Green wallpaper in the bedroom

 Green wallpaper in the bedroom

Cozy and attractive bedroom allows you to relax, unwind and rejuvenate. The choice of color plays one of the decisive roles in the design of the bedroom interior. Green wallpapers allow you to create a peaceful and peaceful interior in the bedroom.

Special features

The bedroom looks beautiful wallpaper green or its shades, because they have a positive effect on the human psyche. Today a wide selection of stylish green wallpapers is on sale. Gentle tones will help to calm down and relax before a night's sleep. Wallpapers of bright shades of green are used as a dominant in the interior design of the room.

Variety of shades

The choice of green color depends on the lighting of the room. For bedrooms located on the north side, it is worth picking up pistachio-colored or olive-colored wallpaper. Soft tones will visually increase the space of the room. A good choice would be wallpaper in light green. The interior should be supplemented with light openwork curtains, so the sun's rays will fall into the room.

The bedroom on the south side always gets a lot of sunshine, so for its design you can opt for noble shades. It can be saturated lime, color of menthol or kiwi. Bright textiles and accessories in shades of blue, lemon or turquoise will allow you to place accents in the interior.

If you like peace and tranquility, then you should look at the wallpaper of olive or mustard tones. Accessories in muted shades will be a good addition to the interior in the bedroom.

Color combinations

Green color looks great in tandem with different colors. Properly selected colors allow you to create a beautiful, spectacular and original bedroom interior.

With blue or black

If the interior of the bedroom is dominated by blue or black color, then it is worth picking up a light (not very saturated) wallpaper. Such an ensemble is ideal for spacious bedrooms. When choosing a decoration for the window, you can use curtains in dark colors, but the tulle must be white.

With chocolate

Chocolate and pistachio colors look very harmonious together. Such an ensemble allows you to create a soft combination that promotes relaxation and stress relief. Pistachio color should be dominant. A good addition to the design will be a curtain in light pastel colors.

With yellow

Wallpapers of rich green look great in combination with a bright yellow shade. This mix will create a spring atmosphere in the bedroom. These shades are often used for a room for a young couple. To complement the stylish design will allow curtains of light or bright shades. Pink or orange curtains look beautiful.

With blue

Blue and green colors help to convey lightness, calmness and freshness. Light curtains and dim accessories perfectly fit into the overall interior of the bedroom.

With red

Green and red are combined quite difficult, because it is difficult to find the optimal balance between these tones. Red tint can be used to create accents in the interior. This combination of tones is best used in spacious rooms.

Selection of furniture, textiles and accessories

First you need to choose the style direction of the bedroom, because it depends on selection of shades of green:

  • the saturated shade perfectly will be suitable for classics;
  • khaki, emerald or malachite is best used for oriental style;
  • green pastels will help provide romance;
  • bright green is perfect for country style;
  • grass shades are used for eco style;
  • swamp color is often found in minimalism.

After choosing a style, you can proceed to the selection of furniture and textiles. It is preferable to wooden furniture. Furniture made of bamboo or rattan will be a good choice. Wicker tables and chairs will also help decorate the interior. The choice of color solution is completely individual.

When choosing textiles should take into account the illumination of the bedroom. For rooms located on the south side, dense fabrics of a saturated green shade will do.The rooms on the north side should be supplemented with thin materials of warm colors.

For decorating the bedroom are often used paintings, vases, pillows, flowers. They should harmoniously fit into the overall concept, but do not use only the green color scheme.

And in the next video you can see how to choose the right curtains for the green wallpaper.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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