Classic style bedroom

 Classic style bedroom

A bedroom in a classic style - a return to the traditions and refinement of the past decades (and even centuries). In the interior there are both vintage collectible pieces of furniture, and stylized, but no less quality and expensive. For interior design, you can attract professional designers or do it yourself.

Special features

The refinement of the interior in a classic style will appeal to aesthetes and those who live with "eyes." The design opposed to minimalism is characterized by an abundance of decorative elements, details,involves the use of expensive materials and high-quality technologies. Features of the bedroom in a classic style:

  • The elaboration, attention to detail. When creating a design in a classic style, each element is selected with special care, so that it is combined with other interior items.
  • The atmosphere of antiquity, appeal to the past. To maintain its use vintage wallpaper, furniture, lamps. The design is based on traditional trends and styles that are modernized to meet the needs of modern people.
  • The predominance of natural materials. Furniture made of expensive wood varieties upholstered with silk, velvet, suede is an option familiar to the bedroom in a classic style. Parquet is used to finish the floor, as well as laminate, ceramic tiles, imitating marble and granite.
  • Use calm colors. The bedroom can be made in any shades, but it is customary to use warm pastel colors as basic ones. They are diluted with bright patches: burgundy, golden, violet.
  • The triumph of symmetry. The harmony of the interior is achieved due to the location of the same elements and their combination.We are talking about identical mirrors, chairs, bedside tables, located at equal distances from the bed.
  • The abundance of art objects: paintings, vases, statues. One of the main features of the classical style that serves as the embodiment of wealth. The bedrooms are original works, for apartments of the middle class is allowed the use of reproductions. Preference is given to the work of recognized creators and classics.

Modern tendencies include striving for simple lines and shapes. Minimalism is alien to the classical style, but it does not tolerate pretentiousness either. Too many details (and most importantly - the wrong combination of them) gives rise to tastelessness, which negates the peaceful nobility and appeal to the sources. Therefore, when selecting the interior, it is important not to overdo it with individual elements: they should all be in harmony with each other.

Varieties of classic style

Ideas about traditions and norms in design change every era and are often intertwined with modern trends. There are also national features that serve as an expression of the culture of different countries.Therefore, there is no strictly established classical style that everyone would adhere to.

There are several varieties of it.

English classics

This historical style is a symbiosis of national features of different traditions: Victorian, British, Scottish and others. Valuable wood, expensive fabrics, parquet - all of these materials fit perfectly into the classic English interior. This bedroom is conservative, because it is appropriate to use veils, curtains, draperies, lace. Owners of old houses can afford a fireplace, next to which they traditionally put a sofa or rocking chair. However, the central object of the bedroom is always the bed, which is decorated with expensive bedspreads, canopies.

French classics

Ease, grace and abundance of light - this is what makes the style different. The interior does not tolerate extravagance, contrasts and screaming details. He transfers his owner to warm lands where tranquility and serenity flourish. The colors are dominated by cream, beige and white, in addition, the use of turquoise, mint is permissible,subdued gray-blue shades. French classics suitable for large bedrooms with high ceilings and windows.

American classics

Style originates in the Old World, it appeared when American immigrants modified the English and French classics, adapting it for themselves and their life. For such an interior, the typical arrangement of furniture in the center, the division of the room into zones. The colors are dominated by gray, yellow, white and beige. Monochrome walls can be combined with ornaments on pillows, carpets and upholstery. Preference is given to practical furniture, built-in wardrobes and shelves.


The use of antique attributes is an integral feature of classicism. It is distinguished by severity, clarity, and symmetry and proportionality. Light walls and coverings are combined with dark wood furniture, objects of decor of natural shades. It is customary to divide the room into zones, each of which performs a specific function. Preference is given to simple things from expensive materials. The interior looks good in large rooms with high ceilings.

Modern classic

Variation of traditional interiors with new trends. A characteristic feature of the style is the triumph of smooth lines, smooth surfaces, rounded corners. The design is to comparative simplicity, to the use of natural patterns, natural shades. Furniture is functional and practical, it should be as comfortable as possible. In this sub-style one cannot find flowery carved legs or a massive headboard, but the room is still distinguished by refinement and harmony.


In this style intertwined features of modern and classic. Such an interior is dynamic, striving for everything new and original. Furniture and decor items are characterized by clarity of form, a monotonous palette.

The colors are dominated by natural shades: white, gray, brown. Natural materials are honored: stone, wood, high-quality fabrics. Extra things that do not carry a practical orientation are taboo for such a bedroom, therefore special attention is paid to the choice of each item.

New design ideas

Making a bedroom in a classic style requires compliance with the established rules and canons.For a long time it was strictly forbidden to retreat from them, however, modern trends in design allow combining different directions for the sake of practicality and functionality. This is exactly what happens with the following styles: modern and neoclassical. They offer a fresh look at the design of the apartment.

Pragmatism is an integral feature of interiors, in which traditions and fashion trends intertwine. Neoclassicism allows you to decorate the bedroom in one color, choosing a basic shade: cocoa, ivory, baked milk, beige, gray. Colors are combined in different percentage combinations. Light-colored monochrome walls give a feeling of lightness, spaciousness, and also refer to minimalism. To bring dynamism to the design, it is permissible to use variegated inclusions: these can be bright pillows, bedspreads, picture frames.

A fresh solution will be a symmetrical arrangement of furniture in the center of the room. On the one hand, the principles of the classical style are not violated, on the other hand, this is an effective zoning. This is due to the fact that modern design is to the simplicity and minimalism.

According to the degree of detail classical style is divided into three types:

  • Easy The interior is made in soothing shades, not burdened by the decor. All features of the style have been taken into account, symmetry is based on natural materials. The design is appropriate for small rooms, the area of ​​which they seek to increase visually.
  • Average. Standard interiors for a city apartment whose owners belong to the middle class. When decorating a bedroom, marble, crystal, solid wood are in high esteem, while metal and plastic are forbidden. Substitutes of natural materials are acceptable if they are made sufficiently high quality. At selection of furniture the attention is paid to classical proportions, smoothness of lines.
  • Saturated. The room has a maximum concentration of details. Painted details (including manually), carved legs, stucco on the walls, massive multi-level chandeliers - all this is inherent in this type of classic style. It is very important to know when to stop and not to overdo it.

The latest interior is the best suited for the design of apartments and mansions premium.It requires significant financial investments, is an expression of the status of its owner. Luxury interior requires the use of the best fabrics and varieties of wood, high-quality finish.

Materials and finishes

When creating an interior in a classic style, the walls, the floor and the ceiling are given a lot of attention. Ideally smooth surfaces should become the embodiment of luxury restraint, they are the basis of the entire design. You should choose the best possible materials. It's not about their price, but the fact that cheap wallpaper or flooring will not be in harmony with other items of interior. They will last a little.


Venetian plaster, wood panels and baseboards, vinyl wallpaper with discreet but elegant patterns - all this is appropriate when designing a bedroom in a classic style. The direction allows you to combine textures, shades, decorative panels can be placed on a monochromatic surface.

In large rooms, columns are placed or stylized projections under them. In this case, repair is possible only after obtaining the appropriate permission to carry out the work (it will be required if the supporting structures are involved). Above the bed or in the doorway, arches with stucco look are advantageous.


A classic interior is hard to imagine without a wooden flooring. The best way for these purposes is parquet, the preference should be given to a uniform material. It is permissible to replace this material with laminate: it looks less refined, but it is easier to install and has a sufficient level of strength. The final point will be carpets with a discreet pattern, decorated with tassels or fringe.


Ceilings from three meters high are considered ideal for classic style. They will allow you to place a large chandelier, to issue a two-tier design with curly edges. If there is not enough space, the ceiling is whitewashed and along the perimeter is decorated with baseboards. For the decoration of the ceiling using frescoes, painting, stretched canvas.

To equip a classic bedroom in a middle-class apartment is somewhat more complicated than in expensive rooms. A limited budget requires saving, but this saving should not affect the quality of materials. In a small room, you can get by with a minimum of decorative elements, with an emphasis on light colors; their use in the bedroom of 14 meters will allow to expand the space.

If the owner of the apartment decided to use substitute materials, preference should be given to high-quality laminate and ceramic tiles. At first glance, products from established manufacturers cannot be distinguished from natural stone or wood. They have good performance. A small room of 18 square meters. m requires a competent combination of tones, arrangement of built-in niches and installation of shelves on the walls - instead of cabinets and shelving.

Color solutions

A classic-style room requires the use of soothing pastel shades. Warm colors give comfort to the room. They are pleasant to the eye, but because they act soothingly, which is especially important when arranging the bedroom. The walls are decorated in beige tones, are neutral, with them it is easy to combine furniture and other objects interiors. Original things look a few volumes darker than the finish. Flooring and bedspreads, made in a walnut color, will be combined with almost any decorative elements.

A completely white bedroom is a bold decision, since it requires at least a basic knowledge of design. The selection of the interior combines different light shades, while it is important that the objects and decoration do not merge with each other. You can add small gray blotches. In contrast with this option looks dark room. This is not about the prevalence of black color - you can "play" with wooden details and shades of brown. With them you can not overdo it, otherwise the interior will turn out too gloomy.

It may seem that the colors that are used in the design of a classic bedroom are few - but it can still look cheerful and bright. Powder, blue, soft pink bedroom - all these options will suit young girls and become the expression of their young nature. The gray room will not look dull or monotonous, if you correctly place the color accents, choose the appropriate furniture.

For such an interior is characterized by the use of gold and silver decorative elements: cornices, door handles, tassels, patterns on textiles. They should not be too much, otherwise the room will look pretentious. However, there are such bedrooms, in which gold is taken as the base color.To think about the interior in such colors, it is better to turn to professionals; otherwise, there is a great risk that the result will be tasteless.


Directly arranging the interior in the last turn, but begin to think it over before the repair. Furniture, lighting, decor elements - all this should be combined with each other and with finishing materials.

A small bed will not be very appropriate in a large bedroom, and massive chandeliers (even if they are very beautiful and absolutely correspond to the principles of the classical style) will look good only in rooms with high ceilings. Important and manufacturer, and colors, and the size of each item. It will be possible to create a harmonious interior only when all the specified criteria are taken into account.


Interior items for a classic bedroom are made from solid oak, pine, ash, mahogany. Ordinary wood will look cheap, even if significant amounts are spent on the rest of the interior. For this reason, this style does not tolerate fakes, you need to buy those modelsthe texture and natural beauty of which you can admire endlessly. Classic furniture is present in the collections of many manufacturers.

Italian bedrooms

Italy is famous for its furniture factories and occupies a leading position in this area. At the root of a successfully developing industry lies the family business: initially there were many small industries that created a limited number of products to order. Now mass production is established, however, each factory still seeks to develop unique models, setting the trends in furniture fashion.

Due to its close connection with the past, Italian manufacturers produce some of the best bedrooms in the world in a classic style. We are talking about both remarkable aesthetic characteristics and the high quality of the raw materials used. Good wood withstands high temperatures. Thanks to special impregnations, it becomes stable and to high humidity.

Chinese bedrooms

Low price is one of the main advantages of products from Asian manufacturers. To create furniture used cheap materials, the design often leaves much to be desired.

China is known for creating fakes, most of which are visible to the naked eye. Slightly aside are the factories that make furniture according to Italian technology. These factories are owned by large European companies, they create products under the brand name of the "parent" brand. However, the quality of such furniture will still be lower.


Classic furniture can be found in the collections of domestic manufacturers. Products will not differ in such good quality as their European counterparts - in addition, the range is not so great. With a limited budget, neutral models with a minimum of decor that meet the requirements of the chosen style will do. Some factories buy the right to use Italian designs and take them as the basis for their own collections.


Very interesting bedrooms, popular all over the world. Spanish companies offer premium quality furniture. Created from an array of models, beds with massive headboards, products on carved legs - made in this country products (along with Italian) is the best suited for classical interiors.

Modular furniture is a ready-made sets of different interior items, made in the same style. This option is quite practical, but it is not recommended to purchase it for classic bedrooms. Companies produce typical models that do not differ in the variety of design and decorative elements, which is not suitable for traditional interiors.

The main element of the bedroom is the bed. As a rule, for a classic interior purchase large double models. Next to them have a bedside table or bedside table with a night light. The room can be a wardrobe or rack, there are elegant shelves on the walls, a chair. When the floor space allows, a part of it can be used for arranging the working area. You can put there a written or computer desk.


A bedroom in a classic style should be bright - and at the same time there should not be too many lighting fixtures in it, since the room is intended for relaxation. The main lighting is on the ceiling - a massive chandelier, for decoration of which crystal pendants, candle-shaped lamps, and decorative chains are used.On the bedside table or bedside table, night lamps are placed, sconces are installed on the walls, the details of which are made of artificially aged metals.


Beautiful and comfortable room requires the use of additional elements. The decor is paintings, carpets, bedspreads and murals. In classical interiors, works of art, including collectible ones, are appropriate. Particular attention is paid to textiles. The curtains consist of two layers: light tulle and heavy curtains, for the creation of which take velvet, brocade, satin, silk. Lambrequins, sticking with brushes and suspensions are suitable for decorating windows.

When arranging the room pay special attention to bed linen. It is also sewn from noble materials: satin, silk, percale. Fabrics can be complemented with elegant embroidery - in tone or lighter than the base color. Bedspread is better to choose variegated colors to highlight the central piece of furniture - the bed.

Beautiful design solutions

Choosing the right color is one of the first steps to creating a comfortable bedroom. Decorated in sandy, vanilla shades, the room will be associated with warmth and comfort.This shade, taken as a basis, may be present on the walls, in the decoration of furniture, in paintings. To add accents, it is recommended to include gold details: for example, cornices, frames, patterns on the upholstery. The picture will be completed by a massive bed with carved legs and a headboard.

The abundance of indoor plants and bouquets of flowers in elegant vases revive the interior. They will become a “breath of air” for the inhabitants of megacities who live far from parks and gardens. Green color is in harmony with light shades, furniture made of natural wood. Pots can be located at the window or stand across the room, but the latter option is suitable only for fairly lit rooms. If a balcony adjoins the bedroom, glass doors will be a good solution.

The limited space does not become an obstacle to the arrangement of the room in a classic style. A cupboard built into the niche and a table mounted in the wall will save space, and the most part of the area will be occupied by a bed - the central object of any bedroom.

White walls and light furnishings visually expand the space, as well as the rejection of materials with textures.In this case, there will be a mixture of classic and minimalist styles, expressed in restrained sophistication and luxury.

An interesting solution for a narrow bedroom will be the location of the shelves above the bed and mirror cabinets on the sides. Above the headboard, you can store books, decorative items, and the doors will be closed from prying eyes seasonal items or bedding. The use of mirrors is due to the desire to visually expand the space, for the same purpose you can use wallpaper with vertical stripes, plain bedspreads and curtains.

Fans of experiments, not afraid of cardinal decisions in the interior, can decorate the bedroom in red. The use of this color is not typical for the classic style, but current trends allow you to include one basic bright shade in the design. Scarlet walls or carpet will become an expression of passion, emotion and expressiveness. Preference should be given to warm colors. The final chord will be a double bed with a canopy and white blankets. Luxury bedroom is ready!

How to equip a bedroom in a classic style, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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