Bedroom in modern style: the best ideas

 Bedroom in modern style: the best ideas

Deciding on repairs is a crucial and complex step that requires detailed study and drafting. It is especially important to think out the bedroom interior correctly, since it is in this room that a person is filled with new forces and relaxed. Professional designers prefer modern style in the design of a room for sleeping, and this is not surprising: it has a number of advantages and features that make it almost universal and suitable for any apartment or house.

Special features

Making the sleeping room comfortable and relaxing is an important task, which can result in a significant improvement in the quality of life,because a full sleep is very important for human health. The modern style of the room design offers many opportunities to implement the most original ideas that will harmoniously combine in one space and create a unique homely atmosphere.

This style borrowed various features of other areas, and at the same time managed to correctly combine them, thus creating a new phenomenon, well adapted to the needs of all family members.

Modern style has several features that characterize its unique features:

  • Conciseness of lines. In such an interior should select furniture of strict forms, without excessive decor. High, but restrained headboard, practical non-marking upholstery of chairs, rectangular dressers are welcomed.
  • Freedom of space. Peculiar asceticism is welcome - a minimum of decor items, furniture and parts. The main nuance is the cleanliness of the space: often unused windows, monochrome wallpaper without a pattern, or simply painted walls.
  • Neutral color range. The basic colors for a bedroom in this style are beige, smoky gray, pale blue, taupe, sandy, fawn.The restrained palette can be diluted with contrasting, but not screaming colors: golden, purple, maroon, cobalt.
  • High quality finishing materials. A distinctive feature of the competent design of the bedroom in a modern style is the use of quality materials. For furniture, experts recommend choosing natural wood, wool, silk or cotton are well suited for curtains and bedspreads. The ceiling is made laconically white; in case of obvious irregularities, you can equip the hinged structure.
  • Restraint in the decor. Lovers of various shelves, figurines and book shelves should restrain their ardor. It is better to leave the bedroom as uncluttered as possible. It is permissible to place several black and white family photos and a floor mirror.

You can also note the frequent use of open-plan, glossy and mirror surfaces to visually increase the space, as well as all sorts of designer furniture, original lamps and other accents, subtly emphasizing the uniqueness of the interior.

Making a room for sleeping with the characteristics of modern style,You can create a unique space that is not only stylish, but also very comfortable, emotional and practical.


Often, people who decide to change the interior of their bedroom and make repairs, ask themselves what style of preference to be in the room was pleasant both day and night. In this case, the best option would be a modern style. The main distinctive feature of this trend is the refusal from overloading with various interior items, furniture, and bright colors.

In modern style, there are four main varieties.

High tech

If the walls in the room are not plastered with traditional wallpaper, and are covered with paint or textured plaster, most likely, the designers preferred this particular style. Usually the paint is chosen in gray, beige or sand tones. They look very stylish and create a unique atmosphere of home comfort black and white family photos. This is a nuance that will not only please the eye of the household, but also advantageously diversifies the monotony of the wall surface. Instead of the usual thick curtains, you can see the original vertical or horizontal blinds.

For room lighting, many owners prefer to use the built-in lights. Design versions of multi-level ceilings are very popular, which allow to combine several different lighting options in one interior. So, in addition to the traditional ceiling lamp, located in the center of the room, along the perimeter of the ceiling, you can position the LED strip, and in a random order - a few point halogen bulbs. Depending on the time of day and the nature of hanging out in a room, you can light up the room in different ways. For example, the LED tape will create a soft twilight in the room, spotlights above the head of the bed will allow you to read your favorite book before going to bed, and the central lamp will provide bright illumination if no one is going to go to bed yet.

The less you manage to clutter up a room with furniture, the better. High-tech style is characterized by simple forms and the use of predominantly glass and modern plastic. The main role in the bedroom is the bed, it should be chosen carefully.Sleeping in bed should be comfortable and safe, you should pay attention to environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic materials. Bedside space can be occupied by bedside tables and wardrobe, but at the same time leave it as free as possible.


Making a room for sleeping in the style of minimalism, you must carefully consider all the smallest details. As the name implies, there should be a minimum number of things in the room, so you need to decide where the bedding and personal items will be stored. The ideal option in this interior would be a built-in wardrobe in the entire wall, made in a concise form, without unnecessary, attention-grabbing details. An interesting design idea can be a bed arrangement on a special podium in which drawers for storing necessary things are placed.

For the decoration of the walls, you can use wallpaper for painting or plain wallpaper of pastel shades, in the style of minimalism floral ornaments or rich patterns are inappropriate. The color palette consists of neutral tones that can be diluted with white accents. Furniture should be selected similar in color to the flooring.Invalid bright paintings, stucco, carving.


In the classic interior, the walls are covered with wallpaper or decorated with fabric, strict geometric shapes prevail, on the floor is wooden parquet. The ceiling is covered with plain white paint or decorated with exquisite stucco.

The most suitable material for the bedroom, made in the classical style - natural wood. Sometimes designers decorate interior items with mirrors and glass inserts. In high-end interiors, furniture decoration with natural leather and stained-glass facade decoration looks very impressive. The color palette is determined based on the preferences of the owners of the room, but traditional for the classics are discreet and strict shades: black, white, the color of dark chocolate, baked milk. Those who are not afraid of contrasts will like interior items made of dark wood, but with light upholstery or vice versa.

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Modern can be called the most versatile style for the design of sleeping space. It combines originality, functionalism and beauty. The direction differs by smooth lines and soft transitions from one object to another, asymmetry is welcomed.Preference is given to natural materials: wood, ceramics, glass, fabrics, the use of plant ornaments is common. Often in the design of the space in the modern style there is asymmetry, which makes the interior even more interesting.

Thus, for the design of the bedroom, you can choose any style, the main thing is to be comfortable in the room.

We develop a design project

The path to a new, stylish interior begins with a professional design project. The success of the entire enterprise, the speed and quality of its implementation depend on how well the drawings were drawn up, the visualization was made and the estimates were calculated. Few can do this work on their own, so it is recommended to contact a specialist with this task.

First you need to decide on the scope of work. Will it be redecorated, overhaul, or even redevelopment is required, requiring coordination with the city authorities. It is also necessary to prepare documents for housing and make copies of them. If there are already approximate ideas and concepts of what I would like to get in the end, it is advisable to sketch a small sketch - it will help the designer to more precisely determine what kind of interior customers want.

In addition, it is important to talk with the designer, who will be involved in the coordination of all necessary packages of documents. Some project companies are ready to take on this task, while others advise you to apply to special engineering organizations.

At the stage of drawing up a sketch of a new room, it is worth considering the location of functional zones, to decide whether there will be any division of the room into parts. However, more often, in the bedroom they organize only one functional zone, trying not to overload it.

If there are any wishes on the stylistic design, they should also be spoken to the designer in order to avoid grievances. In the understanding of some people, a beautiful bedroom should be luxurious, with a lot of stucco and gilding, others understand the virtues of a restrained style and stick to it.

Before drawing up a project, a professional designer always asks clients about their lifestyle, hobbies, and quantitative composition of the family. Such an approach should not surprise or cause rejection, as it indicates that a person responsibly approaches his task.This is important because it helps to foresee the convenience of using the room. So, if the apartment owners like to read, a small bookcase can be provided in the bedroom, if there is a small child in the house, it would be appropriate to place a baby cradle next to the bed and soft carpets on the floor, and homebody likes the plush bed on the runway.

A well-designed design project protects both the designer and customers from the appearance of many possible problems in the future. So, understanding the exact dimensions of the room and furniture will help to accurately calculate the required amount of finishing materials.

The project includes:

  • Measurement plan of the premises. It is compiled only after the departure of the master to the object and measurements of all indicators.
  • Plan for dismantling and erected structures. Drawn up in the case of redevelopment and often needs to obtain permission from the city authorities. An estimate with the amount of materials needed should also be attached to it.
  • The plan with the arrangement of furniture.
  • Ceiling plan showing the location of the fixtures.
  • Layout of electrical networks (if you plan a significant change in the wiring plan).
  • Scan on the walls.
  • Visualization. Three-dimensional image of the future interior.

On correctly drawn drawings, each element must be accompanied by one or several dimension lines. Often, designers rely on the fact that customers are not very well oriented in the schemes and are unfair about the arrangement of dimension lines and the dimensions themselves. A half-empty space on the drawing sheets is likely to indicate potential problems with future repair work.

Modern materials for decoration

For the design of the bedroom in a modern style, experts recommend using natural finishing materials, such as real wood, paper wallpaper, wool blankets and high-quality cotton bedding.

  • Wall decoration. Already a long time remains relevant design method of allocating one wall. On it you can apply textured paint in a contrasting color or plaster or expensive wallpaper with a soft pattern. In addition, the decoration of one vertical surface with wooden wall plates looks very impressive.

For the visual correction of the dimensions of the room, you can use the well-known techniques with a strip.So, walls with horizontal stripes applied on them will expand the volume of space, and with vertical ones - to increase the height of the room.

In addition to wallpaper, you can use masonry of artificial brick or stone. In this case, it is important to choose the shade and appearance of the stone, which will harmoniously fit into the overall interior.

  • Finishing the floor. Choosing a flooring, it is best to give preference to natural wood. Undoubtedly, the price of the floorboard will be higher than the cost of alternative materials such as linoleum or laminate, but the quality of the parquet is incomparably better. In addition, wooden floors store heat better, and the unique pattern on wooden planks helps to create a cozy atmosphere in the room.
  • Ceiling. The design of the room in modern style dictates the minimum number of reliefs and details, so the ceiling in such rooms is often just covered with white paint. It is also possible device classic stretch ceiling.

Color solutions

From the literacy of the choice of color palette depends on how relaxing and cozy atmosphere will be in the bedroom. There are two main options for the color scheme.In the first, large areas are engaged in a neutral color, which is emphasized by a bright accent of a small size (contrasting pillows, an unusual chair). You can also use the wall behind the head of the bed as an accent, covering it with unusual paint or wallpaper that is different from the general background. The second option is characterized by a harmonious combination of two or three restrained tones, without any “screaming” details.

For the design of a well-lit room, you can use dark colors, and if the windows of the room face north, it is better to give preference to light shades. The following color combinations look great: white and cream, brown and dark chocolate, red and light blue, green and blue, milky and beige. Fans of unusual combinations and bright accents can use blue-orange palettes or dilute a neutral interior with yellow or lilac colors.

It looks very impressive bedroom in white color, in such a room reigns an atmosphere of purity and freshness. White walls, furniture set and dark wooden flooring will be well combined.In addition, the bedroom, made in this color, is visually perceived more spacious and bright, so this is a great option for poorly lit small rooms.

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Most often now you can find designer bedroom projects, made in gray tones. It is understandable, since it is a universal color that is best suited to be the main one. Absolutely any palettes can be combined with it, while the interior will look solid and harmonious.

The use of photo wallpaper or profile stickers in the interior is gaining popularity, which will allow you to create a bright and unusual accent and emphasize the individuality of homeowners. So, on the wall behind the head of the bed, wall-paper depicting a foggy forest or a night city looks very interesting. In bright colors, experts recommend to make out the wall behind the bed so that it does not distract the attention of a person falling asleep.


Bedroom furniture, which is designed in a contemporary style, must comply with some of the rules adopted for this area.

The main place in the bedroom is the bed, respectively, it is necessary to select it as carefully as possible. The most important thing to sleep on it was comfortable. It is best to give preference to solid wood furniture - it will last longer and will look as impressive as possible. You can pay attention to the elite designer collections. The low bed will perfectly fit into a similar interior, besides, usually in such beds there is a free niche adapted for storage of things.

The shape of the bed can be any: both traditionally rectangular and original round. Its dimensions depend mainly on the size of the room, as well as on the preferences of the owners themselves.

If necessary, a wardrobe can be installed in the room, preferably built into the wall or made in a design similar to the walls. The same should be done with the racks, if you want to install them in the bedroom - the furniture should occupy a minimum of space and not attract attention, so it can be hidden behind the sliding panels in the color of the walls.

If possible, it is better to place as little furniture as possible in the bedroom. If you refuse any interior items fails,You can replace them with more miniature analogues, for example, instead of a bedside table to put a small chest of drawers.

Lighting and accessories

Properly selected accessories allow you to make the appearance of the room complete and elaborated. The main thing in this business is not to overdo it and not to clutter the space with unnecessary details. Each piece of furniture should have some kind of functional value and benefit, so you should give up all sorts of decorative figurines that only contribute to the accumulation of dust.

It would be appropriate to place in the corner a large floor pot with some plant that will not only complement the interior, but also purify the air. In addition, a small number of family photographs on the walls or shelves is permissible. At the same time, the style of frames should be harmoniously combined with the general style of the room. Classic paintings with a lot of colorful details, textiles with massive draperies and other heavy objects of decor will look ridiculous in the bedroom in a modern style.

In the bedroom you can place an elegant floor mirror. In addition to its main function, it will visually expand the space.

When choosing curtains for windows, one should prefer laconic Greek curtains or vertical blinds. Many designers refuse to curtain windows at all, leaving them in the open. In this matter, it is important to take into account the illumination of the room and its orientation. Of course, windows in the room facing the south should be curtained with thick curtains, otherwise being in the room during the day may be uncomfortable. In addition, opaque curtains can perform several other important functions: they guarantee better noise insulation, protect against drafts and have a sufficiently long service life.

Accessories can be the bright accents that set off the overall neutrality of the tones. So, on the bed in a room made in gray or white, you can throw a blanket of bright color palette: yellow, coral, ultramarine, emerald. Specialists strongly recommend placing a small amount of such bright details in the room so that the interior does not look too monotonous and boring.

One of the most important aspects of interior design is the creation of a competent lighting system in the room.Very popular lately are floor lamps, which look appropriate even in minimalist interiors. Also a good solution would be to install a wall lamp over the headboard, which will allow residents to enjoy reading a book before going to bed in a cozy atmosphere with comfortable, but not too bright, lighting. Many designers are actively using LED strips and built-in spotlights to create an unusual lighting system and the ability to combine several lighting options.

Thus, the elaboration and careful design of the lighting system, as well as the selection of accessories, play an important role in creating a stylish and modern space. They help to create a sense of usefulness, completeness and integrity of the interior.

Design ideas for a small room

Making a small room is often somewhat more complicated than a spacious one, because you have to fit everything you need into a small room, without causing a clutter feeling. However, there are lots of design projects that are suitable for a small room (an average area is from 11-12 sq. M to 15 sq. M).

For a start, it’s worth deciding who this room is for. If this is a small room for a teenager, it is recommended to choose a bed with a podium in which you can place clothes storage boxes. The youth room for a teenager can be designed in bright, rich colors, while not forgetting to dilute them with neutral ones - the energy over the edge should be able to calm down in the bedroom. If the room for a young man is narrow, with an area of ​​less than 12 square meters, it can be visually expanded with mirrors. In a large enough room (from 14 square meters) you can also place a wardrobe and a small desk.

In an apartment with a balcony, you can increase the usable area by combining a room with a loggia. These transformations may require large financial investments and documentary permits, but the result is worth it. Such an updated space is perfect for both a guy and a young girl.

A separate group of design projects are examples of bedroom design in the attic. Such a solution leads to completely amazing results, even if the room itself is quite small.

Experts recommend decorating a small bedroom in bright colors, using mirror coatings - such a technique will visually increase the space. A bed without legs visually increases the height of the ceiling. In addition, it is better to place the furniture so that there is free space between the entrance door and the opposite wall. This technique also helps to create a feeling of free space.

When choosing a cabinet in a small room, it is desirable to give preference to the wardrobe. If the room needs bedside tables or dressers, they are recommended to choose as small as possible.

Reasonable planning will allow to develop such a small room design, in which the space will look larger than it is, while all the necessary interior items will be placed in the bedroom.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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