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Many of us dream, finding ourselves at home after a hot working day, get into a quiet and peaceful haven of home comfort and coziness. And the bedroom is the place where we find peace and tranquility, which is why it is so important to decorate it in your favorite style and color scheme. If, after working days, you want to plunge into the ocean of bliss and relaxed bliss, you should stop at the design of your bedroom in light blue tones.

Pros and cons of the blue gamut in design

Many people perceive the blue tone as a symbol of the cool sea breeze and clear clear sky. Therefore, choosing the main color for the design of your apartment sky blue, you will create in the room a light, bright atmosphere. Some may refuse such a solution, considering it somewhat naive and rustic and in vain, because the line of halftones in the spectrum of blue is very diverse: from dark blue to green.It is important what other colors will be combined with the main color.

With the right accents, you will have a stylish and original relaxation room, which will give you a lot of pleasant sensations and will contribute to a strong and healthy sleep every night.

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So, the main advantages of the bedroom in blue and blue colors include the following:

  • blue gamma provides complete relaxation and helps to fall asleep quickly;
  • a small room in pale blue color visually seems to be more free and spacious;
  • at the subconscious level, blue is perceived as a breath of clean and fresh air, so people who are prone to respiratory illnesses feel much better in such rooms;
  • If you are tired of a slightly aggressive pink, but do not want to use darker or warm colors in your bedroom, blue can be a great alternative. It looks so easy and relaxed, which will help you keep your favorite style.

There are some undesirable aspects of excessive use in the design of blue. So,a large amount of blue in the design of the room will make it cold and not too comfortable, so they should not be too abused, covering large surfaces. With proper application of this noble color and harmonious combination of it with other shades, your interior will look comfortable and luxurious.

Optimal combinations of blue with other colors

In the first place in popularity is the white and blue bedroom, this is one of the most winning options, which is also quite easy to perform. True, there is one nuance, to apply such a design is desirable in a bright and sunny room located on the south side of your house or apartment. In a room with windows facing north, such a design is highly undesirable because it will visually seem too gloomy and uninhabitable.

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To give the room a warmer and more cozy atmosphere, you can replace the cool white color with various shades of beige. In a tandem with pale blue colors, this combination looks just great. But here there is one important tip: since in a cream-blue combination, blue becomesa greenish tint, losing its true radiance, it will be right if you add pure white accents to the design.

Now it has become fashionable to turn to retro style and decorate bedroom apartments in brown and blue colors. This combination is good to use if you decide to decorate your bedroom in a classic style. If you chose just such an option for yourself, the main rule for you is not to abuse too dark shades of brown, as this will make your room very gloomy.

Another fashion trend of our time - the design of rooms in contrasting colors. When choosing this option, you need to be especially careful, because we are talking about the bedroom, and most importantly its purpose is to deliver maximum comfort and convenience to its owner. For example, if you decide to design a yellow-blue bedroom, it is better to add a bit of green to the design. This slightly muffles the yellow color, which instead of the desired peace can provoke vigor. But with a combination of yellow, green and blue, you can achieve a truly warm and harmonious atmosphere, reminiscent of a beautiful summer day.

But it is better not to combine the blue color with orange in the bedroom. Of course, many people like this combination and even consider it ideal, but it is not at all suitable for sleeping rooms, because it carries just an explosive charge of energy, so in order not to earn a chronic sleep disorder, it is better to leave such a riot of color for other rooms.

When making a green-blue gamut, as with white-blue, to avoid excessive coldness, the combination of these colors must be broken down with auxiliary warm color: beige, sand, cream or solid.

We select furniture for blue design

It doesn't matter what style you stick to when decorating your bedroom, be it traditional classic or modern modern - in any case, with blue color, the interior will look great. Most importantly, how it will be combined with furniture and other decorative elements. If you still take blue, as the main color in your bedroom, then to level the cold shades and give the room more warmth and comfort, you need to take very seriously the choice of furniture. The most optimal and harmonious option in such a room will be furniture made of natural wood.In extreme cases, if you need a more economical option, you can purchase a furniture set with imitation of natural wood.

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Best in the bedroom with blue walls will look furniture in light brown, beige or cream shades. Furniture in blue or black is not recommended at all in such a room - it will make it dark and depressive. Red furniture will not fit into such an interior at all, it will look tasteless and even somewhat vulgar.

Top styles for the blue bedroom

At all times, the use of blue color was considered the best solution for the interior in a classic style, and even nowadays it remains a favorite with many modern designers. The classic design is apartments in blue and white. Such an interior always looks graceful and restrained, which emphasizes the high position in the society of the host.

In such a room, expensive white furniture made of natural wood with elegant carved legs looks fantastic. A spacious bed with a filigree carved headboard in the style of French kings with silver or gold trim, installed in the center of the room, will make the interior of the bedroom just magnificent.

But you should take into account that when choosing a classic style for a rest room, you should have a spacious room, since small rooms for a high and noble style are completely inappropriate.

When making a classic interior is very important especially carefully to choose curtains for windows and other accessories from textiles. The most appropriate in the classic interior will be expensive natural fabrics such as satin, silk and velvet. The main rule - everything should be harmoniously chosen, perfectly combined with furniture and be one with the overall atmosphere of the bedroom.

It is worth thinking about such important accessories as a transparent canopy, covering the bed and curtains with lambrequins for the bedroom doors. They add to the overall atmosphere of luxury even more majestic, royal notes.

If you do not have a large room for decorating a bedroom in a classic style or you are not a fan of special chic, then perhaps you will need a gentle romance in the style of Provence. Perhaps this is one of the most simple and economical to play styles. It is enough to hang light curtains with a floral ornament made of cotton or translucent coarse calico on the windows,make a bed in the same color as the bedcover and add several pillows of different sizes in the same range - and now your room is filled with a light, unconstrained charm with French notes. This situation does not require any particularly expensive furniture or expensive textiles, but small knitted bedside rugs, patchwork quilts and pillows for a bed or ottoman will be very appropriate. On the walls will look good small watercolor sketches in wooden frames.

Recently, American neoclassicism has become frequently used in design. This is a style that uses only modern materials and technologies. It can be defined as restrained elegance and modest luxury, which manifest themselves in simple forms of furniture and minimal space filling.

In this style, the use of contrasts and a large number of colors is unacceptable, the use of interior decoration details is minimized. Therefore, when choosing this style and decorating it in the blue gamut, it is desirable to choose plain-color matte wallpaper for the walls or use decorative plaster,that looks perfect in a neoclassical bedroom. If you prefer this style, then you should pay special attention to the lighting of your room.

The best option for such a room would be a warm, opaque light that spreads through built-in pendant lights located at different levels around the perimeter of the entire room.

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In any case, whatever style you choose for your cozy nest, gentle blue accents will bring freshness and tranquility to the interior of your bedroom, calm your nerves, bring peace and make your sleep calm and full throughout the night.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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