Bedroom in the style of "Provence"

The existence of a huge number of various styles can sometimes be misleading, since it can be quite difficult to decide, especially when it comes to the design of bedrooms.

The bedroom should be the place where it is pleasant to be, you can easily relax and unwind, so not every stylistic decision will be appropriate and harmonious.

Designers advise to pay attention to the style of "Provence", which will not leave indifferent any person. Soft shades, combined with elegant patterns and laced details, will help to create a unique atmosphere of comfort and ease in any bedroom.

Special features

Provence - this name is a cozy corner in the south of France, in honor of which this style was named, which is not surprising, since its beginning was laid there. It is French villages that have an incredible charming charm, which is laid in the basics of this style.

Let us consider in more detail what inspired the creation of the Provence style, its main features and characteristics:

  • The most striking characteristic of this style is the predominance of warm colors in the color palette. Soft tones, light colors and soft shadows are welcome.
  • The use of decorative finishing plaster is welcomed.which is often used to create a textured surface on the walls.
  • Use mostly natural materials, which contain the minimum amount of synthetic fibers or they are not contained at all. The natural texture of both finishing materials and decor is also welcomed.
  • Furniture, decorated with the effect of antiquity. Beautifully look various furniture parts with decorative carvings, scuffs and a slight effect peeling paint.
  • Use as a decoration of various plant elements: fresh flowers or dried flower buds, herbariums from leaves and herbs, which can be easily created by hand.
  • In addition, various porcelain and ceramic decorative figures are used as decor. The main condition - they must be subtle in shape and have a pleasant light shade.
  • Very often in the style of "Provence" for the decoration of the ceiling used large wooden beams, whitewashed or painted white.
  • For interior decoration is very often used forged and cast elements, bringing to the atmosphere notes of romance.
  • Various details decorated with sewing are welcome. (embroidered napkins, pillowcases or paintings) and ruffles (bedspread, sheets, curtains and duvet covers).
  • As for the decor of any fabric interior details, neat floral prints with small plant images are welcome. Large and overly bright flowers will stand out from a single stylistic idea.

Varieties of style

Gradually, the Provence ceased to be part of the interior of exclusively village houses in France and became much more widespread.

To date, this style has several varieties, the distinctive features of which, although they are not strongly pronounced, still allow us to distinguish between the types:

  • French “Provence” is a kind of classic of country style of old France. It contains all the basic elements that characterize this stylistic idea.The main features of this style have already been mentioned above, but it is worth recalling that this is the predominance of soft shades, natural materials and floral-openwork decor. Sometimes, the true style of "Provence" is too romantic and airy, and not everyone will have such lightness in the interior to taste.

Many fashion designers seek to combine it with elements of the classical style, while receiving absolutely incredible interiors.

  • Floral prints of different sizes will be very well combined. The classics are characterized by the use of elegant, but large images of flowers, and the Provence allows only a small floral print. The combination of these features looks quite nice and stylish, but do not overdo it, because too many drawings can make the interior tasteless and sloppy.
  • Classics are characterized by the use of luxurious expensive furniture with pretentious elements of decor. It is quite easy to add pieces of furniture with light notes of “Provence”; it is enough just to add decorative effects of aging, decorating wooden details with scuffs and openwork carvings.In addition, the classic is characterized by the use of heavy materials with a velvet or velor surface, which in the style of "Provence" can hardly find a place for itself, since its foundations involve the use of lighter natural materials. But there is a way out - you can use dense fabrics of light shades with a light floral pattern. So the materials will look easier.
  • Modern Provence is much more restrained than its original appearance, inspired by the lavender fields of the French outskirts. In the modern variation of this style, floral prints are less noticeable, the openwork carving is more subtle, and the forged details are even more elegant. Sometimes the American country style “Country” is confused with the “Provence” style, and although there are quite a few similarities between them, they are still completely different. "Provence" refers to the rustic style, but it is more refined and delicate than its other varieties. But the American variety of rustic style allows the use of fireplaces and wooden beams, which may be part of the "Provence".

Among the differences can be noted the predominance of decorative elements in the colors of the American flag and textiles, decorated in the style of "Patchwork".

Design and decoration

Small bedroom in the style of "Provence" - what could be more comfortable? But the interior in this style can be not only in the country, but also in the framework of the most ordinary city apartment. Yes, there may be problems with the creation of decorative wooden beams on the ceiling, but otherwise there are no difficulties. Of course, in the design of the bedroom in a country house has its advantages, for example, the creation of an interior with a French window, which offers views of the garden beauty or a cozy backyard. In such a room, the window is the central part of the interior.

But the arrangement of the room with this type of window is possible only on the lower floors of the house. But in a room under the roof can accommodate quite a cozy attic in the style of "Provence". Decor with dry flowers, nice looking shades of wallpaper and textiles, sunlight streaming from skylights - all this looks incredibly beautiful and disposes to a comfortable rest.

It will look very beautiful bedroom in the style of "Provence" in a wooden house. Typically, the construction of such houses ceiling beams are already present, so there will be no problems in decorating the ceiling. If the walls are decorated with any wood building or finishing materials, it will be enough just to paint them in a pleasant light shade, and trifles will help to create an atmosphere of Provencal comfort.

A small room for a teenage girl, designed in the style of "Provence", will be the beginning of raising a child’s love of everything beautiful and developing a refined sense of style. In addition, any girl will be delighted with such an environment, resembling a dollhouse, increased in size. For convenience and functionality of the room, compact modular furniture will become an excellent equipment. It contains a lot of storage compartments, makes a complete picture of the interior and does not take up too much space. We remind you that it is accepted to call modular furniture complete sets consisting of storage systems and bed frames.

As part of the Provencal style, furniture from the array, which, by the way, looks more natural and natural, will look no less relevant and beautiful. Especially well this option of filling the bedroom will fit into the interior of a country cottage.

Color solutions

The style "Provence" implies the use of natural colors in soft light shades. Let us consider in more detail the most common shades that are present in the design of bedrooms in this style:

  • The white bedroom, although it has a place to be, will still look somewhat dull and a bit dull, so you need to add at least some bright colors. For example, to preserve the natural color of the ceiling beams and to choose furniture to match them, adding color pillows and textiles to the interior.
  • Looks more interesting lavender bedroom. It is worth noting that this shade is the most common in creating the style of "Provence". But you should not overdo it with too bright shades, it is better to dilute the interior with more pale tones of this color.
  • Blue quite acceptable for a bedroom in this stylebut one should not use too bright hues and natural shades of this color - they will be out of place. Soft light blue tones will do. Bed linen and curtains of this color will look very nice.
  • Snow is considered to be one of the shades of blue, although it is also referred to as varieties of white. And in fact, the color is predominantly white, but it has a light bluish undertone, giving the shade a certain charm. The snow bedroom will look incredibly beautiful and fresh and will fit perfectly into the framework of the Provence style.
  • Perfectly suited and colors belonging to the class of nude shades: cream, sand, beige. These shades will look beautiful on furniture surfaces, as well as patterns on bedding. It is also possible to use a natural brown shade, which is often painted ceiling beams and other elements of wood.
  • Refresh the interior and add a touch of lightness will help light lemon shade. A drop of muted bright tone will help to highlight the area of ​​the window and add a little more light and heat to the room. But do not use a bright lemon tone, it is permissible only in the form of decorative flowers.
  • Natural green shades look greatwhich are most often used as an interior supplement, but quite rarely are its main part.Mostly applied natural grassy shade, menthol and mint tone. Light patterns and ornaments of emerald hue, placed on the surface of textiles, are also allowed.

Furniture and accessories

The interior consists not only of the decoration of the walls, the ceiling and the floor of the room. The integral component is the furniture filling. Let us consider in more detail what pieces of furniture are necessary in the Provence style bedroom, and also talk about accessories that bring a greater comfort atmosphere to the room:

  • A chest of drawers can rightly be called an integral part of each bedroom, because it is the most suitable and acceptable option for storing bed linen and other bedding. A practical, roomy chest of drawers in a light shade with a slightly aged surface can also be used as a stand for small things and a vase with flowers.
  • A small dressing table with a mirror in the openwork frame hanging on the wall will perfectly fit into the bedroom in this style. The table and the rim of the mirror should be in the same style, be it a cast version, or woody - with an aged surface.As a rule, the legs of the table also have decor in the form of openwork carving.
  • If the bedroom is also a functional working room, it is necessary to equip it with such an attribute of furniture as a desk. It is best to opt for a neat mini-version, so as not to clutter up the room and without much need not to occupy free space.
  • Cabinets are also a necessary component of each bedroom, especially in the absence of a dressing room. It should be chosen neat, compact models of cabinets, which are quite spacious, but do not take up much space in the room. Light shades, aged surface and decorative carvings are necessary conditions when choosing.
  • As for the bookcases in the style of "Provence" - they look more elegant and refined. Glass doors do not just give the room a certain charm and mystery, opening up the view to the inner contents, but are also part of the visual expansion of the room.
  • As accessories that complement the interior of the room, very often various mini-dressers are used, serving as supports for decorations and cosmetics, various kinds of paintings with decorative frames, as well as textiles - curtains, furniture covers, pillows and bedspreads.


Decorating the bedroom in the appropriate style and choosing the right furniture accompaniment is not the end of the work, you need to add various little things that do not just complement the interior, but are its final part. Decorate a beautiful bedroom in the style of "Provence" will help a lot of decorative elements and textile accessories. Let's take a closer look at how to decorate a room, which interior items to choose and how to make one or another decor object with your own hands.

You can make small decorative elements with your own hands. For example, you can make quite a nice picture frame in this style, which will be an easy and elegant addition to the bedroom interior. Let us consider in more detail how to decorate a completely ordinary frame at home.

For this you will need:

  • Acrylic varnish for surface treatment.
  • Acrylic white paint.
  • Big brush with a hard pile.
  • White wax candle.
  • The frame itself is made of raw wood.
  • Sandpaper moderate hardness.

The work takes place in several stages, each of which has its own characteristics:

  1. Getting started, it is necessary to remove from the frame all the additional components - the glass and the back wall.
  2. Then you need to smear the edges of the frame with a wax candle, to further create a decorative aged object.
  3. The next stage of work will be staining. White paint should be applied with neat strokes in a thick layer.
  4. After painting the frame should dry out well.
  5. After drying, the frame must be processed with sandpaper. In places where the paint is laid on top of wax, decorative scuffs are formed, due to which the effect of antiquity is created.
  6. The final stage of the work will be coating the product with acrylic varnish.

You can get acquainted with the process of making such a frame in more detail in the next video.

In addition, textile objects can be made with one's own hand, not just in the same color range, but components of a single composition, since the same fabric will be used to make them.

The composition can be composed as follows:

  • Curtains + bedspread + pillows.
  • Table napkins + textile overhead cushions for chairs + curtains.
  • Cover or sofa cover + decorative napkin on the chest of drawers.
  • Curtains + chair covers.

In addition, you can personally decorate wooden furniture, following the example of working with a frame.


Of course, before decorating a room in a particular style, everyone wants to study in more detail all the pros and cons of their possible choices. And what, if not reviews of other people will help to make the most complete picture, covering even the smallest aspects that few people think about.

Reviews of bedrooms in the style of "Provence" are mostly positive. A light, spacious room can hardly cause negative emotions. Many people point out that in such a bedroom it’s not just easy to fall asleep and get a full body recovery, but it’s also quite nice to wake up, starting your day with a smile and positive emotions.

Among the negative reviews, the most common cause of discontent is the abundance of light shades, which are quite impractical and are very quickly contaminated. And if it is simple to bring textiles and furniture into a pristine look, then the walls and ceiling will have to be decorated anew, which will entail unanticipated expenditure of funds. But with proper treatment and maintenance of cleanliness in the room, the bedroom in the style of "Provence" has only one advantage.

Beautiful photos of the interior

  • The very stylish and sophisticated interior of the bedroom has a bright detail that immediately attracts attention - thick white textile curtains with decor in the form of bright but small colors. In addition, this bedroom is characterized by an abundance of other decorative elements, namely: a set of small frames with pictures and photographs placed all over the upper part of the wall in the area above the headboard.
  • Incredibly beautiful bright bedroom, the central element of which is the insertion on the walls of light-colored wallpaper with a small floral pattern. On the bed there is a bright bedspread, the design of which is chosen as close as possible to the picture on the wallpaper, thanks to which the interior looks like a single composition. The bed is complemented by two side tables, one of which has a vase with bright colors. Complement the interior with plain curtains and wall sconces.
  • Very stylish and interesting interior of the bedroom in the style of "Provence" with light notes of classics. The bed is located in the area of ​​a small, semi-oval niche, in the depth of which the wall is decorated with floral print wallpapers, and the decor of the outer part is made using a single-color canvas.The bed and bedside pouf are decorated in a classic style, but the floral rim around the ceiling chandelier is pure Provence. An interesting element of the decor of the room is a metal frame mannequin of white color, representing something tender and feminine.
  • Sophisticated bedroom design in the best traditions of the Provencal outskirts. The predominance of lavender hue makes the room incredibly delicate, and the elements of white color slightly shade it. An unusual element of the decor is a canopy of fine mesh fabric, mounted above the bed in the ceiling area. To create a single picture of the interior, you can pick up tulle and canopy from the same fabric. In addition, a complete set consists of curtains, a seat on a chair, a bedspread and pillows on a bed made of dense white material with lilac bouquets.
  • A more modern interpretation of the bedroom in this style is presented in the form of an unusual room. Instead of light curtains, practical blinds are placed on the windows, and the ceiling is holistic, with no wooden beams, but with stucco in the area of ​​the chandelier.The bed is complemented by a floral bedspread and pillows, and in front of it are practical lockers and open bookshelves that are built into the wall.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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