Decorative painting of walls: subtleties of the process

An unusual solution in the transformation of the interior of the room is the decorative painting of the walls. There are various subtleties that will allow you to create individual surfaces. It is not necessary to invite specialists to perform such work, you just need to know all the nuances of this process.

Special features

The material used, applied to the base, will give the room originality. The peculiarity of decorative painting of walls is that it has an amazing aesthetic effect, helps to translate into reality any design ideas.

The essence of this process consists in applying a special dye to the surface with further decorating with different shapes.

This paint will last about ten years without the need for an update. This is a great option for interior design of the kitchen, as it has many advantages, unlike paper wallpaper. In addition to durability, the undoubted advantage is that this textured wall covering does not fade in the sun, and it is also easier to remove traces of dirt from such a surface with a regular rag. In addition, the base has a high moisture resistance.

Wall preparation

The texture of the walls to be painted varies.

In modern interiors there can be such types of surfaces:

  • plastered;
  • wooden;
  • pasted wallpaper;
  • tile.

The preparatory stage is to bring the work surface in order from floor to ceiling by creating a perfectly smooth base.

This is achieved by performing some sequential actions:

  • it is necessary to check the resistance of the coating to vibrations in order to prevent further deposition of the applied layer;
  • cleansing the walls from the old coating. It may be previously hung wallpaper, various spots of fat, traces of the fungus. In such situations, cleaning with acetone or gasoline helps;
  • in the presence of cracks, the substrate should be primed;
  • carry out further alignment by puttying. This is especially true for walls of concrete, which are characterized by multiple roughness;
  • apply a final coat of primer.

With regard to the decoration of the walls for painting wood, the preparation of such grounds will be slightly different. First, the wood needs to be sanded, then all uneven places should be covered with a putty. It is important to preserve the natural structure of the tree. Next, the wall must be impregnated with means to protect against fungi. After complete drying, you can proceed to staining.

After the preparatory work, it is necessary to protect the furniture in the apartment from the possible ingress of dye. It is best to remove all unnecessary items from the room.

Special attention should be paid to the preparation of materials and tools for work.

Special devices for painting include:

  • brushes;
  • convenient capacity;
  • gloves;
  • device for creating invoices;
  • natural sponge;
  • putty knife.

The most important point is the choice of paint.

It is useful to know what types of decorative paints are found:

  • With the help of granite dye, you can create an imitation of granite on the surface.
  • Pearlescent create a feeling of silky base, make the effect of a color change. For those who do not like too glossy bright coatings, it is better to arrange only floor curbs with this method.
  • With the effect of velor, the solutions are distinguished by their softness, since they consist of solid particles of different colors.
  • With sand particles. Such paints will give relief.
  • Silicone.
  • Silicate. The most expensive composition, but differs in sufficient practicality. Does not absorb dust and dirt.
  • Acrylic dye is also convenient and ready for use.

Before direct application, whenever possible, the properties of the purchased product should always be tested. This is required in order to check how quickly the selected dye dries, whether it changes its original color, whether it has a strong odor, to control paint consumption.

How to paint?

Decorative wall painting can be done using textured solutions. In their composition, they are close to the plaster. The relief is obtained through the use of appropriate devices for painting. This is done by combining different materials for the appearance of the pattern.

To preserve the appearance upon completion of the work, professionals advise covering the walls with interior varnish.

Textured paints have a high cost, but they have quite indisputable advantages:

  • durability without losing attractiveness;
  • never change color when exposed to sunlight;
  • not afraid of mechanical stress;
  • suitable for any premises.

It is important to know that decorating by painting is possible not only using special textured dyes, which were discussed above. It is possible to apply a method with your own hands, which is notable for saving money, but no worse. This method is to use the usual wall paint in combination with devices that create texture.

The most interesting coating techniques are:

  • The easiest way to change the texture of the walls, if they have the design of glass wall. It is enough to paint them with acrylic paint. There is no need to come up with a picture, since the surface will remain with the same pattern, but it will become a different color;
  • With the use of stencil. It is easy to find in hardware stores, and can be done at home.As the material is perfect plastic or a piece of linoleum. Samples with adhesive backing are available. It is applied to the desired surface, then soaked in a solution with a brush is carried out on the base;
  • Using a rag roller. They are treated with walls by moving in different directions;
  • An ordinary brush can create an unusual coating. There is a possible way in which two shades are applied. The main thing is to make chaotic strokes. Another method allows you to decorate one color in two layers. The second paint application is to move the brush from top to bottom;
  • Creating a marble base requires care. First, the main shade is covered, then similar to natural materials are selected. The new layer should be applied without waiting for the full drying of the previous one. There is a mixture of colors. A small brush creates small separations. It is possible to achieve the desired result with the help of a usual water-based composition, which is often used for painting the floor;
  • Acrylic solution is sprayed;
  • You can make the feeling that the walls are covered with leather can be made using latex paint and a suede brush.To do this, the walls are first painted with a selected shade, then the glaze is mixed with a dye, but in a darker tone. Next comes the application of the mixture on the part of the base. Later the brush is wetted in water and wrung out well. Until the wall is completely dry, you need to hold it with a pressed tool, making divorces;
  • Creating the effect of Versailles plaster. It is recommended to buy latex paint. With the help of a plastic spatula, the wall is covered with the prepared mortar like a normal plaster. To balance in color, you need to drive the tool in different directions. It seems that the walls are made of natural stone, among which onyx is considered special;
  • The walls of OSB slabs have already finished decorative texture. Simply select the desired paint and carefully apply to the base. It is better to do this work in several layers.

These are not all ways of decorative painting walls. There is a huge mass of options that depend only on the ideas of the owner and the available tools.

There is nothing difficult in decorating surfaces at home, it is only important to follow the step-by-step rules for applying a particular composition depending on what effect is required to achieve. An important point is the manifestation of fantasy when conducting this work. What could be better than making the idea a reality.

How to paint the walls with decorative paint, see the following video.

Tips and tricks

To successfully cope with the decorative painting of walls without the material costs of the services of the master, you need to follow some of the recommendations of experts:

  • Before decorating the surface must be primed. It protects the substrate from mold.
  • Always protect the premises from the penetration of dyes and other substances that have a damaging effect on the floor. It is enough to cover the perimeter of the room with a film.
  • You should mix the paint thoroughly after opening the package.
  • If you use a brush, you must first make horizontal stripes, and then vertical.
  • When activating the roller, the first strokes are still performed with a brush.
  • Textured paint is applied with a very thick layer to translate the idea into reality.

Beautiful examples in the interior

  • Interesting and unusual looks rough surface of the wall in the bathroom. This effect is achieved using textured paint. The design will also hide the surface defects.
  • Decorative paint can transform even the most difficult to handle wall. The concrete base is transformed by technology with a textured roller. Abstract drawing makes the room fabulous and mysterious.
  • Decorative painting will be an excellent complement to one or another interior style. Fresh and rich looks part of the cabinet, decorated in the English style with the use of textural coloring.
  • Large patterns created using all sorts of stencils will decorate any living room and will interest all incoming guests.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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