Bedroom in brown tones

 Bedroom in brown tones

The bedroom should be the most comfortable room in the house. This indicator is influenced not only by the choice of style in which the room will be made, but also by a well-chosen color scheme. The most suitable for this case is considered the design of the bedroom in brown tones. This color is favorably perceived by the subconscious of the person, and also creates a special atmosphere in the house in which it is extremely pleasant to rest and relax. And the variety of its shades and the ability to successfully harmonize with other colors of the palette allows you to execute any design idea in the bedroom.

Special features

When creating an interior design, it is extremely important to know how the colors used in it affect the human mind. Brown color is quite conservative. Most of its shades belong to the warm range, which give the room coziness and comfort. It carries peace and tranquility, which can be very useful for the purpose of the bedroom. In addition, this color personifies the Earth, and therefore subconsciously adjusts a person to unity with nature.

Brown shades also give the impression of reliability and strength, which allows a person to feel safe inside such a room. Professional colorists are convinced that the brown tones in the interior awaken the desire for relaxation in people. When decorating a room, it is worth considering that the palette of such dark shades as chocolate or coffee should be chosen by those who first of all want to relax. A lighter scale is suitable for those who wish to see the effect of "airiness" in the interior and additionally visually increase the space of the room.

Brown color is equally well suited for the design, both for adults who are looking for peace in the interior, and for teenagers who appreciate the vibrant colors and dynamics in the interior. This is the most versatile and one of the most popular options for decorative bedroom decoration. A room in brown can be made in any style: from traditional baroque to modern high-tech. Moreover, it is also a great option for those who do not like consistency, and are looking for an opportunity to update the room with something new every couple of years.

One has only to add new furniture to the interior, introduce new colors and several new accessories, as the overall appearance of the bedroom will immediately change.

Color compatibility

When choosing a combination of colors for interior design it is worth considering the area of ​​the room. So, spacious rooms will be equally well complemented by both dark and light shades of brown. The design of small bedrooms should exclude too dark colors or minimize their use, since they have the peculiarity of visually “eating” space.

Professionals recommend combining shades of brown with the following tones:

  • Beige, cream, milky, cappuccino, sandy - for decoration of walls or furniture, as well as curtains and curtains in small premises.
  • Yellow, Peach, Orange, Apricot - make the atmosphere more warm and cozy.
  • Blue, light gray, white, pale turquoise - to create accents in the interior.
  • Olive, green, light green - to dilute the brown color, adding freshness to the interior. A combination of 50 to 50 is usually applied.
  • Coral, wine - to give the interior a sense of luxury and extra comfort.
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Popular combinations

Designers, relying on their experience, give the following design tips that will not only help to stylishly furnish a room, but also make it as comfortable as possible for perception:

In milky chocolate tones

Suitable for lovers of classic and cozy simplicity. These two colors are often used by designers in the interior to create the most neutral, but not deprived of a special atmosphere of warmth and home comfort of the bedroom. If the room is spacious enough, then it is usually decorated in the English style: the walls are finished in a dark chocolate color, and then the room is decorated with light-colored furniture. If the ceilings in the room are low, they should be arranged in the same color as the furniture, and the room should be provided with additional light sources.

To avoid too conservative mood in the interior, the bedroom should be supplemented with cozy furniture. It can be a spacious armchair with a wide back and soft armrests, padded stools and comfortable stools. You can also place a canopy over the bed, and lay a soft carpet with a long nap on the floor.

Classic design looks neater and bright. In this case, the walls, on the contrary, are made in milky-beige shades, and the furniture has a darker saturated color of chocolate and stands out against their background. Suitable for decorating a room with poor natural light. In this case, the designers advise also to install a stretch glossy ceiling and make brown decorative inserts in the walls or hang pictures - this way the interior will look more interesting.

In brown and green tones

The combination of brown and green is extremely pleasant for the human eye. These are purely natural shades that encourage a person to calm and pacify. Some colorists notice that this combination of colors is ideal for those who have trouble sleeping. If the bedroom owner wants to achieve an atmosphere of nobility and aristocracy in the interior, then you should choose a combination of coffee and olive shades. In this case, green tones should prevail more in the decor and textiles of upholstered furniture, while brown will be appropriate in the design of cabinet furniture, walls and floor.

You can freshen up the bedroom design with the help of light green shades. Here you should select the primary and secondary colors. If the room is spacious, then it’s better to choose brown as the main one, and if it’s small - light green. Additional color should be placed accents.

In brown and pink tones

Suitable for creating a room in a romantic, feminine style. Pink is usually used to decorate walls as well as in textiles, while furniture and floors are made darker. This option is suitable for decorating a room of a mature woman, as well as a teenager, depending on the shades used and the type of furniture. And in combination with elements of wood will make the interior more elegant and stylish.

Brown in different styles of interior

This color is safely used by designers to create bedrooms in a variety of styles. Before repairs, you should carefully study the styles in the interior to find the one that best suits the character and activities of its owner.

High tech

This style is the embodiment of multifunctionality and is characterized by the use of modern technical innovations. That is why the brown color in this case becomes a lifeline for those who do not want to give up the atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom. Coffee shades in combination with steel tones will make the interior more homely and calm.


The majestic baroque, made in the chocolate range, will add to the overall atmosphere of the room luxury and high prices. In this case, antique furniture and volume expositions on the walls in the form of intricate patterns and ornaments will perfectly fit into the interior. Expensive fabrics in shades of brown in combination with stucco will give the room owner a feeling of superiority and the presence of excellent taste.


This style is most popular for using the whole variety of brown palette,since its peculiarity lies in the harmonious combination of elements from such material as wood to create the feeling of coziness of alpine houses. Often, it is not even diluted with shades of other colors, but contains a skillfully generated concept of brown tones, which looks extremely stylish and elegant.

Chebbi chic

An option for those who love antiques and prefers traditional interior design. In this style, the use of antique furniture in combination with classic finishes is common. This makes a very interesting, bold interior, which will surely appeal to lovers of simplicity and vintage, as well as simply creative people.

Art Deco

Due to the versatility of this style, you can create a very spectacular bedroom interior, filled with modern high-tech elements along with the luxury of baroque, rococo romanticism and ethnic chalet motifs. In this case, brown color harmoniously combines one with the other, allowing the overall design concept to be smooth and comfortable.


Brown color will perfectly fit into this style because it is turned towards the world of nature.Modern design will fill the bedroom design with elements of natural wood, while using unusual shapes and bold ideas to give the room modernity and non-standard. Particularly beautiful in this case will be the combination of brown color with plants, which are a prerequisite for the design of the bedroom in the stylistic direction of modern.


In this style it is extremely popular to use calm, neutral shades of brown in combination with tones of red or blue. Thanks to such a well-chosen palette, you can create a very stylish and spectacular design, filled with luxury and royal melancholy, which are perfect for an intellectual and comfortable holiday in solitude.

Ethnic styles

Brown style prevails in many interiors made in African, Scandinavian and Oriental styles. Due to its peculiarity, to bring warmth to the interior, while remaining neutral to perception, many countries used it in their interiors to give the bedroom conservatism and at the same time a cozy atmosphere.

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Brown tones are very popular in the design of the bedroom and are recommended by psychologists and designers to those who are in search of comfort and elegant simplicity and do not accept obsession.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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