Bedroom in gray-violet tones

A bedroom in beautiful, calm shades is a place where you want to return after a hard day, and after a relaxed rest. The color scheme of this particular room is very important, because it affects the mood and well-being. Today it is very fashionable to decorate the premises in unusual colors that a few decades ago no one would choose. The bedroom in gray-violet tones is an original and winning solution for creating a cozy interior.

Features and benefits

Many people mistakenly believe that gray color is a rather gloomy phenomenon that can aggravate boredom and despondency. This is absolutely not true. Today, light gray tones are at the peak of popularity, and designers are increasingly incorporating them into their ideas. These colors do not attract the eye, being intermediate between black and white colors. In addition, gray is universal, practical and relevant in many stylistic directions.

In combination with gray, purple begins to play with new colors, diluting and refreshing the solid surroundings. This mysterious and magical tone relaxes, brings peace and tranquility. Possessing a huge number of shades, the purple color will correspond to the most exacting taste. For the decoration of the bedroom it is recommended to choose delicate colors of lilac, lavender, orchid.

It is worth remembering that dark saturated tones are suitable only for outrageous styles, such as the Empire style, but in this case they can depress and cause anxiety.

Which interior to choose?

Gray-violet bedroom is an excellent choice, especially if you like modern interior design.

This design is very well suited to high-tech style. This direction is characterized by clearly defined lines, great attention to lighting and a cool, restrained atmosphere. Choose metallic shades of gray, you can emphasize them with glossy and mirror surfaces that reflect light.

Due to this, the bedroom will appear more visually. Purple tone should also be light, especially it is necessary to take into account when buying curtains, bedspreads and furniture.

Glamor is another direction that can be a good solution for a gray-violet range. Contrary to the opinion of the majority, that this is too fanciful and flashy style, the glamor in the interior is very refined and elegant. He loves the abundance of gilded, shiny surfaces and accessories. Follow the latest fashion trends, bedroom decoration should be the most relevant. The atmosphere of the bedroom will look great rich, luxurious fabrics, beautiful ceiling chandeliers, a moderate amount of rhinestones and crystal.

It is interesting to beat the gray-purple tones in the style of minimalism. It is no secret that most often only minimal shades, a lot of space and a minimum of accessories are characteristic of minimalism. However, the gray-violet gamma is not at all an obstacle for this style. The main thing is not to overdo it with lilac tones, they should complement the light gray paint, dilute them, but not be basic. Be sure to include in the decoration of small patches of white or pastel colors.

We combine colors

The most advantageous and interesting choice will be the advantage of gray tones in the decoration of the bedroom.It will look good light gray walls, you can combine them with the ceiling and the floor of a similar shade, or a few shades lighter. Purple will accent here, softening and refreshing the interior.

It looks very nice gentle lilac, lavender furniture, wardrobes with purple photo murals, outdoor poufs and coffee tables. Particular attention should be paid to the bed - a blanket of rich color of eggplant or orchid will be more than appropriate.

If you like experiments, why not make the main purple tone? Such a solution is quite eccentric, but in the right version you can get a grand and unusual room. Violet wall decoration is a delicate and complex process, it is necessary to choose between light and dark tones. Light purple colors are ideal for a bedroom teenager, a young girl, the newlyweds. Contrasting dark purple walls are more rare, but they can be beautifully beaten with light gray metal accessories and surfaces.

Beautiful design ideas

Incredibly interesting is the combination of rich purple, light gray and white colors.This combination is suitable for both modern minimalist styles and glamor. Be sure to purchase a beautiful massive chandelier with crystal elements. It is possible to add an interior with pictures, glass and mirror surfaces, a modern rug.

The inclusion of lilac in the decoration of the walls - a novelty in the design world. If these shades are light, they create a mysterious and romantic atmosphere. Such combinations, appropriate in different interiors, look great in a modern direction. To make the surroundings natural, you can add elements of white furniture, beautiful lamps, paintings and flowers.

Purple colors can serve as an accent, supporting and reviving gray tones. For example, violet painting on gray walls will look amazing. To match her, you can choose a bedspread or the design of the bed itself.

Additionally, laconic photos in black and white colors will decorate the walls.

The minimum amount of violet will make this color even more noticeable. The white-gray finish of the bedroom will accentuate the accessories of a rich violet color. These can be flowers, pillows or statues.In this case, the gray colors should not be too light, quite suitable shade of wet asphalt.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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