Choosing a closet in the bedroom

 Choosing a closet in the bedroom

Storage of things is almost the main problem of comfortable living in any room. And the storage of things in the bedroom and at all can be a problem in the absence of appropriate specially designed space. To store things in the bedroom properly, you must select the appropriate cabinet. Let us consider in more detail which models are most successful, which are more spacious and practical, as well as compact wardrobes for small bedrooms.


There are many types of cabinets and each of them has its own features, disadvantages and advantages. Undoubtedly, for an error-free choice, it is necessary to carefully examine absolutely all the characteristics of a particular model, and in particular its shortcomings:

  • Embedded. Recessed cabinets look very neat and sophisticated, which are not a separate piece of furniture, but a functional element of the interior, built into the wall. The fact is that this type of cabinet is located directly in the wall itself. To place it, it is necessary to create a special niche or light stubbing of the walls. In addition, you can place it in the entire wall, which will be much easier - you need to leave inside the space required for the shelves and install compartment doors at some distance from the wall.

The built-in wardrobe, though it has a lot of advantages, still has one significant drawback - it can not be moved when making a permutation in the room. Therefore, to think over its location is necessary more carefully than the location of any other type of cabinet.

  • A variety of built-in cabinets is a hidden model, the main distinctive feature of which is a special door decor. They can be a neutral shade, merging with the color of the walls,and can be decorated in a special way, adapting to the decoration of the room and not standing out against the background of the walls.
  • Corpus. Cabinet cabinets are more common and familiar, although they are a more cumbersome option than built-in models. For cabinet cabinets can be attributed to any kind consisting of furniture panels and having a clear frame.
  • Bedside cabinets they are quite widespread, since they are very functional: you can store as various bedding and underwear, books, and other personal items. In addition, bedside cabinets are often part of a set of furniture for the bedroom, so the room will be decorated in the same style. Part of these sets are often wall-mounted cabinets, which are located above the bed.

Such models can be equipped with doors, and can be made in the form of a body with shelves and sides, but without closing elements, which, in turn, is not entirely practical, since it contributes to the appearance of a huge amount of dust.

  • Modular furniture It is also a fairly common type of corps.Modular cabinets are products consisting of different compartments that are not fastened to each other. Parts of the modular cabinet can be interchanged with each other, giving it a completely different look. Usually, among the parts of a modular cabinet, there are high narrow compartments - cabinets, which are called canisters. Most often, these types of cabinets are equipped with shelves and are designed to store clothes folded.
  • In the bedroom there may be a wardrobe, which, of course, is not suitable for storing clothes, but will fit perfectly into the interior, replacing any other bookcase. This type of cabinet is good for storing various small accessories and decorative items.
  • Wardrobe wardrobe is quite suitable for storing clothes in a rather spacious bedroom. This type is characterized by massive size, sturdy construction, convenient location of shelves and compartments. This type of cabinet will also be an ideal option for storage in the bedroom, in the country or in a country house. The chiffonier can stand on the floor on special supports, leaving little space under it, and can be made in the form of a model with legs.In this case, there is a space under the cabinet that can be reasonably used, for example, for storing any items packed in beautiful, compact boxes.


Cabinets differ not only in type, but also in form, as well as the way they are placed indoors. Let us consider in more detail the most unusual forms of cabinets and features of their location relative to other components of the room:

  • An unusual option are round cabinetswhich it is not always reasonable to place close to the wall. Round cabinets, most often, are the central part of the room, or at least have a location somewhat remote from the wall. Place the product of this form can only be in a large, spacious bedroom.
  • Unlike round, rounded cabinet It has a flat back wall or even an angle designed for proper placement, so this model may well be located near the wall. Only the front part of the furniture - its doors - is semi-circular.
  • Looks very nice radius cabinetsthat will be a real find for any bedroom. Smooth, curved forms with visual perception contribute to the emergence of a feeling of lightness and have a good effect on rest, not only physical, but also emotional.It should be noted that the radial cabinets are quite long, so in a small room they will be slightly inappropriate.
  • Often the angular placement has cabinet trapezoid shape. It is a model with a flat front and sloping side. In addition, the cabinet-trapezoid can have a standard straight back wall and be located along a straight wall.
  • Corner wardrobe, it will be appropriate only in bedrooms equipped with dressing rooms, because it is very bulky and takes a lot of space. In the room the placement of such a product would be inappropriate and irrelevant even with large amounts of free space.
  • Less bulky is an L-shaped product, which when placed occupies only two walls. There are models equipped with doors only in the middle, and the rest of the space is presented in the form of shelves and is quite suitable for storing a large number of books and creating a personal library.
  • Not to mention about the cabinet standard, direct form. These models are made in the form of rectangles and can be placed in any part of the room.The main condition will be only a dense junction of the back of the cabinet to the wall.

The number and type of doors

One of the distinguishing features of different types of cabinets are doors - their shape, size, number and principle of operation.

Let us consider in more detail which doors are the most convenient, what is the advantage of each variety, as well as their main disadvantages:

  • The most common and most convenient type are compartment doors. Even the product itself with such doors bears the appropriate name - the wardrobe. The doors installed on special rollers move freely in different directions, opening up different compartments of the cabinet. This version of the door is most relevant for small bedrooms. It is worth noting that the closet can have a maximum of three leaves on rollers. Depending on the size of the cabinet, they can be wide or narrow, but a greater number of opening elements can cause some inconvenience in operation.
  • Plain double wardrobe with hinged doors It also takes place, but it requires a little more free space, because the doors open outwards and, if others are close to each other, they can be blocked, limiting access to the contents.Often there is also a four-winged version of the product with the same principle of operation of the doors. A single wardrobe with a hinged door is only relevant when it is part of a modular system. In other cases, it does not use relevance, because it has too little internal storage space.
  • The single-door wide model with a door - an accordion will be much more relevant. The doors of such cabinets open, folding in two or three parts, taking up much less space than the hinged version of the doors. In addition, these doors are quite acceptable for the manufacture of modular models. For example, a six-door or 8-door closet consisting of many narrow modules will be more comfortable and neat when fitted with doors that work on the principle of an accordion. Thus, the doors will open neatly without taking up too much outdoor space. Each door has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is necessary to choose them not only from personal preferences, but also from considerations of durability and durability.

Consider the pros and cons of each option on the example of a small comparative table.

Swing doors

Coupe doors

Doors accordion


  • The durability provided with quality of loops.
  • Wide view, thanks to the large corner of the plow.
  • Low cost.
  • Silent opening of doors and easy elimination of a squeak.
  • Have a beautiful decorative exterior trim.
  • Do not require additional external space.
  • Strong guides well hold the door, not allowing the canvases to fly.
  • They give a view of the closet to the closet.
  • The sizes of cloths are less, than at swing doors.
  • The floor covering and the lower part of the cabinet remain intact, since the installation is carried out exclusively in the upper part.
  • Comfortable and practical.


  • Requires additional outside space for opening.
  • The necessary part is the door handles.
  • The appearance of swing doors is not always attractive.
  • The cost is higher.
  • Steel guides are not able to provide the door a longer service life, fit only the more expensive aluminum.
  • Some models are not equipped with handles, and those that are available, can not be replaced, so you have to limit the development of the manufacturer.
  • Noises when opening.
  • The depth of the cabinet is somewhat trimmed, since some of the space is taken up by guides.
  • The canvas can walk and seem unstable due to the lack of lower guides.

Additional elements

Cabinets can have many elements as additional internal equipment, thanks to which they are more functional, roomy and practical. Due to the competent delimitation of space, this attribute of furniture can accommodate much more things, while maintaining internal order.

Lower compartments with drawers can be very useful and are quite suitable for storing underwear or bed linen, towels or socks. In addition, the boxes can be not only external, but also internal, presented in the form of metal baskets, fixed between the shelves. Some modular systems can be equipped with a niche for a TV, so the kit, like the whole interior, will look more holistic, providing a single picture. In addition, such a niche can have different heights, so you can choose the option that is right for you, for comfortable watching TV.

In some modular systems, such a niche can be obtained by placing narrow hanging shelves with a chest of drawers between the cabinets. Furniture attributes, selected in the same style, fit snugly together, forming the appearance of a single piece of furniture. A very useful addition to cabinets with hinged doors are mezzanines - the upper spacious shelves with separate doors. Models with mezzanines allow you to store, without occupying the main space of the cabinet, a sufficiently large number of things that are not essentials.

Of course, each such attribute of furniture in the bedroom should have a compartment with shelves, which involves storing items of clothing and linen in the folded state. It is best that the distance between the shelves is not too small, leaving space for more things and more convenient location of them.

Some models, which are part of the modular system, are equipped with a bedside table, on which a lamp, necessary objects at hand or a book for evening reading can be quite successfully placed.


Sometimes, it is not enough to simply enter the piece of furniture into the interior of the bedroom, subject to only one color gamut, it is also necessary to take care of the stylistic identity of the furniture attribute, which weighs heavily on its appearance. Let us consider in more detail which cabinets of styles are particularly popular and what each of them is typical for:

  • For a bedroom in a modern style you need an appropriate cabinet, so you should pay attention to the new-fangled designs of designers and the most popular new items. For the modern style, unusual solutions and the most non-standard models are typical. For example, cabinets, the compartment door of which are thin wooden slats, model with various prints in the style of pop art, drawings and popular inscriptions, bright details and non-standard forms of mirrors. Modern models are not limited to any one color palette, they are characterized by an abundance of bright colors.
  • Classic style is something more conservative and familiar. And the attributes of furniture in the classical style are sometimes luxury items that can afford not everyone, because for their decoration and manufacturing a lot of resources are spent and even manual work is used. Classic-style wardrobes, designed for the bedroom, as a rule, are made in soft, light colors.Often, the models have decorative legs and are decorated with openwork carvings with scuffs and light effects of silver and gilding.
  • Provence style cannot be confused with any other. Inspired by the outskirts of French villages, it includes sophisticated and elegant pieces of furniture that look delicate and even a little airy. A wardrobe in the style of "Provence" will be a real find for the bright bedroom of a teenage girl. Furniture attribute with a light color, as well as decorated with scuffs that create the effect of antiquity, will appeal not only to romantic girls, but also adult, feminine ladies.
  • For high-tech style the use of cabinets is characterized by several neutral shades, so the choice most often falls on gray, white and less often black shades. The style is characterized by light notes of minimalism, so the decor of the cabinet doors will be barely noticeable, without patterns and prints.
  • Cabinets in the style of "Modern" also have a touch of minimalism. Products are characterized by a predominance of barely visible light lines, light metallic shades and minimal decor. Fittings on the doors should be modern, but without the pretentiousness and volumetric elements.


In addition to the distinctive features described, the cabinets differ in size, depending on which piece of furniture will be relevant for a particular room. Consider the most popular cabinet sizes that are most popular.

For a small bedroom the most suitable option would be a small closet, since excessive cluttering will lead to the loss of the internal space of the room. Therefore, you should not choose too bulky furniture items for small spaces. A mini-wardrobe is quite suitable, which is a somewhat reduced version of the usual products. Model mini is not less functional, because it has exactly the same internal content. Difference from standard products can consist only in a little smaller capacity.

The height of the cabinet plays an important role. When building a built-in or hidden option can not be limited to - this view can be high, under the ceiling. Cabinet and modular cabinets of this height can be somewhat inconvenient, since problems may arise during assembly. As for the width - it is determined solely by the size of the bedroom itself.For small rooms, for example, narrow bedside models, the width of which is no more than 40 cm, are suitable. Such models will not stand out much. They protrude from behind the bed, forming small walls, but do not clutter up the surrounding space.

As the width, the length of the cabinet must match the area of ​​the room. For example, a large spacious bedroom allows the use of a large furniture attribute, the size of which varies in the area of ​​2000 - 3000 mm. Often, products with a length of 3 meters occupy space in the entire wall.

For small rooms, 170 cm is quite suitable length - enough to fill with the most necessary.

Facade materials and decor

For the manufacture of furniture attributes designed to store personal belongings in the bedroom, use a completely different materials.

Let us consider in more detail what caused this diversity and have any of them weighty drawbacks affecting the life of the product:

  • The cabinets made of solid pine are very high quality and durable. It is noteworthy that some models are sold without any processing, giving room for creativity and design in accordance with individual desires and needs.In this case, it is necessary to take maximum care to protect the wood from moisture and the appearance of parasites. To create embedded models, you may need to build a special drywall frame. In some rooms there are already ready niches, it will be enough just to increase them to the required size to form a spacious wardrobe inside.
  • In the manufacture of furniture of such a plan are very often used materials such as MDF, chipboard, fiberboard, chipboard. Let us consider in more detail the features and purpose of each of them, referring to the comparative table.





Special features

The plates are made of very fine chips, which have undergone additional processing.

Chipboard made from sawdust.

Fiberboard. Quite thin and very durable.

Laminated chipboard. It has all the same features as the classic, but has a laminated surface.


  • It is an environmentally friendly material.
  • Perhaps the use of fine processing.
  • The quality is not much different from the wood, but has a lower cost.
  • It has a high degree of moisture resistance.
  • It is relatively refractory.
  • In the material are well kept all sorts of attachment.
  • Low cost.
  • Pretty high degree of durability.
  • It has a low cost.
  • It is indispensable.
  • A wide range of colors and decorated coatings.
  • High degree of resistance to surface damage.
  • High degree of heat resistance.


In some cases, the softness of the material may be a disadvantage.

Use in the composition is not quite useful components, one of which is formaldehyde resin.

  • Very thin.
  • Limited range of use of the material.

Impossible fine processing of the fabric.


Suitable for the manufacture of cabinets with carved decorative elements.

Used for the manufacture of bases and frames cabinets, shelves, side walls and doors.

Not applicable for the manufacture of furniture frames and front parts of cabinets. The material is suitable only for the manufacture of the rear walls and the bottom of the drawers.

The material is intended for the manufacture of external frame and cabinet doors.

As a decoration, various materials are used, giving a glossy shine,as well as a mirror sheet, which will not only decorate the closet in the bedroom, but also give it a little more functionality.


The choice of color of the cabinet directly depends on the prevailing color range in the bedroom.

Despite all the differences of designers in the arrangement of interiors, everything still comes down to one thing - furniture and interior must be in harmony with each other:

  • For a dark bedroom, with an abundance of red and burgundy shades, a black wardrobe is suitable. The furniture attribute will not just successfully fit into the design, but will also peculiarly emphasize it, highlighting the ripe tones. It is best that the cabinet has a mirror or was made of a material with a glossy surface. Bright wardrobes can also quite well fit into bedrooms with a predominance of dark colors. For example, a white wardrobe will very well fit into the interior with dark gray walls, and beige will look harmoniously in a brown room. In addition, light cabinets look beautiful in bright rooms, where the main design idea is the integrity of the color scheme.
  • The cabinets of bright colors with a glossy surface complement the modern interior very nicely, the main thing is to choose the color combinations successfully and correctly fit them into the interior. So, a purple wardrobe will look very nice in a white room with a lavender decor. Beautiful and unusual shade mahogany looks. Furniture attribute of such a shade will become the central object of both a dark bedroom, with a predominant amount of black objects, and a white one - with decorative elements to match the closet. Other natural shades, such as milk oak, wenge or walnut, also look beautiful.

Filling options inside

Choosing a closet, you should pay attention to its internal equipment, since it is very important that things are provided with the most correct storage. Careless, negligent attitude can greatly affect their quality.

Let us consider in more detail which internal compartments should be present in the closet so that all things always remain in their proper place in the right place:

  • If all the clothes are stored in the bedroom, it is necessary that the closet be equipped with a compartment with hangers for long hangers, coats and raincoats. The height required for storing such things is about 150 cm.
  • Small drawers, whose height varies in the region of 30 cm, are suitable for storing hats, scarves and clothes designed for hands.Hats with a clear form in such a box may not fit, because there is a risk that they will be confused and lose their original appearance.
  • Wide shelves with high heights, located in the upper parts of cabinets, are most suitable for storing blankets, blankets and bed linen. But you should not dump everything in one branch; it is better to separate products made of wool and cotton, keeping them on different shelves.
  • Wide shelves located in the area under the ceiling are designed to store bags, suitcases, small automatic umbrellas, furniture covers and bedspreads. If there is another place for these things, the space under the ceiling can be allotted for storing bed linen and bedding.
  • Bottom narrow drawers - the best option for storing tights, socks, stockings and other small things. Underwear is also stored in similar boxes, but for convenience and preservation of the quality of things it is better to get a special organizer.
  • Knitted and woolen clothes, which tend to stretch, it is better to store in the folded state in order to avoid loss of shape and deterioration of products. Sleep items such as pajamas and nightgowns are stored in the same way, since they do not need to be hung separately.
  • Equipping the cabinet with metal baskets will help solve the issue of accessories, such as scarves, neck scarves, belts and belts. It is best to keep these items in a neatly folded / folded state.
  • Separately it is necessary to keep slippers, other shoes and delicate things.

How to choose?

Even with a detailed study of all the basic characteristics of a particular cabinet model, the choice may not be as simple as we would like. For the convenience and simplification of the task, we have compiled several simple tips that facilitate the selection of furniture attributes for bedrooms of different layouts and sizes:

  • Choosing a closet in a small room, should be guided by the main goal - the maximum preservation of the surrounding space. Since the wardrobes occupy quite a lot of space, it is better to turn your attention to a small wardrobe, not wide, but rather roomy.
  • Bedrooms with an area of ​​11 square meters. m most often have a pronounced rectangular shape, so for such a room is quite suitable long cabinet, completely occupying one of the short walls. In such a room should also be avoided models with hinged doors.
  • For a bedroom of 12 square meters. m quite long enough, but not a wide closet with accordion doors. Such a model will not only functionally complement the interior, but will also become the main highlight and its decoration, thanks to the doors.
  • On a spacious attic it is quite advisable to manufacture built-in cabinets. Since the bedroom in such a room will be located right under the roof, in which the windows are located, the space for placing and embedding wardrobes in the wall area becomes much larger than in ordinary rooms, so you can equip the room with a quite spacious, long modular system.
  • In Khrushchev You should not choose too high a wardrobe, as in the bedrooms, placed in houses of this type, rather low ceilings and there will be difficulties in assembling the product. For Khrushchev an excellent option would be a long modular kits with low cabinets. It is best to use a coupe or with a door-accordion to save free space.
  • A cabinet with a dense rear wall made of the same material as the side, as well as a high model with cells without doors can be used for zoning rooms on the living room and bedroom. This method is applicable when there is too much free space or for its delimitation in spacious studio apartments.

How to arrange the furniture?

Having furniture in the bedroom, one should be guided, first of all, by the fact that this room is designed for sleeping and relaxing, so the space in front of the bed should not be cluttered. It is best to have a pleasant view when you wake up before your eyes, so if possible, it is better to place the bed in front of or near the window.

If space allows, it is better to get a furniture set, of which the bed is a part. This set includes the presence of small lockers that can be placed on the sides of the bed. Such cabinets, most often, are equipped with shelves, so are perfect for storing clothes and sleeping clothes. If the bed is placed back against the wall, in front of it a modular set of closets with a niche for a TV will look best. Before going to bed or after waking up, it will be quite pleasant to lie in bed, watching your favorite TV shows.

At the head of the bed you can also place quite practical and beautiful wall cabinets, which are perfect for storing books, combs and cosmetics. With this arrangement of furniture attribute, greater attention should be paid to fastening reliability, in order to avoid situations hazardous to health. Curved radial cabinets can be quite well placed around the perimeter of the room around the bed. In this case, it is better to choose modern models with a decorative pattern on the facade, which will be transformed into an interesting, complete picture.

Beautiful interior design ideas

The brightest example of equipping a bedroom with a modular wardrobe system. The modern interior is complemented by dark attributes of furniture, and colors in the design adds bright textiles. The system is placed in such a way that the room has two closets located on either side of the bed.

A very stylish bedroom with windows to the floor has a fairly spacious interior space, so the use of large pieces of furniture is quite acceptable. A long double wardrobe with mirrors and extra shelves on the side is the perfect choice for a room in this style.

The bright minimalist bedroom has French windows, which makes it even lighter. Built-in wardrobe, located around the perimeter of the entire wall opposite the bed,for convenience, it is equipped with three-leaf compartment doors. Such an embodiment of the storage system is very convenient and roomy.

A white corner modular wardrobe with a glossy surface will not only functionally fill a bright bedroom, but also become its main decoration. The piece of furniture is perfectly combined with all the colors of the room and is complemented by a bedside table.

In the next video you can see how to choose the closet and not regret your purchase in the future.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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