Yellow bedroom

Interiors in yellow are able to cheer up at one glance at them. This design of a bedroom is most often addressed by people emitting a positive. Such a bright and bold design solution can effectively transform a home.

Values ​​of color and rules for its use

Yellow color is not so often chosen for the design of the bedroom, since such a room should have a good rest. But such finishing options can be addressed if the room is darkened and a small amount of natural light penetrates it.

According to psychology, yellow is a natural antidepressant, therefore, being in such a positive atmosphere, a person becomes more confident in himself, forgetting about many problems.

This design of the bedroom is recommended to be addressed not only to lovers of juicy shades, but also to depressive people: when they are in such a room, depressing thoughts recede, and the mood rises.

But it is worth remembering that the yellow color is not suitable for people suffering from restless sleep or insomnia, as it radiates energy. But owls, hard awakening from sleep, the yellow room fits perfectly.

It's no secret that the yellow color is warm. With the help of this decoration you can arrange a bedroom so that it will seem more comfortable. Solar colors can revive many interiors and make the most boring ensemble brighter.

The original colors not only uplifting and making the room more comfortable, but also adjusts the space depending on the shade. This is both a virtue and a disadvantage.

For example, a rich color visually brings the surface, from which the bedroom can seem much smaller, so it is recommended to contact the owners of the spacious rooms for such a color scheme.

If you are afraid of such bold design solutions, then you can only yellow one of the walls in the room.

How can yellow shades be used in the bedroom?

Yellow color is rich in shades.With the help of many of them, you can liven up the space or make it more lit. For example, this color scheme can be addressed if the bedroom is on the north side. Fresh white light cannot cope with this task, as in such conditions it will appear gray.

This coloring is ideal for decorating a narrow bedroom with low walls. It is able to visually make the room more proportional, and it will appear square.

Yellow color in the room can be both primary and accent. The second design option today is very popular. So, one of the walls can be decorated in rich yellow tones. Most often, the space behind the bed is chosen for this.

Positive and energetic colors can be found not only in the interior decoration of the room, but also in pieces of furniture. Such objects are especially attractive and noticeably look against the background of neutral walls and floor.

You can liven up your interior with bright textiles. It can be beautiful and light curtains, cozy rugs, blankets, pillow covers or floor carpets.

It is possible to dilute the situation and add a zest to it with the help of yellow accessories. For example, photographs or paintings with lemon frames, yellow table lamps, vases and so on will look spectacular against a light wall.

It is recommended to select furniture and decorative elements, whose color does not blend with it, for a light finish. For example, on a background of soft beige or white walls, dark yellow or bright yellow objects will look more attractive and attractive.

Too light and pale objects risk dissolving into such interiors.

If you want to make the room more bright and original, then you can decorate the ceiling with yellow color. Such a design decision will make the bedroom more comfortable and sunny. But this design is not suitable for low ceilings in the "Khrushchev".

What is the color combination?


  • Energetic color harmoniously looks in the ensemble with white, gray and black tones.
  • Freshens bedroom a combination of yellow with green and turquoise.
  • To create a juicy and bright composition, you can refer to the tandem. yellow with orange or red tint. But it is necessary to take into account the fact that such color design over time will tire and overwhelm the owners with its richness.
  • Yellow can be combined with contrasting tones. For example, it can be different shades of purple, brown or blue.

In the design of the bedroom in yellow tones, you should avoid excessive glut of bright and rich tones, since you risk quickly getting tired of such an environment.


Positive colors look harmonious in different styles. The belonging of yellow to one or another style depends on its hue.

  • For example, light yellow and golden colors in combination with natural wood of a dark shade and brown tones can be attributed to the permanent classics.
  • Yellow is also suitable for more modern styles such as hi-tech or pop art. In this case, it should be beaten with the appropriate elements of the interior and accessories.
  • The combination of a softer lemon shade with a light blue, light brown or pale green color allows to form in the bedroom, the decor in the style of Provence or country country.

Furniture and lighting

In a yellow room, both natural and artificial lighting is equally important. If the room is located on the sunny side, then it is possible to arrange a ceiling lamp with warm light and floor lamps matching the bedside style.

If the bedroom windows face north, then you should turn to the ceiling chandelier, which will emanate a brighter and more dense light.

Properly selected lighting in tandem with yellow trim walls visually make the room larger and more spacious.

Furniture in such a bedroom should contrast with the finish. Modern manufacturers offer the choice of consumers a huge range of different options.

Objects from natural wood or furniture with white polish will look harmoniously on a yellow background. This design can create a more natural setting of soft brightness.

Make accents

In an attractive warm yellow room, the presence of accessories of this range is permissible. For example, against the background of light-lemon walls, bright yellow shades, bedspreads, pillows, decorations and various accessories of bright shades will look harmonious.Such details can make the interior more comfortable.

If you select curtains for such a room, then you should give preference to models that are a couple of tones brighter than wall decoration.

Orange bedroom: features of creating solar comfort

The warm tones include juicy orange color. Apply it in the interior should be careful, especially if the bedroom windows are facing the south.

You should not overload the spacious room with a large number of items in rich shades of orange, since such a design will excite the nervous system, and in the sleeping room it is not necessary.

It is acceptable to use a small amount of accessories in bright orange tones. They will not irritate with their color, but they will give the room home comfort and warmth.

Positive colors have many warm colors, which can be addressed to decorate the bedroom. For example, it may be a peach, apricot or terracotta color.

If you chose a light orange shade to finish the room, you can turn to similar and brighter accessories to complement it.

Beautiful design ideas in the interior

A dark brown bed, a white wardrobe and a white bedside table will look harmoniously against the yellow walls, white ceiling and laminated floor. This ensemble should be supplemented with bed linen in gray-yellow tones and light orange curtains.

In the bedroom a dense yellow color will look impressive bulk bed with a canopy, a small striped bench with white legs and a dark yellow chair. The interior can be finished with white curtains with yellow floral prints, light carpet on a dark laminate, wrought-iron lamps and paintings with dark brown frames.

If you like contrasting surroundings, you can turn to orange wall decorations and place on this background a dark brown bed with white linens, as well as dark bedside tables with white accents. Complete the interior with bright paintings with dark frames above the bed, orange vase, white table lamps and an orange blanket.

Against the background of pale yellow walls, you can place a white high bed with white linens and pillows decorated with blue patterns. Nearby will find their place white thumbs with blue lamps.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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