Silk effect decorative wall paint: application features

Starting repairs in the apartment, special attention should be paid to the finishing of the walls. Wallpaper, of course, leads among the materials for finishing surfaces, but to give the interior a greater individuality and originality used decorative paint. Every day this material is becoming more and more frequently asked for.

Silk effect paint is in the greatest demand. Let's understand its advantages and method of application.

What is different from the usual?

If we compare conventional and decorative paint, we can say that decorative in texture is thicker than usual, certain substances are added to it in order to increase the durability of the coating, to achieve interesting effects.When using decorative coatings, a drawing imitating wood is applied, creating the effect of sand, “wet silk”, the walls appear covered with expensive velor and velvet fabrics, they look like mother-of-pearl. This can be achieved through various additions and plastic substances entering the solvent.

One of the most popular, you can call decorative paint with silk effect. Use it for decorating walls, ceilings, with its help carry out work on the decoration of the premises. Choose decorative materials of different types, textures, colors.

Types of decorative coatings

So, you are in the store, where there is a huge number of cans of paints, varnishes, solvents on the shelves.

Before buying, you should contact the sales consultants for help or read the description on the bank:

  • Choosing acrylic paint, you need to know that it will not dry for long. Thanks to the acrylic resin, a protective layer is formed on the surface. Walls painted with acrylic paint can be cleaned with water.
  • Alkyd paint easy to apply, it is durable and elastic, used for finishing inside the building, external works.The obvious advantage is that it dries very quickly, but has a pungent odor.
  • Latex use on any surface, you can apply it on the walls with decorative plaster, on the wallpaper. This type of paint is applied softly, retains its color for a long time, but has a rather high price.

Additional effects

With the help of decorative paints you can achieve the desired result. Using certain methods of application, you can create incredible effects.

Pre-decide what you want to achieve, select the material and start working:

  • Choosing a decorative paint with a silk effect can achieve a bright silk effect. Painting walls with such material is a simple matter, because of the presence of special substances, it dries quickly.
  • You can embody any imagination and create original decor options, paint a sea wave, water ripples and many other interesting things using material that imitates decorative plaster.
  • To achieve a velvet or velor effect, you can use materials where there are small colored particles in the composition. Until you touch the wall with your hand, you might think that there is textiles on the wall.
  • To visually enlarge the room, use pearlescent paint. Such a coating looks very beautiful and original, because of the angle from which to look at the surface depends on its hue, which is constantly changing. Pearlescent paint can be different colors, choose white or black, gold or silver - the choice is yours.
  • Experiment, consult with designers, study photos and find the best option for your room.
  • Putting material under marble or granite, you can not look in the composition of pieces of stone. Acrylic, drying, creates bubbles, which visually can be mistaken for a granite or marble surface. Do you want your room to be in gold color or under silver - use "metallic".
  • To achieve an additional effect, you can use screen printing. The term “silk screening” in literal translation means printing with silk sieve. In this form of screen printing using a grid of different materials with often located threads.

Preparatory stage

Starting the process of painting, should be carried out preparatory work.Begin to prepare the walls: remove the old wallpaper, remove traces from the previous painting, remnants of glue, whitewash, level the surface. Perform work with plaster, it is very easy and does not require special skills. If there are places that cannot be completely cleaned, use an alkyd primer.

Cracks or crevices must be carefully primed. To better primer lay on the wall, moisten it with water.

Do not forget to stick on the sockets and switches sticky paper, tape.

When choosing a paint and applying it on a wall and ceiling, certain requirements should be considered:

  • begin repairs and paint the surface when it is warm outside or in a room. The walls will dry much faster, the service life will increase;
  • if you want to visually enlarge the room, purchase glossy paints;
  • with minor defects, buy matte paintwork;
  • specify how well the material withstands a large number of cleanings;
  • for rooms with high humidity, select banks where antifungal supplement or antiseptic is indicated;
  • choose a place for furniture, make a plan and then begin the process.


Paint with the effect of silk is used to make the room solemnity, originality, mystery. When using this material, the room will play with multi-colored rays, changing at different angles. The first to inflict a white mass with mother-of-pearl designs Italians tried. Now it is already used everywhere, it is very popular.

With the right application, you can create magnificent paintings on the surface, to achieve the effect of chic paintings on the walls.

For its production using only natural materials, so it is environmentally friendly, has no harmful substances. When applying the material with the effect of silk, you can not be afraid that the walls will begin to fade, cracks or defects appear, and dirt can be easily removed from the surface with a damp cloth.

This coloring coating has one feature: it is able to hide the faces of the previous layer. Such materials can be restored if the need arose to carry out such work. The composition will protect the surface from rubbing, correct defects and irregularities. After the mixture is applied, water evaporates, a protective layer is formed,protecting from external influences.

The most important qualities of this material can be called originality and excellent appearance. The surface plays with multi-colored highlights in different lighting, at different angles. Such an application can create additional reliefs, unique effects.

Consider the main advantages of the mixture:

  • the possibility of creating an interesting and unique design;
  • has a wide color palette;
  • resistance to mechanical stress;
  • has excellent restoration properties;
  • moisture and fire resistant;
  • dries quickly;
  • does not have a pronounced peculiar smell;
  • ease of application;
  • can be used on almost all surfaces;
  • affordable cost.

Application Methods

Silk effect paint can be used in any room. The magnificent effect is obtained in large rooms, bedrooms after painting a silky-matte or silky-glossy finish. You can apply it not only on the walls, but also on the ceilings, which will visually increase the room and the height of the ceiling.

Prepare the surface in advance, plaster the walls and ceiling.Please note that the wall must be perfectly flat, otherwise after painting the flaws and irregularities will be clearly visible. Use colored acrylic primer, apply one layer, then a moisture barrier. Apply a base coat of paint to the primer, add texture and smooth out.

Do not wait until the paint is completely dry.

In rooms with high humidity, it is recommended to apply another layer. A protective varnish is applied on top. According to this technology it is possible to apply all types of decorative paints.

Creating the effect of "wet silk", put a couple of layers of primer, allowed to dry for several hours. The next step is the application of the base layer. No need to wait until the surface is completely dry, begin to apply a layer of "liquid silk" in smooth circular curls, without pressing the tool too hard. It turns out a beautiful view of the surface, which looks very interesting from different angles.

Creating the effect of "compressed silk", the preparation is carried out as described above. A layer of liquid silk is applied not smooth movements, and chaotic with a sponge. To form a picture can be a plastic spatula in a circular motion.

In the classic version of the primer is dried for several hours, put the base layer. You should not align the surface strongly, create a relief. After drying with a Venetian trowel, smooth the surface, moving in different directions.

This design option is ideal for interiors designed in a classic style.

Useful tips

For painting surfaces produce golden paint and silver. Most often, in order to create an interesting style, they take a silver color, there are thousands of such shades, only about a hundred gold shades.

To achieve a special effect in the composition add special additives. They can add one or more dyes, so it turns out a more interesting shade, from different angles the interior looks different. The tone of the paint changes, like a chameleon, depending on the angle of incidence of the light.

Decorative coating is a tricky job. If you do it for the first time, put it in places where the furniture will stand, so you will hide possible defects and stuff your hand for further repairs.

When applying paint with a silk effect, it seems that expensive, showy silk fabric is stuck on the walls.The process of applying the material is multistage, it takes time to dry it, only at the final stage you can achieve the desired color.

This paint "chameleon", which will play with numerous colors, will allow you to transform the room, make it lighter, taller, richer.

Design of painted surfaces can be done independently, applying recommendations, or seek the services of specialists. You do not want to get the wild color of your room, which is not in harmony with the furniture, accessories, chandelier?

Creating a harmonious style is not always easy; consulting a designer will be useful. If you have good taste, try to create your own unique style, make repairs to your home, use decorative materials.

Correctly arrange the furniture, complement the interior with accessories, pleasant trifles, hang a beautiful chandelier and enjoy the fruits of your work. Not everyone can do this work independently; clearly follow the advice and recommendations of specialists.

How to paint the walls with velvet effect "Flicker of threads", see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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