Bedrooms in dark colors

 Bedrooms in dark colors

The bold design of the room in dark colors is most often addressed by creative people who prefer non-standard solutions in the interior. You should not think that the dark bedroom will look gloomy and boring. If you choose the right furniture, decoration materials and decor items, then the result will be a very stylish and attractive ensemble.

Room Features

Most often for the design of a bedroom, people choose light shades of decoration and furniture. This is due to the prevalence of such design decisions and their simplicity. Make a harmonious light interior under the force of each person.

However, if you want to decorate the room in a more original way, then you should turn to dark colors. With such colors you need to be careful that the interior does not turn out gloomy and monotonous. Fortunately, today in the stores of building materials and furniture stores you can meet a huge range of products, with the help of which you can easily create a beautiful and organic atmosphere.

Dark tones look great in many styles. They can be used in both strict classical and popular modern interiors. The dark atmosphere must be complemented by various attractive elements. It can be spectacular furniture with glossy surfaces, colorful decorative elements that serve as bright accents or just contrasting objects.

Especially well this design will look in a small room. Dark decoration will create a visual effect of a more spacious room, if you choose the right finishing materials, as well as correctly position the pieces of furniture and decorative components.

Many people opt for the dark design of the bedroom, because with it you can create a mysterious and intimate atmosphere.

Colors and options for their use

If you do not want to make a gloomy and depressive atmosphere, then you should pay special attention to the color combinations in the room. So, in the role of bright accents can be the details of a fresh white color.

This classic color will attract a lot of attention, diluting the dark walls and the floor.

Contrasting shades

The design of the room, decorated in sharply contrasting colors, will look original.. As a rule, in such ensembles there are no smooth color transitions. It can be a bright combination of black and white or dark red wall. This design of the sleeping area is necessary to visually preserve the spaciousness in the room and create a harmonious peace, coming from the black wall.

To emphasize the softness and depth of the dark colors, you can refer to the drawings on the curtains of a suitable style, beautiful bedding and other harmonious pieces of furniture. But a room in the style of an old black and white film will look unfinished if it is not diluted with elements of more saturated colors. For example, these could be interesting details of blueberry, carrot, pink,light blue or light green.

Often, the owners turn to a contrasting black and white design, as it is simple and affordable. But even in such elementary colors there should be appropriate patterns that bring notes of originality to the simple interior.

Accent wall

Original and attractive in a dark interior will look accent wall. Especially often to such design techniques are addressed in the design of black and dark gray rooms. This part of the room can be made in a contrast or neutral color.

Most often, accent walls are located in certain areas of the room. This may be the space behind the bed, dresser or dressing table.

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Brown shades

You can create a cozy and attractive interior using shades of brown in the decoration. For example, against the background of dark brown walls you will look harmoniously with a light wooden bed, complemented with cream or caramel linens. For such a setting is nice warm lighting, softening and warming dark space.

Dark blue shades

Fashionable and beautiful interior can be made up in a dark blue room. In such rooms harmoniously look bright floor and ceiling. Contrasting pieces of furniture and decorations of white color can be put against the background of blue wall decoration.

Combination of tones

The interior of a dark bedroom will be more harmonious and attractive if it is diluted with suitable tones:

  • So, classic black can be combined with dark gray, lemon and dark cream color. If you prefer sharper color tandems, then the dark colors can be combined with a contrasting white, beige and light cream tint.
  • Dark blue color will be in harmony with the juicy coral, soft purple and snow-white shade in the interior.
  • Today, dark rooms in a natural way are very popular. For such environments, it is recommended to choose brown, swamp, pistachio, dark beige and gray-beige tones of decoration.

Choosing furniture

Everyone knows that the main element of the bedroom is the bed. Based on the design of this item, you should select the rest of the furniture:

  • On the background of black and dark gray walls will look impressive things of light colors.
  • If the interior is light, then black and dark furniture in such conditions will look not only elegant, but also incredibly fashionable and expensive.
  • In the dark brown bedroom furniture can be placed in soft and warm colors. It is better to refuse too harsh and catchy contrasts, otherwise the room risks becoming uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

Furniture of a particular style must be selected in accordance with the basic style of the bedroom.


Lighting plays an important role in the dark interior of the bedroom. As light sources you can use:

  • the main chandelier;
  • built-in ceiling lights;
  • table lamps near the bed;
  • floor lamps and beautiful sconces.

In the dark bedroom you can place refined candles in beautiful candlesticks. With the help of these details it will not be possible to illuminate a large area, but it will turn out to create an intimate and romantic atmosphere.

Design tricks

Experienced designers use the following techniques in the process of interior design:

  • Complement the dark bedrooms with lacquered furniture. With the help of them you can give the room unobtrusive chic and shine.
  • Experts say that in the dark bedrooms you need to place a large number of mirrors. Such details will perform not only their main function, but also become spectacular objects of decor.
  • It is not recommended to complement such interiors with heavy curtains, detracting from natural light. It is better to turn to beautiful options with contrasting patterns or prints.

The best interior design ideas

Let us consider in more detail some beautiful interiors of bedrooms in dark colors:

  • Against the background of black walls, white ceiling and milk laminate, a trendy bed with a rectangular gray headboard and dull blue bedding will find its place, as well as a gray chair near a pale blue vanity with a high mirror. The interior should be finished with curved bedside lamps, a small gray carpet, a light painting over the headboard and purple curtains.
  • In a stylish dark brown bedroom with black laminate flooring and a white ceiling, you can place a dark brown double bed with light bedding.and in front of her a double fabric sofa.Such an interior should be supplemented with high floor lamps, a fleecy carpet of gray tint, as well as light curtains and dark curtains on the windows.
  • In a small room you can create a stylish contrasting interior. To do this, against the background of black walls, dark gray floor and white ceiling, you should put a cozy white double bed and place dark bedside tables near it. You can complete the decor with a wall mirror, small black-and-white paintings, light Roman curtains and bed linen with lace inserts.
  • On the background of gray-beige walls, gray floor and white ceiling will find its place black double bed with dull gray linens, black dresser and black leather ottoman in the center of the room. Such a gloomy ensemble should be completed with a beautiful ceiling chandelier with transparent curls or curved lines, bright paintings on the walls with black frames, gray-black floor carpet and a rectangular mirror over the chest of drawers.
  • A black double bed with pillows and a white headboard can be placed opposite the black accent wall. White bedside tables with yellow lamps will find their place near the bed. Above the bed will look harmoniously picture with juicy still life. The window in this bedroom can be supplemented with heavy black curtains against the background of translucent curtains.
  • Diversify the white bedroom can be a dark bed with purple linens, a brown dressing table; and a black dresser and coffee table opposite the bed. Complete the ensemble with photographs and fresh flowers in vases on the bedside tables and tables.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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