Bedroom in the style of "Minimalism"

Minimalism is a truly unique style. The bedrooms, decorated in a similar vein, have a cozy and light atmosphere, which is so important in the modern rhythm of life. Everyone can create a beautiful and harmonious interior, but first you need to get a closer look at the minimalist style.

Style features

Nowadays, people are more prone to stress than ever. That is why it is so important to have a nook in which you can relax as much as possible.

Most often, such "saving islands" are living rooms and bedrooms. To create a cozy and favorable atmosphere in these rooms, you need to turn to the appropriate style in the interior. A great option would be minimalism. In the bedroom, decorated in this style, you can relax and get away from the extra urban noise and the frantic pace of life.

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This popular trend is characterized by the fact that it contains a minimal amount of functional furniture.

In a minimalist interior, simple and even shapes and lines always prevail, intricate patterns and carved elements you will not find here either.

To form a harmonious and attractive ensemble in the style of minimalism, it is recommended to refer to natural materials and textures.

In a minimalist room, you need to provide practical and multifunctional storage systems. It can be spacious and spacious wardrobes or dressing rooms. In these stores you can place a large number of different items, which in this interior should not be.

It is worth noting the fact that such rooms always seem more spacious. This is due to the fact that they are not littered with unnecessary details or decorative elements.

You can turn to minimalism to decorate the rooms of the most different areas. So, a small bedroom, made in this direction, can acquire the visual effect of a more spacious space.

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Minimalism provides good and diffuse lighting.In a dark and gloomy room, he may not look so attractive.

There are three variations of this style. These include classic, hi-tech and ethno.

Thus, the classic version provides for the presence of natural and environmentally friendly materials. In the bedrooms, made in this vein, harmoniously look pieces of furniture and flooring made of natural wood. The main difference between the minimalist classics and the traditional style is the absence of carved details.

In such interiors there is a minimum number of decorative elements. Choosing furniture for a classic bedroom, you must proceed from their functionality and practicality. There should not be extravagance in such an environment, therefore one double bed and a pair of bedside tables will be enough.

High-tech direction is characterized by the presence in the interior of plastic, glass and metal parts. The interior in a similar style can not be overloaded with extra decoration and furniture. Conciseness must be observed in everything, so even bedding for a bed should be chosen without patterns or drawings.

A minimalist hi-tech room should be decorated in a gray or black and white palette. To give the bedroom a more fashionable look, you can use metal cabinets with glass doors, and instead of a chandelier you can turn to round lamps.

More striking and interesting is ethnic minimalism. This direction combines laconic design and motives of a particular country. Such interiors look original and harmonious. For example, a bedroom in the style of Japanese minimalism should be supplemented with a low bed and decorative details made from natural materials.

Color solutions

Calm and uncomplicated style is characterized by calm neutral colors. The presence of natural colors in a minimalist bedroom will be very useful.

The basic colors of minimalism are white, beige and gray. Some owners make out the rooms in dark colors, but in this case, you should choose the furniture more carefully, so as not to form a dull ensemble.

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If desired, laconic minimalism can be diluted with bright details. As a rule, one juicy shade is chosen for this, which finds its place in decorative elements, fabrics or lamps.

For example, in the bedroom, the walls of which are decorated with white decorative brick, and the floor - with dark laminate, you can put a double bed, complemented by green pillows, and place a green floor lamp next to it. In such an ensemble, the role of bright accents is played by simple pillows and lights, but without them the interior will be less attractive and interesting.

Particularly cozy look interiors, made in warm and pastel colors. They can be supplemented with natural materials for a more harmonious combination. This color design is suitable for both spacious and small bedrooms.

The minimalist bedroom can be decorated in contrasting black and white. This design looks modern and fresh, but it should be diluted with unobtrusive and rich accents.

Bedroom size

The owners of small apartments often turn to minimalism. Most often, materials and furniture in pastel, warm and light colors are chosen for this. Such ensembles can be diluted with dark or bright elements.

The minimum area will allow to place in the bedroom a double bed and two bedside tables.Not bad in this situation will look built-in closet with mirrored doors.

In more spacious rooms, the width of which allows you to place a large amount of furniture, you can additionally lay a floor carpet, put a small chest of drawers, a dressing table and turn to different elements of decor. This is necessary so that the room does not seem too empty and uncomfortable. But be careful: try not to overload the space.

Often in such bedrooms, people hang heavy curtains not only neutral, but also dark shades.

Modern design

The bedroom in a minimalist style can be decorated in white, and the wall behind the double bed can be neutral gray. In such a room will look harmoniously bed with a white headboard and bed linen in gray and beige tones. You can complete the trendy ensemble with the help of a gray fleecy carpet, a small light gray ottoman and a bedside white table.

To illuminate a room, you should turn to a hi-tech chandelier that has subtle details and small shades. If the bedroom has a large window, then it can be supplemented with gray blinds or light fabric curtains.

You can create a cozy and harmonious interior using a white bed and a built-in closet with mirrored doors. Similar details will look on the background of the floor, lined with bright laminate, as well as white walls and ceiling. The wall behind the bed can be decorated in beige tones.

In such an interior, the built-in ceiling lights and a small gray chandelier will look good.

If you want to create a budget, but spectacular interior, you should turn to a double brown bed, two bedside tables of similar material, lay a cream high-pile carpet on the floor and hang up ceiling chandeliers with simple round shades. Such a set will be in harmony with the walls of white and beige.

If there is a window in such a bedroom, then it should be decorated with light curtains. So you get a simple and light interior, without unnecessary details and decorative elements.

Another inexpensive combination consisting of a black soft sofa, a white bedside table with a lamp and an abstract picture in bright colors will look simple and tasteful.These items will look harmoniously against the background of white walls, decorated with decorative brick and white laminate.

The black bed with a high headboard and bed linen in gray-white colors against the white walls and the floor looks modern and stylish. You can place a small white bedside table near the bed and put a black desk lamp on it. Such an interior should be supplemented with large monochrome paintings.

Bedroom Design Ideas

The trendy minimalist interior is suitable for rooms in which both mature people and young people live. Consider some interesting options for the design of bedrooms for teens and their parents.

For the bedroom of a teenage girl, you can pick up a 1.5-bedroom sofa in purple, a bright computer desk with blue tint drawers and a built-in closet. Such items will look harmoniously against a background of white walls and floor in a similar color. You can complete the interior with a purple floor carpet and square-shaped wall shelves painted in different colors.

The room for the boy, decorated in white tones,should be filled with a single blue sofa with gray linens and wall-mounted shelves and drawers that will find their place above the bed. You can complete the ensemble with a pair of blue ottomans, a blue carpet on the floor and black Roman curtains on the windows. Such an interior is good even for a small square.

In a minimalist room with white walls, floor and ceiling will look harmoniously black single bed and a white computer desk with a wardrobe in the same color. You can dilute this interior with bright details: multi-colored pillows on the bed, black computer chair and a bright red desk lamp.

In the room for a teenager you can place a cream folding sofa with a white cabinet and a narrow computer desk opposite the window. These details will be in harmony with the room in beige and light brown tones. You can dilute pastel shades with red chairs and the same color with a floor carpet.

The room in which the parents sleep, can be decorated in cream colors, and lay a dark laminate on the floor. In such conditions, you can put a bright double bed with a dark brown headboard and side details, as well as a built-in closet with mirrored doors.If there is a window in the room, then it should be supplemented with beautiful curtains of soft brown color. You can dilute the contrast of the pastel walls and the dark floor with the help of a soft fleecy carpet the color of creme brulee.

Minimalism looks amazing in rooms with a bay window. For example, a bright double bed, a white bedside table and two light leather armchairs will look harmoniously against the background of dull green walls and a bay window. A black bench should be placed near the bed. Laconic metal lamps will approach a similar interior.

Beautiful photos of the interior

In a white room with dark gray laminate, you can put a low white bed with gray linens, as well as a white chest of drawers. In such an environment will find a place high metal lights, black square carpet and bright details of the decor: red decorative pillows and vases on the dresser.

For a bedroom in green it is worth picking up a light wooden bed with high legs, an elongated cabinet of similar material and a high light cabinet. The room in these soothing colors can be supplemented with white lamps.

Against the background of white walls and white floor you will look spectacularly with a double bed of green color with white linens, black bedside tables with a glossy surface and a small black wardrobe with drawers. For the wall behind the bed should be placed high wardrobe with mirror matte mirrors. In front of the bed, a white high-pile carpet is harmonious.

A luxurious interior can be made up of a dark double bed with cream bedclothes, a small cream chair with dark armrests and a wall panel with a built-in TV opposite the bed. These pieces of furniture are beautiful against the background of soft yellow walls, dark laminate and multi-level ceiling with dark brown trim and built-in lighting. The stylish ensemble should be completed with leopard curtains on the windows, a large white carpet under the bed and wall paintings with dark brown frames.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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