Corner wall in the interior

The beauty of the interior depends on the furniture used. The interior of the living room today rarely comes without a practical wall. However, modern life requires that the wall was not only beautiful and roomy, but also functional. In addition, living rooms are not always large. A great solution in many situations will be the corner wall.

Special features

This comfortable piece of furniture has a number of very useful features:

  • The corner wall will hide the defects and irregularities of the corner of the living room, which can remain even after the repair.
  • With the help of the corner wall, you can significantly save space, and the compact arrangement of parts will save more capacity.
  • Modern manufacturers produce walls with a different set of sections, so this furniture can furnish not only the living room, but also the bedroom.

As a rule, one of the required sections is a wardrobe.Corner wardrobe has a spacious internal space. It is perfect for clothes: both top and everyday. With such a roomy cabinet you can keep in order a lot of things. It can accommodate more dimensional items. And if you put it in a small room, it will allow the economical use of precious square meters.

Sets with tables are suitable for offices and registration of children's rooms. Since they are made from different materials and have a different price category, you will definitely find affordable practical furniture.

Since the wall consists of several sections, you can complete them at your discretion and achieve the originality of the interior. If necessary, corner furniture will help to zone the room.

A set with a desk will perfectly cope with the task of separating the workplace of the student from the playing or sleeping area in the nursery. A set with a section for TV will help create a cozy corner for relaxing, receiving friends or spending leisure time in the living room.

Shops and catalogs offer a wide color palette, and you can easily find options that are combined with the color scheme of wallpaper and other furniture that is present in the room.

In addition to the variety of color palette and materials used for manufacturing, designers will offer products made in different styles, which will preserve the integrity of the perception of the interior.


The corner wall can be both box and modular. Cabinet furniture is so called because it has a body of side, top and bottom walls. When choosing a cabinet wall, you should understand that you can vary only the height of the shelves, accessories and design of decors.

However, cabinet furniture with corner shelves looks very original, is an interesting accent in the interior.

Modular furniture has no common walls. This is practically a set of different items. Assemble and install modular furniture is quite possible in the home. You can arrange sections as you want. In addition, you can periodically change their places. Such a rearrangement will allow you to update the interior.

Today, furniture stores and online stores offer a wide range of models.

One of the most popular is the hill. In such models, the base is wider than the top.Therefore, at the bottom there are often closed cabinets and drawers, and at the top are racks and shelves, often open or with glass doors. On the shelves it is convenient to place flowers in pots and decorative objects, which give individuality to the room and create coziness.

Slides fit well into any room, suitable for rooms with minimalist styles. This will contribute to the simplicity of the forms and a small number of decors.

If you do not want to clutter up the room with voluminous furniture, or you have a small living room, then you should stop the choice on the mini wall. It looks the same as usual, but has a smaller volume and therefore significantly saves space. Of course, it will not fit overall items, but it is easy to install and move, and its price will be much less.

There are mini-walls in different trim levels. Stylish laconic furniture with shelves and a niche for the TV can be a real decoration of the living room.

However, it must be remembered that in a room with a large area the mini-wall may lose its expressiveness.

Mini-walls are great for children's rooms.It is convenient for a child to keep his things, clothes and toys in a low wall. The presence of such furniture will help to accustom the child to the accuracy, it will be easier for him to keep his room in order.

For the student it is better to purchase modular furniture with a desk. The presence of convenient shelves for books, space for a computer will help create a working environment. A desk of suitable size will help preserve the student’s posture.

Of course, when purchasing furniture for a child, you need to ensure that it is made of environmentally friendly materials, of high quality and safe. Also not to be superfluous is the lack of glass parts.

Modern manufacturers offer a very interesting idea - radius walls. They have smooth convex or concave shapes. The shape can also be undulating.

Such furniture is usually made to order. This is its advantage: you yourself determine the size and variations of sections. Designers will help you choose the color, material and model, and you will receive an individual original product.

Another advantage of radial furniture is that such a wall can be installed close enough to the doorway - it will leave enough space for entry.

If there is a cupboard in the radius wall, then its doors also do not need space for opening, as they move in a circle.


When choosing a corner wall you should not be afraid that you will not be able to choose furniture of a suitable size for your room. Furniture can be made to order, but you have to pay a lot.

If you do not be lazy and walk through furniture stores, look through catalogs or consider offers from online stores, then for a very reasonable price you will find the right product.

Corner walls of any size are available in different styles, you will find traditional classic slides and avant-garde models, with different decorations and without them.

In a room that does not differ in size, you can put a small wall. Despite its small size, it can be equipped with various elements. It can be present and dish sideboard, and a small closet, and TV stand. To diversify this furniture there will be drawers, hinged shelves.

There are so many models of small walls for work areas with comfortable computer tables and shelves for books.

Particularly interesting in small apartments look hanging mini-walls. They leave a lot of space and at the same time make a wonderful accent in the interior.

For spacious rooms it is worth considering proposals with a large number of different sections. Also suitable radial furniture with a large convex cabinet. Large MDF walls look spectacular and expensive.

For zoning a spacious living room or bedroom, you can use not the largest furniture.


In today's market a huge number of furniture manufacturers. Almost all of them include corner furniture in their products, as it is functional and very demanded by buyers.

One of the leading furniture manufacturers in Belarus - "Gomeldrev". Its products are widely known in the near and far abroad. The company has extensive experience, it regularly introduces the latest technology, takes into account modern trends in furniture design.

The factory is famous for cabinet furniture made of natural wood. At production environmentally friendly materials, high-quality accessories and accessories are used.The furniture from the massif of an oak enjoys huge popularity, high quality is combined with modern design.

The range of products is very wide: headsets for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways, office and student furniture, products for hotels and resorts, various cabinets and cabinets, chairs, linear and angular walls. Will make furniture and on the individual project.

One of the most popular Russian manufacturers is the factory. "Eagle-furniture". She specializes in the manufacture of furniture for various purposes. Established in 1956, it develops all the time. Today, the factory manufactures products in German and Italian equipment from various materials, paying great attention to product quality. Salons-shops of the factory offer ready-made furniture and products to order, carry out various promotions.

Currently, it is also possible to purchase products from foreign manufacturers. Italian - among the most respected.

For example, the oldest Italian factory Angelo cappelliniUsing quality materials and advanced technology, offers furniture that is relevant in the fashion world. Here are made luxury expensive samples.

If you want to have an exclusive elegant item in the interior, Angelo Cappellini is exactly the manufacturer that you need.

More budget furniture produces Tumidei. At the heart of its range - modular kits for living rooms and children's rooms. You will be offered a wide variety of kits that can be created from these modules. They are distinguished by high aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics, create an increased level of comfort. (fig. 1)

Interesting ideas in the interior

Taking care of the beauty of the interior, we are looking for interesting solutions. The original arrangement of the sections, the peculiar design of the wall itself and the decor help us. (Fig. 2)

Even a very small room can be made attractive by visually expanding its space with the help of light furniture. However, a more interesting decision would be to use fairly dark furniture, equipping it with lighting.

In addition to lighting, the glass doors decorated in the form of stained glass windows will be a wonderful accent. An interesting idea is also a combination of multi-level sections. (pic. 3)

Hinged shelves in a set of corner wall - a modern idea.

There may be a lot of interesting decisions.If you show imagination, experts will help you to realize it, and your interior will be unique and inimitable.

For interesting models of corner walls, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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