Bedroom in the style of "Art Deco"

 Art Deco Bedroom

Art Deco style - spectacular, chic, fascinating. This bedroom will be a real decoration of the house and make an unforgettable impression. If you want to know how to arrange a room in this style, read this article.

Style features

Art Deco contains classical, ethnic and avant-garde motifs. It is distinguished by its diversity and versatility. It can be closer both to the classical interior and to the modern one, depending on the combination of furniture and decor. However, this style has certain characteristics:

  • rich and contrasting colors;
  • complex and varied furniture;
  • expensive materials: precious woods, crystal, mother of pearl, bronze, animal skins, ivory and others;
  • lighting, emphasizing the expressiveness of the interior;
  • geometric shapes in a textile, decor or floor ornament;
  • an abundance of textile elements: multi-layer curtains, decorative pillows and a soft headboard;
  • decorating with paintings, mirrors, table lamps, objects of unusual shape.

This style appeared at the beginning of the last century. It absorbed the luxury of aristocratic interiors and the spirit of innovation, reflecting the revolution of technological progress. So the design combines, at first glance, things that are far from each other: a crystal carved chandelier with a large avant-garde panel on the wall, the skin of an exotic animal with gilded figurines.

Below are the most characteristic interiors of art deco bedrooms.

It is worth starting with an interior in which literally every detail creates a feeling of luxury. The basis of the color range is several shades of beige. In combination with the yellow light of table lamps and shiny textiles, the interior seems to be turning golden. Dark wood, characteristic of style, strengthens feeling of wealth.

You can also note the inherent style of the unusual design of the head of the bed and bedside tables, the shape of the lights, the original ornament on the panel and the metal tub for the plant.

Another vivid example of the considered style surprisingly harmoniously combines different colors, textures and shapes. The basis of the design is the association with precious metals. The light wood of wall panels is matched to the golden color of textiles, there are drawings on the panel.

The warm light of table lamps enhances the “golden” effect. Gray curls of wallpaper on the wall are combined with silver tint of leather elements and shiny spheres on the ceiling. It is worth noting the spectacular combination of many different forms: round ceiling lamps, square panels, rectangular corrugated frames, curved bedside tables, a bench with a diamond pattern, wallpaper with curls and spheres of different diameter under the ceiling. There are practically no repetitive forms in the interior, and at the same time it remains harmonious and balanced.


Art deco style is embodied with the help of decorative elements, so the floor, walls and ceiling act as a background for them, even if they are covered with patterned wallpaper or decorated with wall panels.

Bedroom decoration will depend on the design idea. The walls can be painted in a monochromatic neutral color or covered with wallpaper with different patterns: diamonds, stripes, geometric shapes, Damascus pattern. Often they are trimmed with moldings.These are volumetric decorative strips that decorate various surfaces in the room: walls, fireplaces, arches. With the help of moldings, they become more expressive.

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The ceiling can be painted and decorated with a plasterboard construction with decorative lighting. You can make it glossy - to effectively reflect the decorative lighting of the room.

This style is characterized by a dark wooden floor, but in the bedroom you can also make it lighter. In this case, the dark element can be added through furniture or decor.

Since the basis of the style is the decor, special attention is paid to the materials from which furniture, textiles and items for interior decoration are made. It is assumed the use of leather furniture made of fine wood. The same applies to the floor. Textiles should also be noble. It can be satin, silk, velvet, brocade and other fabrics. Decor elements can be gilded, made of ivory, nacre, glass, crystal, porcelain, metal, fur and other materials.

Color spectrum

The interior design in the art deco style is dominated by beige, dark chocolate and burgundy colors.However, the choice of colors remains for the owners. As for the bedroom, the beige-chocolate range will meet both the peculiarities of the style and the traditions of the design of the bedroom in soothing colors.

However, modern design knows no boundaries, and you can decorate this room in blue, and in lilac, and in any other color. It should be noted that in order to preserve the style it is necessary to create quite bright contrasts. Pillows, bedspreads, desk lamps or other decorative elements in deep and rich color will look quite appropriate.

The ceiling can be painted milky or creamy, if dark wood is used. Cool white color will not be combined with its warm tone.

If the dominant color is cold (black, purple), it is better to leave the ceiling white.

The walls can be light or dark. Often used a combination of several shades or design of one wall with patterned wallpaper. In this case, a contrasting combination would be appropriate - for example, beige with chocolate or white with burgundy.

Now it is worth considering an interesting interior in a non-traditional art-deco range - white-violet. The bedspread, the curtains and the wall behind the headboard are rather large accents, so there is no need for additional color decor. Chic is achieved through glare in mirrors and metal, carved picture frame and textile patterns. The combination of colors is bright enough, but the predominance of white makes the mood of the room quite calm.


Furniture arrangement is one of the most important stages. It is important to note that the style is inherent in expressive furniture. For the bedroom is very important bed. The headboard should be unusual and memorable. It may be a non-standard shape or a contrasting color.

Special attention should be paid to the bedside tables. Often use the cabinets and dressers of the original form: strongly elongated or curved. Tables on original legs, such as crossed ones, are also popular.

This style is characterized by "rich" furniture. Therefore, you can safely pick up interesting chairs, footstools, bedside benches and dressers. However, you should observe the measure. It is necessary to carefully match the size of the room with the amount of furniture.

Initially, art deco is considered the style of Bohemia and the elite,therefore, the placement of additional functional areas should be done very carefully. Otherwise, you can break the overall style.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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