Design of plasterboard walls: options for apartments and for a country house

 Design of plasterboard walls: options for apartments and for a country house

On the building materials market, drywall has long established itself as one of the most popular options for the construction and repair of residential premises. This is not surprising, because with its help you can completely transform almost any room.

It is an ideal material for the construction of walls and partitions., arches and niches, ceilings and shelves, which usually costs buyers much cheaper than traditional wall paneling.

The design of the walls of plasterboard can be very beautiful. Consider the most successful options for an apartment or a country house.

Features and advantages of the material

Drywall (or gypsum plasterboard) as a building material has many positive qualities.

The main advantages of such products:

  • Environmentally friendly material. There are no synthetic additives and toxic substances hazardous to health.
  • The ability to provide fairly good sound insulation.
  • Thermal insulation, the ability to absorb excess moisture and create an optimal microclimate indoors.
  • Ease of installation. Drywall is easily processed and amenable to various changes.
  • Such material is very well suited for masking various household communications, uneven surfaces, and so on.
  • The front surface of the material does not need additional treatment before applying the topcoat.
  • Price available for a wide range of consumers.

Unfortunately, with all its undeniable advantages, drywall has significant drawbacks that must be considered when working with this material. The disadvantages are:

    • The fragility of the material, the inability to withstand increased loads. Do not hang heavy shelves, cabinets or racks on plasterboard walls.
    • Instability to water.In case of serious leaks in a house or apartment from prolonged exposure to liquid, drywall will swell up and will be completely damaged.

      For rooms with high humidity, it is better to choose a special moisture-resistant drywall with the label "VGKL", which was created for use in special conditions. Remember that the right choice of building materials will save you from many unpleasant situations in the future.

      Application area

      The scope of use of gypsum boards can be divided into two main categories.

      The following options are possible:

      • The construction of various designs. This, for example, interior partitions, door arches, all sorts of niches and shelves in the walls, as well as ceiling ducts.
      • Application in the construction and repair of premises for covering walls and ceilings. The absolute smoothness of the front side of the plasterboard sheets allows you to quickly and without significant cost to get a perfectly flat surface for further decorative finishing.

        Constructions of drywall make it possible to translate into reality any design ideas for interior design in a house or apartment.

        This is an ideal material for the construction of partitions, if there is a need to divide the room into certain zones.

        With the help of original partitions, you can make a comfortable wardrobe in the bedroom, and the kitchen can be divided into two zones (one for cooking, the second for dining).

        Plates of drywall for finishing walls and ceiling can be used in a variety of areas: in the bedroom, living room, in the kitchen, as well as in the hallway. If you want to use this material in the bathroom, you must purchase a waterproof coating.

        Rules of registration

        With the help of drywall, you can translate into reality the most incredible design ideas. If you are going to proceed with the installation (if this is not the usual cladding of walls with plasterboard plates), it is necessary to draw up a detailed plan and indicate all the dimensions of future structures.

        Remember that to work with this material you will need a sufficiently large free space.

        It is desirable to completely vacate the premises in which such work will be carried out.

        Before finishing, walls and ceilings should be cleaned of dirt and dust, should be putty cracks. After that you need to make a markup for the installation of gypsum board construction A metal frame will be mounted along the outlined lines, onto which the plasterboard plates will be fixed (using self-tapping screws). After that, it will be necessary to putty all the joints on the resulting structure and decorate it, focusing on the overall style of the room.

        Plasterboard walls are beautifully decorated with paints, any types of wallpaper, decorative tiles or artificial stone. On the walls, which are revetted with smooth plasterboard, it is possible to form a relief surface using decorative plaster.

        When creating partitions in the room, they can also be given absolutely any appearance.

        It can be not only traditional solid walls, but also patterned or openwork walls, complemented by shelves and small niches (for placing decor items in them).

        Non-standard application

        You can refuse to purchase furniture for the living room, replacing it with a very interesting and functional design. Decorate one of the walls in the room with decorative niches and shelves where you can put a TVhome library, flower pots, favorite family photos, children's toys, many necessary household items. A variety of niche shelves perfectly fit into any room of your home - whether it is a bedroom, children's room, kitchen or hallway. Such designs help to organize the space and often become the main focus on the premises.

        Very interesting solutions can be translated into reality even with ordinary wall cladding. Drywall allows you to make almost any imitation. You can, for example, lay out a whole brickwork in the room, replacing a heavy silicate brick with a light drywall. In a large and spacious bedroom, you can build real columns: this way you can turn an ordinary room into a palace room. You can remove all the doors in the apartment: leave the arched openings and decorate them with curtains with lambrequin.

        In large rooms will look great two-level plasterboard ceilings with hidden lighting. If you build an additional niche in such a ceiling for installing a curtain rail, which will be invisible, there will be an amazing feeling that the fabric is flowing directly from the ceiling.If the room also provides for interesting lighting, a mysterious and charming atmosphere can turn out. Can be installed on the wall box with the original lighting.

        Useful tips

        Starting overhaul in an apartment, many may encounter such common problems as irregularities on the walls and ceilings, cracks, insufficient insulation and the complete absence of sound insulation in concrete walls. In all these cases, the best solution will be the use of drywall, it is easy to help deal with such problems. So you can save energy, because you will avoid the use of plaster and cementing all surfaces in the room, and cash.

        If you need to close the entire room with gypsum plasterboard, then you should start facing works from the ceiling. Only then can you proceed to the installation of plates on the walls.

        When performing design work indoors, you need to know how compatible the materials are.that you will use when you decorate the premises. Remember that drywall is quite fragile, and then the walls of it will not be able to revet with ceramic tiles or other heavy facing materials.If you decide to place plastic panels on top of the plasterboard, you will need to place a gasket (in the form of a self-adhesive tape) between these materials.

        Plasterboard plates are most often mounted on an aluminum frame, with which you can create the most incredible designs (including all sorts of niches and multi-level ceilings).

        In order to avoid distortions during the construction of the structure, it is very important to carefully measure out every element of the future structure.

        In order to avoid unpleasant situations in the process of work, it is worthwhile to draw a detailed plan for the location of all the plates and mounting profiles. It is also recommended to transfer this drawing from paper directly to the surface in the room.

        Spectacular examples for inspiration

        Spectacular indoor design, created with the help of gypsum boards, can transform your apartment or house beyond recognition. One such example is all kinds of interior arched structures (instead of boring doorways) that do an excellent job with zoning any rooms in the house.

        Arches can take many forms. - from classic dome lines to unusual, intricate designs with all sorts of patterns and tracery elements.If necessary, arched structures can also be equipped with hidden lighting elements: LED strips, built-in spotlights.

        If you need to save space in the room, the best solution would be the construction of niches. They can also have a variety of shapes and sizes, it all depends on the needs and imagination of the owner of the house.

        If as an addition to niches to make more and elegant shelves that will be combined with the main design, you can get a single, complete composition, causing a feeling of harmony.

        Whatever fantasies you decide to translate into reality with the help of drywall, remember the basic principles of creating structures from this material:

        • drafting the project;
        • detailed drawing of the future design;
        • accurate marking on the working surface;
        • installation of a metal profile frame;
        • cutting drywall sheets;
        • base plating;
        • decorating the finished design.

        On the options for the design of the walls of drywall, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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