Green bedroom

 Green bedroom

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, and it depends on how correctly the color of the environment is chosen whether you can get a good rest. Psychologists, physicians, esoteric in one voice declare that the green shades of the decor are of great importance for the human psyche, relieving stress, replenishing moral and physical strength and giving complete peace of mind. It is not surprising, because it is mother nature that makes us happy with the freshness of spring foliage, the beauty of flowering and delicate scents, reviving the thirst for life and the desire to create. WITHA room in shades of green can be an ideal corner in the house with the right design, colors and accessories.

Green bedroom concept

Despite the apparent monochrome of the bedroom, the interior should be designed within the framework of a certain idea, which determines the color range of elements and the selection of details:

  • The most common is ecostylein which combine the green color, carrying images of grass and leaves with brown, reflecting the earth and bark of trees. In this case, there is a feeling that you are in a forest or in a clearing, especially if the wallpaper is selected with a floral ornament. Materials use absolutely natural - wood for the floor and furniture and paper wallpaper.
  • Lovers of exotic places mogut decorate the bedroom in the style of "breath of the tropics"where, along with green and woody flowers, natural accessories, such as straw panels, bamboo mats, wicker mats or tree branches, add to the décor. This design echoes the eco-style, however, contains ethnic elements in the form of African masks, Asian figurines or the lightest canopy over the bed. A strong accent is the image of a palm tree (a living plant, a photo or a drawing), which enhances the atmosphere of the jungle and tropical forests.
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  • Style "relaxation and meditation" fills the room with serenity and detachment from the surrounding fuss thanks to the basic white tone combined with natural shades of green. Contrast is the brown range of floors and furnishings. This design is preferred for bedrooms in the style of minimalism, where the main role is given to numerous living plants, soothing indoor fountains and mats for meditation.
  • Women are to the "flower garden", filling the room with a soft green color with hints of lavender, lilac, pink, typical of natural flowering plants. Floral elements of decoration and fresh flowers on the windows, walls and floor serve as a harmonious addition.
  • At the heart of the classic bedroom design in shades of green is smoky green, close to natural stone and ideally combined with granite, silver, marble and travertine. Furniture is preferable in the same classic style (vintage), and lighting - in the form of point lights, so that the room does not look gloomy in the shaded corners.
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The palette of colors for the bedroom in shades of green

Green color in abundance can have a depressing and darkening effect, therefore one color is taken as a basis and complements it with a rainbow of shades.However, the room should also not be filled with an abundance of colors - bright green shades are used in accents for a change or separation of functional areas. Abandoning the dark green color is not worth it; in small proportions and well-chosen places, it will give the room a noble look, creating a feeling of comfort and security. Insofar as green is a mixture of yellow and blue, you can play with proportions for the desired effect: add more yellow, lime and shaded room will get a warmer, sunny color, and we will increase the blue - a bedroom with windows to the south will create the appearance of coolness. For a soothing effect in the interior, light, pastel colors (pistachio, olive, mint) are preferable, and rich colors of accents will give the room a festive look and mood.

Combinations of colors in the bedroom:

  • classic - cold ensemble green with white, peach or yellow;
  • blue-green tones (sea wave effect) with yellow, white, sea shades;
  • kiwi and menthol bring a cheerful mood to the lighted rooms;
  • light green and pastel colors give serenity and confidence;
  • soft shades of olive, pistachio, green apple used for dimly lit rooms;
  • classical, muffled mustard, olive, green tea give complete relaxation;
  • emerald, malachite, lime are considered intense shades that give freshness and richness to the decoration.


Wallpapers are increasingly less used in the decoration of the decor, preferring painting, however, the walls will look richer with a relief pattern, and the room can get a profitable interior solution. Geometrical ornamentation in abundance tires the eye, but one or two walls, pasted over with green wallpaper with rhombus or squares, will help to restore symmetry to the space and make a note of refinement.

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If you paste over the whole room with green canvases with a small, inconspicuous pattern, and single out a large picture with one wall, then visually it will make the room wider, as will the harmonious introduction of photo wallpapers.


The lime ceiling stabilizes the nervous system, causing general relaxation, reduced muscle tone and relieving the burden of responsibility, and lively and cheerful tones contribute to the emergence of new ideas. Pistachio color is attractive and tasty, calm and expressive, and, most importantly, deep enough to be used in children's rooms, but without undue aggression.

Architectural green or greyish-bluish green is a new modern shade, resembling a winter garden. It is inspired by the combination of the architecture of megacities with concrete ramps, glass skyscrapers and rare islands of greenery, but in general it has a neutral and pacifying effect. Emerald color is associated with lush green grass of a well-groomed lawn or summer lawn, thanks to which the bedroom decor acts as an unobtrusive sleeping pill.


Curtains are very powerful, a defining element and their color can drastically change the appearance of the room, both in a positive way and unfavorable. With a light base color room requires a darker and more saturated textiles and vice versa. According to the ornament the choice is wide enough - from monophonic to luxurious with gold threads.

The location of the room plays a key role in the selection of curtains: in sunlit rooms it is recommended to hang curtains of a darker shade than the color of the wallpaper so that the eyes can rest; in the bedroom with the windows to the north it will be cozier with curtains of warm colors. Curtains and bedroom curtains in green can be white, black, dark blue and even brown; the main thing that they were monochrome with the rest of the interior.When the wallpaper is green in color, the textiles on the windows and beds should certainly be different, since it serves as a weighty accent and stands out against the general background of the walls.

Accessories and decor

Accents in the interior should be arranged taking into account the dominant color and, despite the fact that they should stand out, it is necessary to select them with taste and without excesses. Otherwise, the bedroom runs the risk of becoming a aly messy, self-taught painter's palette. From experience, designers recommend combining no more than 2-3 colors, where one is basic, and the rest favorably shade it.

Textile accessories (bedspreads, cushions, carpets, covers, tablecloths) can change the look of a room beyond recognition and are equivalent to a complete repair by the strength of the effect. Thanks to them, you can visually influence the space: light shades will increase the room, vertical stripes will visually raise the ceiling, and transverse lines will expand the room. A bedroom in green should not be oversaturated with decorative elements, since the green itself fully adorns the room. Floor lamps, candles in candlesticks, photo in carved frames, ikebana, dotted in the room,advantageously fill the voids of the room. In the green bedroom will not be wrong to place and fresh flowers, whose effect will increase with the reflection in the mirror.

Tips for decorating a bedroom in green

Designers recommend:

  • Based on human psychology, it is recommended to choose calm tones as the main, as poisonous shades prevent the nervous system from resting, for example, khaki, asparagus, olive, jade, mint. For accents (vases, paintings, pattern on the pillow) you can focus on colors such as spring green, chartreuse, lime, which will enliven the overall mood of the bedroom.
  • It is undesirable to use shiny, glossy surfaces. when making a bedroom in any green shade - only natural, textured materials. For the floor, wood of light colors is preferable, for example, birch, bleached oak.
  • The main thing - balance between dark and light shadesto emphasize the benefits of design and enjoy a good rest.

If you opt for a stylish bedroom in shades of green, you need to pick up all the elements in unison - consistency of style, a smooth transition from the dominant to shading colors, the location of accents.

For even more beautiful color combinations in the interior of the bedroom, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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