Bedroom in oriental style

The bedroom is the coziest place in any home. It is intended for a quiet intimate rest of the owners of the house, and outsiders never enter it. Therefore, more often than not, the design of this room is created at the behest of your soul, choosing the style that will contribute to the enjoyment of a night’s rest in a quiet space of bliss and comfort.

Bedroom, decorated in oriental style, will be exactly the place where you can plunge into the gentle peace of magical sleep.

Design features

At the present time, bedrooms in the eastern, Arabic style have really become very popular. They are distinguished by external magnificence, wealth and pomp of decoration. Oriental flavor fascinates and attracts. Exquisite, elegant, decor, makes such a bedroom mysterious and truly fabulous. Representatives of the fair half of humanity are especially prone to choosing this style, because many women dream of creating a cozy corner,associated with a thousand and one nights mysterious Scheherazade.

Creating an oriental-style bedroom requires large spaces and high ceilings. If you are going to choose this design, it is worth weighing the pros and cons. It is also worth considering the main differences of Oriental style in the interior:

  • floor covering with natural stone tiles;
  • wall covering with high-quality decorative plaster;
  • arched windows and doors;
  • a large number of handmade carpets;
  • a lot of drapes from velvet and silk;
  • solid natural wood furniture with elements of carving and painting;
  • household items and decor, emphasizing the oriental style.

Most often for decoration in the oriental style, the colors of the red and blue gamut are used - with a predominance of colder shades. Those who prefer to design only a warm palette, experts recommend the use of sand or apricot shades. Having added gold paint to the interior design, it is also possible to increase the oriental flavor, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Gold color is recommended as an additional to the main one.

In the partner colors you can choose white, silver or pearl. An important detail of the classic Oriental style is decorating the walls in the same key with the ceiling, so that they constitute a single indestructible composition. As a rule, the ceiling in the eastern bedroom is painted in blue, seeking association with the sky. At the same time, multi-level ceilings decorated with intricate painting or carving look great.

Very important details in the design of the walls in the bedroom are a variety of niches with smooth lines, which also make at different levels. Subsequently, in these recesses are placed the obligatory attributes of the Oriental style - weapons, lamps, large flowerpots, gilded dishes, inlaid boxes and other trifles, without which it is impossible to create a magical atmosphere of the East.

The floor in the bedroom is always carpeted with carpets, which not only warm, but also perform a decorative function, enhancing the general atmosphere of softness and relaxing bliss.


Oriental style requires that all pieces of furniture be impressive sizes.It does not allow the use of plastic, as well as substitutes - all furniture should be made only from natural wood. It can be trimmed with mother of pearl and richly decorated with intricate carvings. In a spacious room it will look better furniture from dark woods. In a smaller room it is better to choose light or combined furniture, but the emphasis should still be made on bright colors.

When choosing a bed for an Oriental-style room, remember that it should be wide, with a big beautiful headboard (and not too high on the legs). No matter how big your bed is, it should not occupy the entire space of the room. It is very important that there is enough free space to accommodate the necessary accessories and easy movement.

If you are used to sleeping in high beds, you can get out of the situation by placing a bed on a special elevated catwalk. The most important symbol in the design of a pleasant and oriental mysterious resting place is, of course, a canopy, and not a single Muslim bedroom can do without it. This attribute will not only decorate your bed, but also give it a special comfort, intimacy, ensuring a sweet and restful sleep throughout the night.

In addition, indoor drapery is recommended., through which it is easy to hide flaws in the design and make the atmosphere softer and more charming. When choosing textiles, pay special attention to its color and texture. To create a fabulous atmosphere of the East in the design fit translucent silk fabrics and soft velvet, bright rich colors.

If you are not too limited in cash to emphasize the atmosphere, you can use more expensive brocade for draping. It is very important to correctly choose a bedspread on the bed. Since the bed occupies a considerable space of the room and attracts views to itself, its decoration should fit very harmoniously into the overall atmosphere of the style.

Probably one of the main differences between the eastern interior and the European style is the absence of wardrobes for storing various things. Instead, for storage of clothes they use various chests of drawers, cabinets in the form of caskets and spacious chests.

Important details of oriental style

To complete the image of an oriental fairy tale in your bedroom, you just need to fill the interior with classic Arab household items.Bronze and also copper are used most often to make objects that decorate the furnishings of oriental design (lamps with carved lampshades, large floor vases, wall dishes). In second place for use in the eastern interior are products made of clay and ceramics, decorated with traditional painting.

In the bedrooms of Muslims there is always a large wall mirror, preferably in an expensive gilded or carved frame made of natural wood. You can decorate the walls with paintings, always in the same expensive frames.

For oriental design also it is characteristic to decorate a room with a variety of decorative pillows of various sizes and colorswhich can lie not only on the bed, but also on the pedestals, on the dresser. Sometimes they will be appropriate even on the floor. The main thing is to select all accessories by color (either by adhering to the same color spectrum, or by playing on the contrast of colors - to create certain accents in the design). It would be nice if you place soft ottomans in the bedroom or a small sofa with low legs.

The final touch of the Arabian flavor in your bedroom will be fragrances and incense., characteristic of the inhabitants of the East, which they use as aromatherapy. With the help of certain essential oils you can create a wonderful atmosphere, feeling like a real queen or sultan. But the main thing here is to abide by the measure so that too exciting aromas do not interfere with a good and full night’s sleep.

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Even more secrets to create oriental style, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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