Bedroom in nautical style

 Bedroom in nautical style

Maritime style in the interior brings pleasant memories of summer, lets dream of traveling and adventures. In addition, it is original and cozy, which is so important for the design of the bedroom, in which a person rests at the end of the day. A bedroom in a nautical style is a very interesting option.

Special features

Maritime style in the interior is a conventional concept. This is not a separate direction, but even a subject in which you can perform any other interior - classical, Mediterranean, minimalist, country.

This style is very atmospheric, because it is imbued with the romance of sea adventures and relaxation. The atmosphere is light, airy and comfortable, which will have a good effect on relaxation. For children, the same bedroom in the marine style can be a small stage for exciting games.

Maritime direction in design allows a person to realize the creative potential, as it offers to think about their own dreams and interests. Those people who are passionate about the theme of sea battles or travels can create a “captain’s cabin” in the room. Those who dream of living on an island with white sand will try to recreate their own paradise.

The basic concept affects the design, the choice of materials for decoration.

Color solutions

The main colors in the design should be all shades of blue and blue. For the beach theme used combinations with beige, white, light brown, pistachio, green. These natural colors personify nature and elements. For a design that mimics a deck or cabin, more saturated colors are suitable - dark brown, gray.

As accent colors you can use red, coral, orange, black, yellow. They symbolize the most different things - reef, colorful fish or signal lights, warning signs.

The most common option is a combination of blue or blue with white or beige. This range is the most suitable, it is universal.This option is great for a bedroom where a person rests from the influx of information. You can use both more subtle shades (azure, muted blue), and more vivid (turquoise, aquamarine, blue-green). At the same time, priority is given to light colors so that the room looks fresh and airy.

In the nautical style common sailor figure. It is an alternation of blue-white stripes in the classic representation. There are other color variations: white-blue, blue-beige, sand-blue drawings. Other common patterns are wave, zigzag.


Natural materials are widely used in marine design: wood, stone, pebbles (regardless of the chosen concept).

A floor can become both a deck and a sandy beach or sea bottom. In the first case, it is enough to use parquet, and in the second - laminate, carpet. If the interior is more beach, then a fleecy sand-colored carpet (or woven, reminiscent of a bungalow on the island) would be appropriate.

If your interior is minimalism, the walls can be painted or finished with plaster. Lining, laminate and parquet boards well convey the marine theme.You can choose both natural shades of wood, and classic colors of the style - blue, white.

Wall-paper is relevant not only monophonic, but also with thematic drawings of the ships, sea inhabitants. Wallpaper of jute and bamboo will create a natural natural comfort.

The use of photo wallpapers is one of the most wonderful ways to give a bedroom a special atmosphere. They decorate the main wall, and as images choose everything that is somehow connected with the sea - the deck of ships, beaches, the underwater world. Another interesting option - painting. In addition, some area can be revetted with stone and pebbles that will personify the rocks and the shore.

Wood is important not only for finishing the floor and walls, but also for the ceiling, which is often just painted or covered with plaster. You can stylize it with wooden beams. A more interesting bedroom in a nautical style will make windows and doors of the same natural material.

Furniture and decor

Children's bedroom can be more "infantile", piled up with interesting details. Furniture and decorative elements can turn a room into a real playground.A bedroom for adults is better to be kept in a balanced and soothing style. Maritime themes in this case is supported by the general situation and atmosphere, and not screaming details about it.

Best of all, the interior looks wooden furniture, especially with the effect of aging or styling bamboo. In the more beach version appropriate wicker chairs, chairs. In the classical style and the direction of the country it is recommended to choose dark shades, and in the Mediterranean or minimalism - light (and even white).

Shops and catalogs offer a variety of options for furniture that is suitable for a marine theme: blue cabinets, chairs with white and blue upholstery, chairs with an unobtrusive pattern with shells. Their choice should directly depend on the basic style. By itself, the nautical style allows both bulky items (for example, real wooden chests) and concise - wicker coffee tables.

Recreation of the marine atmosphere in many ways falls on the decor and textiles. To fill the bedroom with a sensation of airiness and a salty breeze, tulle and organza of delicate light shades should be used as curtains.You can hide from the sun with cotton and linen curtains.

In detail, the use of metal, ropes, shells, pebbles. Many decorative elements can be done at all with their own hands - for example, to throw colored pebbles into a transparent deep bowl. In the beach design will be appropriate musical "catchers wind" at the window, large shells on the pedestals and shelves, lamps in the form of corals. A bold decision will be a floor aquarium (or small - on the table).

Ship interior a little more rude. The room can be decorated with maps, handwheels, anchors, a globe, antique suitcases, ropes. To recreate the effect of the porthole, it is enough to use round mirrors.

In the marine style, souvenirs, figures and drawings of sea fish, birds and plants will be appropriate, regardless of the main theme. Popular posters and wall paintings with photos or images of the sea, yachts.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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