Bedroom in the style of "Chebbi Chic"

 Chebbie Chic Bedroom

Shabby chic ("shabby" chic) ​​- a style that has recently become fashionable in the design of apartments. Cozy, careless, bohemian, artsy, but comfortable and cute, it will suit romantic natures, young girls and married couples. In this style, make all the home and individual rooms, for example, a bedroom.

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Features and characteristics of style

Homeland shabby chic - UK. In the 80s of the XX century, the British in the design of apartments used at the time popular minimalism. Designer R. Ashwell was bored with simplicity and conciseness - she decided to arrange housing in the best old traditions. This moment became the starting point in the history of shabby, worn chic (as the word "chebbi" is translated).

Ashewell bought antique furniture and home furnishings at flea markets, restored them and decorated them in accordance with the concept of “shabby bohemianism”. Gradually, the hobby turned into a business - there were buyers, and the style of "Chebbi Chic" firmly entrenched in art.

The basis of the style - old or new items, artificially aged. They bring the spirit of the time into the interior, evoke the memories of the holidays spent with the grandmother in the village, draw other pictures from the carefree childhood. This warmth distinguishes chebbi chic from other design techniques.

Shebbi has a number of features and characteristics that were formed at the dawn of his appearance:

  • Color spectrum. Its base is white. It should prevail in the interior. Addition to it are pastel, soft, muted tones - beige, cream, mint, pink. All colors are not flashy and calm, give peace and relax.
  • Special furniture - old or artificially aged. The advantage is that you do not need to spend fabulous money on new things. It is enough to purchase old items and carry out their restoration.New furniture, even if decorated in antiquity, will look inappropriate.
  • Romance in everything is the main motive of the chebbi. Many colors, plant motifs and ornaments on furniture and textiles.
  • Correct style combining all the details of the interior. Walls, ceiling, floor and furniture are performed in a single concept and color palette, eventually representing a single composition.
  • To the details - special and close attention. Designers advise to decorate furniture and small furnishings with their own hands.

The listed features characterize the chebbi chic as an independent, original style that fits into the bedroom.

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Finishing materials and colors

Shabby chic involves the use of natural materials, so for decoration designers use wood, from textiles - cotton and linen. Such materials create a unique atmosphere of naturalness and breath of nature.

The tree can be sheathed completely the whole room or selectively trim several planes by mixing the texture of the finishing materials. The ceiling can be mounted (necessarily matte, it creates the effect of faded white), beams can be attached to the ceiling, if the height allows, lay the floor with light wood.

No need to take perfectly smooth wood.Abrasions, roughness and defects will make the appearance as close as possible to the natural. It is better to refuse ceramic tiles, linoleum and laminate in the bedroom. As for rugs, you should choose handmade items (woven carpets).

The walls are painted white, a rough finish is welcome (imitation of cracked old paint, butchered plaster). Textured wallpaper or smooth with a delicate floral print will do.

The color scheme is limited. It is preferable to use white, on its background the other shades and design will stand out favorably. Used dusty rose, sand, mint, creme brulee. Pastel palette allows you to focus on the ancient decoration, as if space and objects burned out in the sun.

Choosing and placing furniture

In the style of "Chebbi chic" attention is paid to the furniture and its placement. Light negligence is allowed here, which contributes to a vintage flavor.

Refined elegance with a touch of time - this is how the ideological orientation of the choice of furniture is characterized. Not everyone is able to find a real antique,Therefore, designers have found a simple way out - to buy old things and restore them.

The bedroom will need the following furniture:

  • the bed is the central element of the room. It can be wooden or metal with a forged headboard;
  • chest of drawers;
  • chic sideboard of different sizes - from miniature to huge. This thing was popular in the 70s-90s of the 20th century, but the chebbi still has its relevance. One condition - the doors must be aged;
  • dressing table. A table with patterns, a large mirror in an old frame looks bright;
  • upholstered furniture - a sofa, armchairs, chairs;
  • wicker furniture - table, rocking chair;
  • Experiment lovers can add a fireplace that will create extra comfort and warmth.
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The arrangement of furniture depends on the taste of the decorator and the configuration of the room. Most often, the bed is placed on the wall, the sides are placed on the other items - bedside tables, drawers, dressers.

If the area allows, the room is mentally divided into two parts - a sleeping area (bed) and a rest area (a table with chairs).

Decor and lighting

The lighting system is an important component of the style. Its main element is a large chandelier in the middle of the ceiling.Chandelier should reflect the time and be aged. This will emphasize glass and crystal elements, openwork curls, lamps in the form of candles.

In addition to the chandelier, lamps are added, taking up space on the dresser, cabinet, table.

Table lamps with fabric shades - a find on the flea markets. You can not miss the chance to get such a thing. It will give the interior integrity and complete look.

Shebbi loves muffled light, soft and enveloping. From the abundance of lamps and other light sources should be abandoned. The optimal layout of the lighting fixtures is in the center of a large chandelier and dotted floor lamps.

Shabby chic is unthinkable without textiles. In decorating the bed do not adhere to minimalism: a lot of pillows of different sizes, blankets, bedspreads. It is not necessary to make them in a single color scheme. But you should listen to the general concept of style: choose fabrics of soft colors, with faded floral prints or patterns. Pillows are placed at the head of the bed in several rows, giving the design an airy effect.

Curtains in the bedroom are selected from cotton, linen, chintz.The more natural the fabric, the more colorful the interior looks as a whole.

Textile variety - the basis of the bedroom. No need to buy expensive materials. The main combination of textures - lightweight fabrics with coarse sacking will create a unique accent of antiquity and scuffing.

For wall decoration designers advise to pay attention to the panels and vintage photos. All the trinkets and cute little things with history - the necessary accessories for the bedroom in the style of "Chebbi Chic."

Ideas in the interior

Any piece of furniture for the bedroom in the style of "bohemian wear" can be made by hand.

Decoupage - one of the most popular and affordable methods of decorating surfaces and things.

For decoupage a small wooden table will need a number of tools and materials that are sold in many hardware, construction and art stores:

  • emery paper of different grit, if possible - a grinding machine (with its help, work on surface preparation for the decor is carried out faster);
  • multi-sized tassels made of artificial lint;
  • acrylic paint (not enamel) beige;
  • special glue and napkins for decoupage with floral patterns corresponding to shebbi bling;
  • colorless matt varnish;
  • putty and trowel.

The algorithm for decoupage a table includes several stages.

  • The first stage is preparatory. By means of an emery paper of large grain or a grinder the top layer of a product is removed. The sanding is necessary so that the subsequent decoration is stronger “grabbed” with the surface of the table. After the thing is thoroughly cleaned of dust, it is inspected for potholes, cracks, chips. If any, they must be puttied and allowed to dry.
  • Next, the table is primed with acrylic paint, all elements are stained, there should not be a single unpainted area. The paint is applied in two layers with intermediate full drying.
  • After sandpaper formed scuffs. To do this, you need to walk the paper with pressure on the surface of the object so that the layer of beige paint is slightly erased, exposing the dark base.
  • The second stage is decoration. A special napkin is glued to the designated places for the patterns (drawing) with decoupage glue. The napkin has three layers. Only the top layer with the pattern is important, it is thin and requires accuracy. The napkin is glued from the center to the edge,smoothes in the same direction to avoid bubbles. The time for drying, for each glue, is indicated by the manufacturer on the label.
  • The last stage - varnishing. Matt varnish protects the product from external influences and will give a finished look. The number of layers is at least ten, each layer is thoroughly dried.

To bring such an idea to life is not difficult - all materials are available, and the techniques are not difficult even for a beginner in the works. But the main thing is that such hand-made things make the basis of a unique and cozy chic chebbi.

See the following video for a master class on decoupage.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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