Bedroom in the style of "Country"

The country style originated in England with its simplicity and comfort is opposed to modern trends. Despite the fact that his translation means "village", it fits in perfectly with the interior of city apartments. The style is widespread, gradually changing its characteristics depending on the culture of a particular country.

What is characteristic of style?

The concept of country involves the unity of man with nature by returning to the traditional way of life. This can be achieved with the help of an unassuming interior, as in a rural house. The style harmoniously looks in country houses and cottages, but it is increasingly chosen by city dwellers. This is due to the glut of the modern spirit of megacities. Easy in its atmosphere country style allows you to relax not only physically, but also mentally.

Since the theme of nature is fundamental, natural materials are commonly used in the interior - wood, sometimes not even processed, facing stone. The color scheme is close to the natural - it is light, mostly without bright accents. Furniture and decor are simple and comfortable, without unnecessary elements in the design.

It is important not only to use certain materials, but also to abandon such as plastic, glass, synthetics. This also applies to ultramodern pieces of furniture and equipment, because they do not fit into the "rural" lifestyle. Thus, the country is opposite high-current and is close to the Mediterranean style.

The bedroom in this style is beautiful, concise and functional. It is filled with comfort, thanks to floral motifs, numerous textiles, hand-made things. All modern items, according to the type of heating system and air conditioners, are masked in the overall setting by the color scheme and decor. The room should "breathe", that is, you should not clutter it with a lot of things.


Country style is original and has some ethnic motives.He embodies different national traditions, although many are accustomed to associate it exclusively with American ranches. Country style includes the following subspecies:


Bedrooms in a similar direction are made in the style of British villas - they have a lot of wooden elements, including the decoration. The main piece of furniture is a massive bed with plain decorative details. The design is sustained in a light range, in the elements there are floral patterns. As textiles use wool, cotton. Appropriate carpets, bouquets of flowers and dried flowers.

In general, the English direction of the country creates a pleasant concise impression. The design looks deep due to the contrasting combinations of wooden shades with white, beige, yellow.


This variety is saturated with a light and airy atmosphere created by a combination of white and pastel colors, as well as some lavender accents. The bed is less massive than in the English subspecies. On it are allowed forged decorative items. Other prominent attributes include wicker furniture, carvings, flower curtains and bedspreads, and a large number of pillows.


Outwardly coarse and original direction. The design uses hard textures - raw wood and logs, burlap, plaster. In addition, gray linen textiles, sheepskin are appropriate. As accents can be red, burgundy, green, orange hues. They are brought into the interior with the help of floral and geometric simple patterns.


The design in this style is light, both in color and in general spacious surroundings. Finishing and furniture are predominantly white, cream, light beige. As accents you can choose blue, cherry, blue colors. The decoration is not only wood, but also stone. Scandinavian direction suggests the absence of an excessive amount of decoration.

Finishing features

Country welcomes the invoice in all its manifestations. On the walls it can be present in the form of textile, paper, vinyl wallpaper, decorative plaster, wood panels, inserts from natural stone, textured paints. To bring color accents that are abundantly used in style, it is best to choose an unobtrusive monophonic finish.

One of the walls can be made active, giving it the function of decor. This can be done with the help of floral or striped wallpaper, decorative finishes, for example, in the form of brickwork.

For the floor in country style fit a tree or any covering that imitates it, for example, laminate. Ceramic tiles or stone will also look harmonious, but they are practically not used in the bedrooms, as they bring chill into the atmosphere. Carpets on the entire area in this direction are rarely present, but small rugs are possible. With the help of a bright ornament, such an element of the interior will add more comfort, while not weighting the design.

The ceilings in the country room are most often simple - painted or plastered in the manner of walls. Tension options are not welcome. You can decorate the ceiling with wooden beams or panels, creating support structures.

We arrange the furniture

In the bedroom, the central place is occupied by the bed. In this style, massive wooden models are appropriate, as well as iron ones with forged patterned backs. Country is not complete without a lot of textiles, so you can decorate a place to rest with colorful patchwork quilts,woolen blankets, numerous decorative pillows.

Modern wardrobe will not look harmonious. It is better to choose models with opening doors, drawers with retractable drawers, dressers. It can be either vintage items or aged artificially. This effect of processing furniture perfectly reflects the rustic spirit of country style. Another way to make the room more atmospheric is to choose things on noticeable forged and decorated legs.

If the bedroom performs an additional function of the workplace, then do not do without a table, chairs and armchairs. For traditional country, you should choose massive and even somewhat rough furniture, for English - wicker. Almost all areas of the style welcome the natural color of the material, but in French, on the contrary, painted models look best. The chair and armchairs should be upholstered, and the table and cabinets can be decorated with a lace tablecloth or napkins.

An interesting solution for design will be a large old chest, in which you can store bed linen, clothes and other things. In the apartment you can put an artificial fireplace, and in a country house - this. It should not be placed in the room a lot of mirrors, it can be limited to one spectacular - a floor in a wrought-iron or wooden frame. All these objects recreate the spirit of rural life and make the interior even more authentic.

Arrangement of furniture in the style of country - hard work. At first glance it seems that everything is established haphazardly, even chaotically. But this is all done, as the furniture still needs to remain functional. If the bedroom has a small size, it is recommended to use beds and chairs with built-in drawers.

Country style does not do without a large number of accessories: wall plates, carpets on the floor and walls, antique clocks and paintings, photographs, vases, dried flowers, live plants and flowers, macrame, porcelain figurines. All these things should be chosen in accordance with the color and style of the entire interior.

Color spectrum

Country, as such, does not have one prevailing color. It can be green, and blue, and red, and many others. Only one condition is important - their muffled and warmer shades: peach, lavender, pink, pistachio.Pastel colors, for example, beige, sand best fit into the interior of this direction. White in its pure form is allowed, but it is better to choose its yellow shades - cream, baked milk.

The choice of colors can affect the main direction of country style. So, in French there will be lavender and blue, and in Italian - olive and terracotta. Despite the large variety of acceptable colors, it is necessary to know the measure. The design should be based on no more than four shades.

If there is a tree in the floor or wall decoration, then the choice of the color scheme of the entire interior will depend on it. Colors should complement each other so that the shades smoothly change from one to another. Contrast is allowed only if there is a dark tree in the design. To focus on it, all other colors should be light.

In country style, the use of prints is popular. The most common are floral and floral drawings, as they are most closely associated with nature. At the same time, it is better to choose repeating patterns and ornaments, rather than colorful wallpapers with clearly detailed inflorescences. Other patterns that are acceptable for a country bedroom are stripes and a cage.


Country style pays a lot of attention to natural light, which in the bedroom should be a lot. The advantage will be large windows that will not be hidden behind the curtains during the day. That, in turn, is best to be light and airy. As a night, you can choose curtains made of cotton, flax.

You should choose warm shades of artificial light. Lamps with monophonic lampshades and wrought-iron decor will fit into the interior. As a desk lamp, you can choose small classic floor lamps, sconces. Special atmosphere will be given by those models that resemble kerosene lamps by design.

Mirrors provide additional lighting, and in country style they are able to bring the necessary rustic style to the design. Best fit oval and round models. Classics of a country - the rotating floor mirror in a wooden frame.

Beautiful design ideas in the interior

Attention in this interior attracts accent wall, decorated with bright wallpaper with floral pattern. It also housed wall lamps. The doors to the other rooms are as simple as possible, almost merging in color with the wall.The design is designed in one light color, so it looks appropriate bright frame window.

All bedroom furniture is made in the same style using wooden beams. Such a design of objects as close as possible to their natural appearance. Original and the presence of accent on the wall, created with the help of stonework.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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