Mirror in the bedroom

If you once again thought about the stylish design of your own bedroom or buying a new bedroom set for it, then you probably had an idea and to hang a beautifully framed mirror in such a bedroom. There are two completely different approaches to solving this issue. Proponents of one of them believe that this product is not the place in the bedroom, others - that a properly selected mirror surface will perfectly fit into any interior and will make such a room more interesting.

Can I hang in the bedroom?

Numerous beliefs warn that this element in itself is not the best design option for any type of residential premises, and its placement in the bedroom is not a very good sign. And in some way the given superstitions are true.It is not without reason that in many countries of the world there is a wary attitude to various mirror surfaces, it is forbidden to look at cracked or broken reflections, if someone is seriously ill or dying in the house - the surface is covered with a dark cloth.

However, you can safely use this product to decorate your bedroom, however, it is necessary to strictly observe a number of rules for their placement or use - according to the characteristics of the room. For example, multiple tiles on walls and ceilings or planes from different reflective parts will themselves break and disfigure any reflection. But the reflection of a beautiful landscape will give you a positive charge for the current day. If you can see a wonderful landscape from the windows of the room, let the mirror-like surface of it constantly show you.

Nowadays, it is very important to make reflective walls and ceilings in the bedroom, to install mirror cabinets. This is very effective in terms of design of the room, because then it visually increases, it becomes more spacious, and the love passions in such a bedroom are much hotter. But close proximity with his reflection during sleep can also lead to his breakdown, chronic fatigue, and even to a serious deterioration in health.Consider exactly how you hang the mirror plane in the bedroom so that the effect of this step is only positive.

Types of mirrors

Today, designers and manufacturers distinguish such types of this popular element of decor as functional products, decorative items and mirrors for original interior decoration:

  • Functional view. This is in the first place those products that are necessary for the convenience and quality care of appearance. Most often, these mirrors can be found in bathrooms, halls, on the dressing tables in the bedroom.
  • Decorative look. These products are not used for their intended purpose, but decorate a certain area of ​​the room, being part of the decor. Often this is part of a harmonious composition on the walls of the room, a panel or even a “painting” of small glass pieces.
  • Part of the finishing room. It became very prestigious to veneer the floor and ceiling with reflective panels and tiles. Their size is generally not very important, although you can often see whole walls, ceilings and floors, decorated with various reflective elements. When choosing material for facing the room, it is necessary to take into account the features of the selected room.

Depending on the material from which the mirror film (amalgam) is created, the mirror surfaces are divided into aluminum and silver. Mirror interior items with aluminum film are inexpensive, but their showing ability is extremely low. Silver mirrors are more expensive, but also serve longer, and also guarantee perfect display.

To size they are also divided into products for full height reflection and for reflection only to the belt.

By placement mirror planes are divided into floor and those that are hung on the wall, as well as manual and embedded:

  • Wall mounted kinds Framed fastened to the walls and to the doors.
  • Outdoor species - this is most often a pierum and trellis: the original bedside table with a mirror. Glasses in such products can be firmly fixed, and can be rotated along the axes for different uses. Such a mirror is more often used as a make-up room, as well as a plane above the dressing table.
  • In addition, mirrors often set on the doors of wardrobes. A mirror with a shelf, a console with a mirror, a mirror with a hanger usually carry only a decorative function and help to make a stylistic accent in a certainbedroom interior.
  • Mirror Panels (as well as mirror tiles) are rarely found in modern sleeping interiors. However, if they are used for zoning the space in the bedroom, they will not only last longer than other coatings, but also emphasize very well the taste of their owner and his desire to make his bedroom more chic.
  • Beautiful mirror panel on the contrary, you can meet very often. It is usually placed above the bed, which does not have a large headboard. Thus, such a mirror panel compensates for the secondary importance of your bed, brings it to the forefront of the interior.
  • Facet mirror It is considered one of the most popular accents of a fashionable interior. For quite some time in the manufacture of mirror surfaces, masters clean the sheet edge to make the product more solid and refined. Using this method of grinding (fattse), you can get a mirror surface on which bright rays of light are interestingly refracted, thereby creating amazing visual effects.

By size and shape

In many furniture stores today you can find the original options in the form of various shapes,ornament elements, floristic objects, abstractions, sets of numbers or letters, various symbols. However, the standard and most popular still remain round, oval versions and products in the form of a rectangle.

Round or oval the product fits perfectly to any interior, because such mirrors are able to visually smooth the corners in any room. Rectangular mirrors must be chosen according to the size of the wall. If the surface of the wall is large enough, there are no additional decorative elements on it, then a rectangular mirror should occupy at least half of the area on it to look appropriate. Products in the form of rhombuses Often used as a tile to create a solid mirror surface.

To enhance the effect of spaciousness in the bedroom, you can use a number of very successful design elements in which the mirror surface is the main semantic load.

Design element "Mirror-sun"which is usually placed high on the bedroom wall opposite the window, is able to add light to the room. Small False-window "Revive" the interior of the bedroom and will not overload the space with their views.

Large mirror the entire length of the room will make it almost twice as large - this element is often used when there is a very small bedroom. However, for the mirror, the concepts of “big” and “small” are purely conditional, because even a full-length mirror is not enough for someone.

Bedroom interior design with mirror

Many wonder how to position the mirrors to expand the space of the room and visually correct its shortcomings. In order for the interior design of a bedroom with the use of mirrors to be the most successful, it is necessary to use the already known properties of mirrors to secure the desired effect. For example, a mirror installed in front of a window will give you twice the amount of light in a room. With the help of mirror products you can create the illusion that the number of things in the bedroom is infinite - they will be constantly reflected in different mirror planes.

Mirror will help create the effect of security. The reflection of everything that happens in the room will be in front of you, so with the help of mirrors you can safely control the situation in the bedroom.

Mirrors can be used only for beauty. If you have, for example, a blue bedroom, then a combination of different mirror surfaces, creating the effect of a luxurious room, is suitable for it. By the way, the product of glass and mirrors in a spectacular frame can become an original headboard.

Very often, designers veneer the entire part of the wall, where the headboard is located, with mirror panels - this way mirrors are perceived by the eye most comfortably.

Accommodation options

The mirror according to Feng Shui must be hung correctly - so that neither you nor your sleeping place are in any way reflected in the smooth surface. If you believe this Eastern philosophy - the view in the mirror of people during sleep can result in discord in a couple's relationship. If the owner of the bedroom lives alone for a long time, then he will not be able to find his half.

In the design plan, the functions that these products perform indoors are extremely important. Using a mirror:

  1. You can expand the floor space.
  2. A wardrobe with mirrored doors will hide the cramped space and dark corners of the room, as well as a failed layout.
  3. You can add part of the ceiling with a single reflective coating,which will help to visually divide the bedroom into zones - and at the same time a place for sleeping will not be visible in it.
  4. By placing the product directly opposite the window, you can create the illusion of a stream of light in the room.

The most successful options for the location of the mirror in the room for sleeping:

  • Mirror on the wall. Very often, the product is hung on the walls, to thereby decorate them. The ideal place to place the mirror will be the sides on the sides of the bed, substantially above the level of the sleeping bed itself.
  • Mirror in the bedroom, located over bedside near the bed. Extremely aesthetically pleasing products hung from thumbs. Sometimes such surfaces even replace small tables.
  • Mirror placed over the headboard. The headboard of a bed made of a single, unbreakable mirror will look solid, but nevertheless, such a mirror is most often hung in the center - above the head of the sleeper.
  • Dressing table or dresser with mirror. Usually with a sleeping set is such a furniture item as a table. It is complemented by a large mirror. It is best to buy a table, a mirror on which you can cover the night with doors (like a trellis).
  • Floor mirror. The installation of a large mirror in a massive frame has become a very topical decision recently. Ideally, it is best to place it opposite the window so that it reflects the landscape (or opposite the door, so that the bed does not fall into it).
  • Mirrors on the doors of cabinets and cabinets. Such products are needed not only for women, but even for the most brutal men. The doors of the cabinet will significantly "expand" the room that occupied the cabinet itself, and increase the size of the room. Elegant mirror cabinets placed on the side of the bed, which occupy the entire wall - from the floor to the ceiling beams, will look gorgeous in such a room.
  • Mirror in a small locker for storing jewelry. Women love all sorts of rings, earrings and for their storage they choose cabinets with a mirror door to admire when choosing jewelry.
  • A mirror in front of the bed is not recommended. If you do not adhere to various superstitious views on the magical power of mirrors in the bedroom, then a reflection of your bed in the mirror plane will not in the least interfere with your relaxation and high-quality relaxation.But nevertheless, it is more correct to place the mirror higher so as not to see your reflection when you fall asleep.

The mysticism of the mirror smooth surface is quite a familiar phenomenon even in the modern world, but you should not rely on superstition. This product is necessary for a person, its functional use is indisputable, therefore, taking into account certain rules for using mirrors for interior decoration, you can safely coexist with this item not only in any room of the house, but also in the bedroom.

Ideas for choosing mirrors in the bedroom, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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