Baroque Bedroom

The interior of the bedroom requires special attention, since it is in it that a person spends most of his time. Special attention to detail deserves a bedroom in the Baroque style, which is sure to meet all the requirements of the one who appreciates comfort and luxury in design. Not everyone can decorate a room in this style, since it is rather expensive.

Baroque style is very complex in terms of performance, so to create such an interior you will definitely need a professional designer or relevant experience. However, the high costs are definitely worth the result.

Special features

Baroque style is a clear sign of luxury and wealth of the owner of the room, but at the same time excludes pretentiousness and obsession in the interior. Psychologists say that this is an excellent option for bedroom decoration, because the style is distinguished by a competent combination of pastel and brighter tones, which favorably affect the emotional background of a person, and in combination with all elements of the decor give the owner a sense of security, warmth and comfort.

Despite the fact that such an interior is expensive, it does not cease to be popular, but only grows every year. Baroque encompasses the following main features due to which he has long been a favorite of many designers and lovers of high prices in the interior:

  • Expensive high-quality materials are the most important condition for this stylistic direction. Baroque does not allow the use of such modern and cheap materials as plastics or synthetics in the interior of the room. Design elements must be made of natural materials, as well as be sure to link the overall atmosphere of the bedroom with traditional motifs of antiquity.

A desk made of oak, antique figurines, the use of real crystal and pearls in the decor, as well as handcrafted cabinet furniture - all this is baroque.

  • Since the interior in the Baroque style must necessarily include a variety of different elements and details, which together will give the bedroom owner a feeling of comfort, for its recreation will require a wide scope. Ergonomically, such a design will fit only into those bedrooms that have a large area and high ceilings. Not every urban room in an apartment building is suitable for such an experiment. Professionals are advised to decorate the bedroom in the Baroque style only in private homes or large lofts.
  • The main advantage of this style is that the entire interior of the room is obliged to “spin” around such a central and main element of the whole room as a bed. It should not just be part of the design - it should be an exposition that is not only pleasant to sleep, it should be pleasant to look at. The frame itself should be cut out of solid solid wood or decorated with forged metal parts, carvings. Often, the head of such a bed is high and is finished with either rich embroidery or expensive textiles.

You can also install a canopy over the bed to enhance the feeling of luxury and comfort.

  • In the bedroom there must be a mirror. And it should be a separate, independent part of the interior, and not included in the decor of the cabinet or other frame furniture. Under it is necessary to allocate space above the bed, dressing table or hang in front of the front door. Especially popular are round or oval-shaped mirrors enclosed in a forged metal frame.
  • Upholstered furniture must be spacious and exclude the presence of sharp or strict forms. Classic design, light shades in combination with the spirit of olden time and the use of gilding - all this will make the interior even more atmospheric.
  • The walls in the baroque bedroom should also exude a sense of luxury and elegance. To do this, use exclusive types of finishes with a complex ornament or an additional three-dimensional decor. Especially relevant textile wallpaper and silk screen printing. Additionally, they can be decorated with paintings in spectacular frames and tapestries. Do not forget about the heraldic paintings and stone details.
  • During repairs, you must remember to leave a niche on the walls for additional sources of light. The sconce is the best emphasize the elegance and elegance of the bedroom, as well as make the atmosphere more relaxed and intimate.

Color palette

Depending on the needs and desires of the owner of the room, the designer must choose a color palette that most accurately meets all the requirements and demands, as well as adds a highlight to the interior, making it the most stylish and comfortable.


For those who want their bedroom to become the personification of relaxation and tranquility, it is necessary to pay attention to the neutral shades of the palette. As a rule, these are pastel colors that visually make the room not only more spacious, but also light. The ideal solution for those with bedroom windows facing north or south.

  • The most popular use is white, pale blue and gray. Together, they make a refined baroque interior a little simpler and less luxurious, which is perfect for those who are looking for elegance and lightness in design.
  • Pale green shades in combination with white color can refresh the room, make it even more pleasant to perceive. A great option for those who want to relax in their bedroom from the bustle of the city, feel themselves in nature.
  • The room of a young girl is recommended to make out using pink. Flying fabrics, nice patterns and lots of pillows will add some romanticism to the room.


Self-confident individuals prefer a brighter and richer color palette, which will add to the atmosphere of the room even more warmth and comfort. Famous designers advise to use such a color palette when arranging spacious rooms with large windows in order to provide a room with light and exclude a visual “blocking up”.

  • Actual use of wine and scarlet shades in combination with gold color. This is a great option for decorating a bedroom belonging to a married couple. Such a color palette will give the room intimacy and create a romantic mood.
  • Dark green and brown shades should be used to make the interior of the bedroom in a more classic and traditional style., as well as to place accents on antiquities, which are usually made of wood or metal.
  • Do not abuse the use of deep purple and purple tones.because these shades are able to absorb color and bring the baroque room closer to the atmosphere of the Gothic. They should be combined with pale yellow or beige decor elements.

The bedroom in the Baroque style will give its owner a great opportunity to relax surrounded by luxurious furniture and expensive decor items, enjoy quality sleep on a large and soft bed, as well as experience its overall grandeur and royal atmosphere.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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