden house is ideal Scandinavian style. It is very different from the traditional village style or popular English country music.

Massive furniture in such an interior should have the most simple and concise forms.

In drawing up a harmonious ensemble, one should adhere to reserved natural shades: milk, wheat, cream, caramel or dull green.These interiors perfectly fit decorative stuffed animals, hides, horns, tree branches and coarse dense textiles.


This direction is characterized by light notes reminiscent of romance. Furniture items in the Provence interior can be wooden, wrought-iron or wicker. The most harmonious look old things.

The bedroom should be decorated in pastel or natural colors. Ideal blue, beige, light purple, linen, milk and cream shades. Allowed to use fresh white.

Decorative napkins with lace on pillows, indoor flowers (both live and dry), as well as beautiful paintings with calm landscapes are ideal for the Provencal bedroom.

Attic Ideas

If there is a loft in the house, then it is very often equipped with a bedroom. Such premises must be properly prepared.

It is worth paying special attention to the weatherization and sufficient lighting of the attic.

If there is a sloping roof in the attic, then a part of the free space will be “eaten”, which is not pleasant to many people who have encountered such a problem.If you correctly decorate and decorate the attic, the roof can be visually "dissolved" in space.

To do this, you can turn to fabric drapery on the ceiling or light finish walls. It is necessary to place a minimum amount of furniture in the attic in order to make the room seem more light and spacious.

Many people use transverse wooden beams. Such details visually smooth the sharp parts of the roof, as if leveling the ceiling. To create an interesting design, you can paint beams with coatings of contrasting colors.

By the selection of interior decoration attic should be taken very seriously. The most successful material will be paint:

  • If the bedroom in the attic is small, it is recommended to stop the choice on lighter colors.
  • If the choice fell on brighter and more saturated shades, then they should be used very carefully so that the room does not seem too colorful and uncomfortable.

Do not clutter the attic with furniture. Such elements in the room should be a minimum so that it does not seem cramped.

Complete the interior should be appropriate accessories. The choice of these details depends on the style,which you have chosen for the bedroom.

Interior design in the attic

In the attic you can equip a very comfortable and beautiful bedroom. Here are some attractive options:

  • Against the background of light panels of the wall paneling, a cozy double bed under the roof slope will harmoniously look. In the room you can also place a wooden dressing table with a cream chair. You can complete this ensemble with pastel carpet, light bedding, cream curtains and soft caramel bedside tables.
  • In the ensemble with more saturated wooden walls, a white double bed with linens decorated with floral prints and a chair with a similar fabric cover will look spectacular. The set of upholstered furniture should be supplemented with wrought-iron lamps with dark shades, soft-caramel bedside tables and a small banquette with a flower cover.
  • In the attic you can make a compact bedroom for two. Two small single beds should be placed on the left and right sides of the window (place under the high triangular roof).The simple interior should be completed with small bedside tables at the head of the beds and bed linen with multicolored stripes.
  • If the attic is spacious, then on its territory you can put a high wooden bed with a wrought headboardto the left of it is a light computer desk, and to the right is a dark wooden chest of drawers and a wooden chest. Such an interesting ensemble should be completed with small light paintings over the bed, a wrought-iron chair with a wicker seat and back, red linens, spectacular stained-glass windows and light Roman curtains. Such an interesting interior will harmoniously look against the background of a wooden roof of rich shades and white carpet.
  • Against the background of a neatly crafted log, a bed of bleached wood will look attractive, as well as wicker chairs and a chest of drawers made of light wood.. The interior should be finished with small red floor mats, checkered curtains and a round ceiling lamp.
  • A dark wooden bed with white linens, a dark wooden bench with a high back and a cushioned seat, a wooden desk will find their place in the attic of a light glued timber. Such pieces of furniture can be conveniently located even in a small room.This ensemble should be completed with a white fluffy rug, dark little paintings on the walls and light cushions on the furniture.

Unusual bedroom-mezzanine

In the attic can be equipped with a bedroom-mezzanine. This layout is especially relevant for a small country house.

Sleeping area, made in the form of a mezzanine, is a mezzanine floor. Simply put - in the existing space, a small lift is constructed, on which is placed a cozy place for rest and sleep.

The main advantage of this layout is the ability to locate several functional zones in a small area at a time.. So you can significantly save space. For such a bed there is no need to think over the new design and interior.

Currently, this design and functional solution is quite common. However, it should be borne in mind that the bedroom mezzanine looks harmonious only in a small space. In a larger room such a bed will look ridiculous.

Designer Tips for Furniture and Lighting

For a cozy bedroom in a wooden house is ideal wooden furniture. It can be large, coarse and massive or modern and neat - depending on the style of the room.

We can highlight the following useful recommendations:

  • Bedside tables and beds with carved details will look harmonious. Lovers of the romantic direction will like wicker objects.
  • Not bad in a wooden bedroom will look furniture with patterned wrought iron elements. However, it is not recommended to overload the room with a large number of such details, since the interior with them may seem too gloomy.
  • The issue of lighting in a wooden bedroom should be approached very carefully. This is because the tree is a fire hazard. Safety is very important.
  • If the bedroom is a fireplace or stovethen it is necessary to think in advance about their safe use and location.
  • It is not recommended in such conditions to turn to ordinary candles or other light sources with an open flame.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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