Bedroom in the style of "Modern"

 Bedroom in modern style

Bedroom design is a limitless field of action for fantasy. There are many styles of decoration, they are all good and interesting in their own way. The “Modern” style stands out from the whole diversity - original, unique and relevant.

Distinctive features of style

Before turning to the features of the style, you need to understand what it means. This style direction causes confusion. Many people think that modern is a modern style, a sort of quintessence of minimalism and European conciseness. Free interpretation of the term is fundamentally wrong. Even worse, not only ordinary people use the word as applied to modern interiors, but the authors of the articles often substitute one concept for another.

Experts also define modern as the historical style, which appeared at the junction of two centuries - XIX and XX. At that time in art there was a stagnation, there were no new trends and ideas, all styles mixed together, there was no specifics.

All artists and ordinary people wanted to see something new, radically different from the previous one. So a modernist style appeared, at first it was embodied in the works of artists, architects, then in decoration, and later - in interior design.

In Europe, it became known as “Ar-Nouveau”.

The word "Modern" stuck in Russia because of a wrong translation. In English, "modern" is a new, modern. The sellers, translating foreign catalogs, did not bother and wrote the word in Cyrillic, the rest, from ignorance, began to use it.

From here all confusion and wrong definition of style went.

The distinctive features of the style of designers include the following:

  • Lack of generalized form. In different countries, the modern style has certain accents, formed under the influence of national traditions and mentality.
  • Low-key colors. Shades are natural, natural, natural.The use of gold and silver, bright colors.
  • The smoothness of the lines, the absence of straight and sharp corners, edges, symmetry. This technique ensures the integrity and unity of the stylistic direction, the softness looks organic.
  • Relaxing, muffled light. It is ideal for rooms designed for relaxation.
  • Materials of natural origin - wood, stone, textiles, glass, marble, ceramics.
  • Use forged elements to create a light effect. Thanks to this method, solid metal objects are transformed into elegant works of art.
  • Applied drawings - floristic and animalistic themes.
  • Exquisite and popular design technique - stained glass windows. They decorated windows, doors, lamps.
  • Windows and doors can be any size, rectangular or arched.

Modern is good because it:

  • does not limit the possibilities and design decisions of the decorator. In addition to natural materials used budget, they can be combined. In any case, the bedroom will turn out refined and luxurious;
  • constantly changing, absorbing new products, which gives fresh opportunities and ideas for decorating;
  • not intended for any one particular age group, sex group. Everyone can use style elements;
  • original and not beaten his techniques are interesting, they are able to make the room unique and memorable.

Choosing a modernist style, you can be sure - you’ll have a practical and functional bedroom designed for healthy sleep and relaxing relaxation.


Modern - a combination of several styles, which are borrowed from different directions of design. With this style you can make beautiful repairs in the room. It is suitable for a small bedroom and a room with a large footage.

There are no laws and specific restrictions.

To emphasize the style, you should follow a few design tips:

  • If the bedroom is spacious, it should be zoned. Dividing the area into several parts (sleep, rest, dressing room), no part remains empty.
  • Multi-level ceilings with different lighting systems. They will help to break the bedroom into functional parts.
  • The main motive is smooth lines.which will help to create comfortable conditions for staying in the room;

The severity is achieved thanks to light colors, built-in furniture and low beds.

  • Large luxury chandelier will make the bedroom chic, will give lighting to the whole space.
  • Special wall decoration behind the bed - A point that focuses the eye on the most important moment in the room. Another way to highlight the sleeping area is to raise the bed on the podium, put it on curved legs, or make a design with original lighting on the ceiling.

If the bedroom is small and combined with a hall, it is separated by a screen or partition, upholstered in soft fabric. Such a reception will make the space cozy.

  • The walls, in addition to painting and pasting wallpaper, upholstered with wooden panels. It is not necessary to completely make the walls of wood, it is enough to use the combination method, highlighting the functional areas. The walls are just the background, they are muffled, without gloss and brightness.

The floor may be darker than the walls or in tune with them. It is covered with parquet, laminate, tile or natural stone, carpets.

  • The ceiling is always decorated with rich and rich wooden elements, stucco. He acts as an indicator of the classics that is borrowed by the modern. The lighting is organized in such a way as to tune a quiet intimate light.

On the bedside cabinets are required creative lamps.

  • In addition to the natural color range, moderately bright and deep accents are used. to set the mood - lemon, green, mustard.
  • For a studio apartment suitable transforming bed, which does not take up much space during the day.
  • Windows are allowed from standard to mansard and panoramic. On the window sills you can arrange a corner for book lovers.

There are many variants of bedroom design, each of them is the future of the original interior space, which will tell about the individuality and taste of the owner.

Color solutions

Natural materials used in the interior are emphasized with natural, natural, warm tones. The task of color - to give the bedroom a light, romantic mood.

Designers use brown, white, beige, sand, gray, black, silver, gold. Pink, burgundy, yellow and other bright colors are added as accents.

There should be a few such inclusions.

To create a single space, it is important to harmoniously choose the colors of finishes, furniture and textiles. If the goal is to pay attention to the furniture, the walls, ceiling and windows should not interrupt the saturation of the filling room.

If you want to focus on the window and door stained glass, everything else is aged in a muted calm range. Different colors are used to zone the bedroom, but they are consonant with each other.


There are no special requirements for furniture materials. Looks great items from natural materials:

  • tree (from solid oak, pine, other species);
  • metal (necessarily forged, carved elements);
  • glass;
  • ceramics.

Furniture can be varnished with colorless composition, white lacquer or other shades.

A standard set of bedroom furniture is a bed, bedside tables, a mirror, a dressing table, a chest of drawers or a wardrobe. The number of items depends on the size of the bedroom, it should not be cluttered.

Items are purchased separately, ordered according to individual drawings, or you can purchase a comfortable Italian modular bedroom.

All furniture should be with smooth outlines, without sharp corners, with asymmetrical backs, fancy shapes.Items are complemented by original decor: expressive patterns, stained glass windows, floral ornaments.


In the decoration of the bedroom there is one rule - excessive brightness is prohibited. Decorative elements define the concept of the room, fill it with comfort and warmth.

Items made of porcelain (figurines), wood (frames, floor and wall clocks), glass (vases, dishes, mirrors), metal (bronze candlesticks), textiles (curtains, pillows, capes) will be good accessories.

The style is emphasized by fancy lamps on the bedside tables, a mirror with a carved frame over the dressing table, paintings by modern artists on the walls, and stained glass painting on glass surfaces.

Beautiful photos of the interior

Bedroom in the style of "Modern" - a room with a beautiful, elegant design, which sets up for relaxation and rest. The following selection of photos will show how the style is embodied in design projects.

Bright, cozy room with an abundance of decor - a true modernism in its classical sense. It harmoniously combines all the furnishings - wooden furniture is made in the same style, the color scheme of light shades and smooth,original lines of headboards. The bed is highlighted with a floral motif on the wall, and a stained-glass window is on the door’s glass.

This bedroom is made in a monochrome contrasting range, which emphasizes the refinement of the interior. The walls are decorated with stucco, creating the desired texture of surfaces. All furniture is covered with a soft cloth, and on the bedside tables there are small stylish lamps.

Elegant room with carved wooden furniture in muted neutral tones. Despite the clear contours of the bedside cabinets and the wardrobe, they fit perfectly into the modern style. A special charm to the interior is added by a large window and paintings with a floral theme.

The bedroom on this photo has incorporated the best trends of modernity. These are expensive furniture with carved elements, a glass table on curved legs, huge arched windows that lead to the terrace, a visual selection of the bed using drywall, original lamps mounted into the wall, and a pleasant, pistachio-brown and beige color palette.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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