Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

 Liquid wallpaper in the interior of the bedroom

The choice of finishing materials for the design of apartments and offices is growing every year. If earlier paper wallpapers were used mainly, then today there is an opportunity to choose materials not only for every taste and purse, but also to choose the composition of raw materials and the method of application.

One of these new products in the construction market are liquid wallpaper. They are a real find for designers and anyone who appreciates individuality in the design of premises. Whatever style of decor you choose, liquid wallpaper will help to realize your plans without the use of expensive and sometimes inappropriate materials in the modern premises: marble, natural stone, gilding. Liquid wallpaper is diverse in composition and technical features, they can be selected and combined depending on the preferences in materials and design ideas.


If you are faced with the choice of which material is better to use for wall cladding, then you should know that liquid wallpaper has several advantages over other materials.

  • Environmental friendliness. This type of wallpaper is completely non-toxic, does not emit dangerous substances, is hypoallergenic. They will be a great solution for allergy rooms or small children.
  • Heat and noise insulation. Enveloping the surface of the walls, liquid wallpaper retains heat and muffles sounds much better than other materials.
  • Installation. Convenience in drawing in hard-to-reach places, no need to dock the drawings and adjust the dimensions.
  • Surface correction. Liquid wallpaper does not require pre-treatment of walls, hide minor flaws and cracks.
  • Temperature and humidity. With ease maintain low temperatures, do not accumulate moisture, do not create a greenhouse effect.


In a simplified understanding, liquid wallpaper is the average between ordinary plaster and paper wallpaper, but differs from these two types of coating on the surface and meet different requirements.

The first and main advantage of liquid wallpaper - environmental friendliness. They are made from natural components of cotton and cellulose, do not cause allergies and are perfect for rooms with young children. With such a coating, the walls do not create a greenhouse effect, they truly “breathe” and have dust-repellent properties. Depending on the decor, trace elements of dry algae and plants, sand, tree bark, gelatin or mica can be added to the basic composition of the liquid wallpaper.

The variety of colors and textures of liquid wallpaper allows you to experiment in any direction and is suitable for coating surfaces of almost all residential and public buildings. The material can be applied not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling, and on any drywall constructions that are found in modern buildings.

Bedroom decoration

For the design of the bedroom, liquid wallpaper will be an ideal choice, because the bedroom is a special room where the atmosphere of comfort and relaxation is above all. Liquid wallpaper is pleasant and warm to the touch, and silk or cotton fiber in their composition gives the surface a resemblance to textiles, the walls seem to be covered with a cloth. The homogeneous surface of the walls is perfectly revived by the addition of granules to the wallpaper.Such a design technique will help to allocate a certain zone or visually increase the space. If fluorescent paint is added to the applied mixture, the surface will acquire a gentle shimmering glow in the twilight.

Heterogeneous texture of liquid wallpaper allows you to create intricate floral patterns or geometric shapes on the walls. Experimenting with shades adds advantages to the choice of just such a material.

Color solutions

The color scheme in the interior of the bedroom depends, of course, on the preferences and tastes of its owner, but there are some nuances that are worth paying attention to. It is not always possible to ask for help from a professional designer, and knowledge of the basic simple rules for applying color to the bedroom will help avoid frustration after the completion of the repair.

Light colors visually increase the space, so for small rooms they are preferable. For owners of spacious bedrooms and more saturated colors and color combinations. However, it is worth remembering that the excess dark color in the bedroom is tiring, and purple is not at all recommended by psychologists as a color that leads to anxiety and depression.In order to visually increase the height of the ceilings use horizontal lines in the ornament, and to expand the space - vertical.

A large drawing or decoration of brighter shades is better placed on any one wall or surface, since their excess overloads the space.

Design with the use of liquid wallpaper provides extensive opportunities for the flight of designer fantasy, but remember that the bedroom should be harmonious, without sharp lines and color combinations. Bold decisions are best left for the living room, but in the bedroom, light shades of pastel colors will give the space freshness, which means rest will be more complete.

Care for liquid wallpaper

To clean the coating with liquid wallpaper should be only dry soft way, moisture or brushing them to damage and dismantle. In the same lies the secret of removing particularly dirty stains from liquid wallpaper: gently wetting and removing the damaged area, you can always apply a new layer of wallpaper of identical color and composition, which after drying becomes equal to the shade of the rest of the space.

On the care of liquid wallpaper, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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