Bedroom in the style of "Loft"

Industrial - urban style is an atmosphere characterized by an abundance of free space and the presence of industrial elements. As a rule, such stylistic direction is preferred by people of extraordinary and creative natures. It includes a loft (attic, English), characterized by bold combinations of seemingly absolutely incompatible elements.

It was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the industrial quarter zones of New York. The reason for the appearance of such an unusual interior image was a banal crisis. In the 1940s, the enterprises were located within the city, moreover, the overwhelming mass was located almost in the center of the districts. As soon as the price of land increased, there was nothing left for the owners to do as soon as they moved their production to the outskirts of the cities.The premises of the workshops and factories remained empty.

Prices for such huge premises were minimal compared to housing at that time, which attracted their customers. They were mostly people of art and those who were not afraid of the new, and kept up with the changes. In such places, organized workshops, exhibitions, sites for rehearsals, offices.

Later they began to equip and for accommodation. It is understandable, because in such huge premises there was a lot of space, only panoramic windows alone are standing, and the head can spin from the height of the ceilings. “Having tasted a pie” of abandoned industrialization, many connoisseurs of beauty gave a lot of money to get themselves such a cool tidbit. The result is obvious - warehouses, abandoned factories and workshop utility rooms have become luxury apartments, with their own unique special charm.

Europeans followed the example of the United States, and after a while, the attractiveness and extraordinary refinement of the loft were also seen here. Loft decoration is applicable not only to the entire living space, but also to individual rooms.Consider the examples of bedrooms presented in this popular style.

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Special features

Modern bedroom, decorated in an industrial style should be, above all, comfortable to stay and comfortable to sleep, despite some negligence, which is inherent in the extravagant style of the loft. Do not forget that the feature is manifested in the freedom of space, without deaf walls and massive partitions. Air, natural light and space - the fundamental tenets of such an interior.

It is relatively not difficult to create an atmospheric style; it is enough to apply some remarkable accents in the room:

  • walls of brick, cement, stone. Perhaps it will be a real, raw wall or similar material for decoration. The bottom line is to make it most believable and colorful. Wallpaper under the brickwork, of course, would not be appropriate;
  • open communications (pipes, wires). The generally accepted opinion that everything needs to be hidden in the box and in the walls is not relevant here: everything in sight, on display, without any constraints;
  • not covered elements of the structure (beams, supports look quite organic, bringing the dynamics and spirit of adventurism into the room;
  • high ceilings give a feeling of ease and flight;
  • stairs - a typical representative of industrial areas, especially if its style is presented in a rough, unprocessed form;
  • large windows, no curtains and curtains. The light condition, in any case, should be maximized, and the natural light for the loft should be as absolute as possible;
  • bright hues. The absorption of space is not applicable here, despite the abundance of square meters. Due to the light finish, it seems as if the room is even larger than it actually is several times;
  • heating devices (stoves, fireboxes, fireplaces) carry not only the style load, but also provide the room with warmth and comfort.
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All this apparent simplicity and cheapness, which is inherent in industrial style, in fact, are not at all. Loft is one of the most expensive interior solutions. Of course, modern technologies should complement creative design, which, by the way, should not attract attention. They are agreed to go unnoticed and perform exclusively their functions, without undue interest in their "person".The interweaving of modernity and modernity with authentic elements is the peak of modern design.


Dimension, of course, is important when designing a room in such a bold style, like a loft. After all, he loves space and freedom and does not tolerate the absorption of the surrounding space. However, there are no impracticable tasks. The areas of apartments of Soviet buildings, and the modern housing stock to a greater extent, will not give much to roam. In such cases, fantasy and the spirit of experimentation come to the rescue.

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A small bedroom of 16 square meters is quite realistic to equip, taking into account the peculiarities of the loft style. It is advisable to use furniture-transformer. Due to the truly magical properties of this furniture, the space will not be littered with unnecessary attributes, thereby increasing the usable area.

Owners of small bedrooms with just 12 square meters will have a bit more difficulty. m, but here you can achieve full presence of the industrialization of past times. Of course, it will not be possible to realize all the elements of style in one room, a couple of obvious accents will be enough.

Layout and design

In order to fully immerse in the loft, it is necessary to correctly plan and properly decorate the interior of the room. There are many nuances that are worth considering when applying a style solution. Let us consider the types of beds.


The mansard bedroom is rather unusual due to the structure of the roof, and, nevertheless, infinitely attractive and cozy. Lovers of such exteriors, we will talk about all the advantages and possible disadvantages of a bedroom in the attic. The positive aspects include:

  • dimensions of the space under the roof. As a rule, there is enough space so that you can install additional functional elements. For example, a toilet or a bathroom - if space permits, you can combine them and make a full bathroom. If you like privacy - the library, the office will be a great solution. You can also make room for a dressing room or a small gym. Lovers of flowers and plants can be advised to break a greenhouse or a winter garden;
  • maximum stream of light. The use of a large number of windows or a pair (of impressive size) will perfectly illuminate the bedroom;
  • increase in usable area. The location of the bedroom in the attic adds free space in the apartment or house;
  • roof shape. There are several forms of roofs, and any of them will help with the visual distribution of zones.

The disadvantages are:

  • restriction in the choice of finished furniture. In most cases, the furniture is made to individual orders, so that it is harmoniously combined with the design and shape of the roof. But ready-made models can also be found, however, this does not happen often;
  • will have to adapt. It is unlikely that it will be possible to make significant changes to the layout of the attic room. The shape of the roof determines the main direction of the layout;
  • additional warming. The provision of hydro and thermal insulation is a guarantee of a comfortable and safe stay, but this requires some investments.

Structural elements of the roof are of particular importance in the planning of the bedroom. Consider the main examples:

  • Shed roof - a fairly common and uncomplicated option regarding the layout of the bed. The bed in this case can be placed both at the window and opposite. The location of the wardrobe group depends on the installation of the bed.
  • Gable roof - A difficult and interesting option. Storage devices will have to be fantasized, since standard cabinets will not fit here. But with visual zoning problems will not arise.
  • Multi-slope roof - space for decorating and embodiment of bold ideas. A little beat corners, kinks and drops of angles, make a few decorative elements - and the exclusive interior is ready!
  • Hipped roof allows you to divide the room into two full parts. You can arrange adult and children's bedrooms, or additionally organize a workplace.


Any woman wants to see in her a manifestation of themselves, both in the details and in general. Loft is a rather spontaneous style, which caters to beautiful women. The ease and smoothness of the lines inherent in female nature can also be presented by an extravagant, at first glance, style. Airy furniture, light shades, elegant lines will immediately determine the delicate nature of the owner of this room.


Being in it, one feels the brutality and character of the owner. Massive accessories, the predominance of deep, solid shades of color palette. The power and strength that is about to break out of the interior and absorb everything around - the loft, like no one else, does an excellent job with its task.

For a teenager

Thirst for adventure and craving for the unknown is so great that I want to plunge into the unknown world with my head. Open new horizons and clearly stand out for the loft is not difficult. Once in this room you do not want to leave it, the spirit of rebellion and some negligence will be perfectly combined with young spontaneity.

Zoning room

Even if the bed has no clear boundaries and is not hidden in a secluded place of an apartment or house, there is nothing wrong with that, the loft will make the bedroom area private and allow the owners to fully relax in a relaxed atmosphere.

Color solutions

At first, it may seem that the prevalence of cold colors will make staying in the room uncomfortable, however, this is a strong delusion. Classic colors are:

  • concrete gray, in all its shades;
  • terracotta - brick;
  • shades of brown - the color of raw wood;
  • white, a variety of spectra from boiling to grayish;
  • gloss, usually metallic;
  • red, from brown to bright strawberry;
  • the black.
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Loft, due to its exceptional recognition, can afford to diversify the color palette to infinity. Old manufactories are a thing of the past, which means that you can not resort to strict adherence to basic colors. The palette, which can be in the urban style:

  • blue;
  • green;
  • Violet;
  • yellow;
  • purple;
  • and even pink.

Of course, these colors should not absorb space, but only extol bright accents.

Making your own hands

It is not necessary to invite masters to create an interior in the attic style. Armed with simple tools and a few tips, you will be able to independently make your dream a reality. Finishing and repair will not take much time due to the peculiarities of the style.


If you have a brick wall, then you are incredibly lucky. It is enough to clean the surface from wallpaper, putty - and designer walls are ready. The same applies to walls made of solid wood. If the material of the walls does not allow them to "show", quite simple techniques come to the rescue. For example,brickwork can be recreated from ordinary plaster plaster and forms. For this you need the following materials:

  • gypsum plaster;
  • bucket for mixing;
  • slats made of wood, the cross section of which is 10 * 10 mm;
  • level;
  • spray;
  • liquid Nails;
  • 2 spatulas of different sizes;
  • sandpaper;
  • primer;
  • pencil;
  • paint and brushes.

Performance of work:

  • we prepare walls (we clear of everything superfluous);
  • we make jumpers from slats 6-7 cm long;
  • glue the guides with liquid nails, pre-marking the location of the bricks;
  • moistened wall throws diluted gypsum plaster;
  • after 20-25 minutes, disconnect the guides from the wall;
  • if desired, grind;
  • we close seams with the same plaster;
  • primed and painted.


Its finishing is one of the fastest and low-cost works. As well as the walls, the ceiling must be freed from unnecessary materials of previous repairs, leaving only concrete. If the ceiling has cracks or other obvious defects, then it is desirable to seal them with putty. You don’t need to achieve an ideal state: after all, the industrial style doesn’t need impeccability, and it doesn’t need it.

Then the ceiling can be painted with light paint.If the height allows, you can arrange artificial beams made of plasterboard or lining.


Huge window openings to the floor will be perfect, but not everyone can afford such a redevelopment. Therefore, let's beat this moment. To have more light, you need to forget about curtains and curtains. They eat a precious element of loft style - natural light. Sunlight is designed to dissolve space.

Modern plastic profiles allow you to make the texture of a window under a tree or shabby metal, if you are impressed with more wooden frames. Another win-win technique to increase the space of the room - a contrast, compared with the walls and ceiling, window. The predominance of gray, black and metallic shades of window facades will especially harmonize in the room.

Furniture and accessories

Vintage and simplicity - the motto of both furniture and accessories. Was there an old cart lying around in the garage? From it you get a great nightstand or rack. Need a small table? A pair of pallets will completely solve this issue. Bed, sofa, bench, cabinet with open shelves - all this can be done with the help of wooden pallets.

Lighting can also be made by yourself.Enough a few bulbs in the cartridges without lamp shades. TThese uncomplicated “pears” are called Addison bulbs. You can dream up and make lights from water pipes. To give your interior the mood, hang pictures or posters, which, by the way, you can draw yourself.

It is important to remember that everything should be in moderation!

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Interior design ideas for real apartments

Images of loft style are multifaceted and amaze with their diversity. A rich palette of colors, various accessories will be able to change the interior of the room.

Ideas of the interior can be light, and can be immersed in something unexplored and exciting. No matter how loft manifested, it always causes some excitement and mystery.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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