Brick wall: features of design, creation and care of the surface

So that in the design of the house was some kind of zest, many use a brick wall. This is an extremely easy and simple way to create an unusual and stylish design that creates a pleasant and cozy atmosphere. By emphasizing the wall with the help of brickwork, you can make an amazing and elegant interior. Brick is a material that allows you to beat the space in an original and spectacular way.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Brick finishing has both positive and negative sides. Before the idea comes to life, you need to know more about them. This decision has its advantages.

  • Many people like this idea due to the fact that the brick is not very expensive material, and therefore you can create an incredibly beautiful interior without huge financial investments.
  • Brickwork is completely safe, does not affect health and the environment. This decision was loved by those who like naturalness.
  • The material has high thermal insulation, moisture resistance and sound insulation.
  • It is easy to carry out such finishing, it can be done by a person without experience. You can decorate a wall with a brick without any special tools.
  • Such a design will look good in almost any room.
  • Brickwork is a great zoning option. She allows to use various hinged elements, such as regiments, lighting devices, the TV, etc.
  • It is not necessary to process a surface in addition. If there are minor defects on the walls, the brickwork can disguise them. It is quite original and unusual.
  • It has a long service life.
  • Some choose this solution because of the texture.
  • The brick is ideally combined with natural shades and natural materials therefore it easily fits into any interior.
  • Decorative finishes - another plus in the piggy bank of the positive qualities of brick finishes.

The brickwork has won the hearts of many thanks to its advantages. But this variant of facing, like many others, has several drawbacks.

  • If you use a raw brick of natural color, then you should think about high-quality lighting. Alternatively, you can choose a white brick or just paint the brickwork. This will help get rid of this drawback.
  • The textured surface is uneven, so it is extremely difficult to clean.
  • If there is a large amount of brick in the interior of the room, it may seem untidy and cold. To keep the room cozy, you should use the material wisely.


In order for the design of the room to be stylish and modern, it is necessary to choose the ideal brickwork. There are several types of bricks, so initially it is worth getting acquainted with the characteristics and features of each option in order to choose what is suitable in each particular case.


Unusual and interesting composition of brick - a bare brick wall. The owner will be able to adequately beat her, but before that you should take into account the features of the room.For the interior, decorated in a classic or industrial style, the best option would be rough and unpainted veneer. This solution is the most loyal. If you need to decorate the wall more colorfully, making it more saturated, you need to use acrylic akvalak, choosing the right shade.

Natural brickwork can become glossy and shiny if treated with special clinker oil.


Artificial facing material is a tile that has the properties of natural stone. A similar brick is made of natural materials of high quality, and then the procedure of invoicing takes place. The product has an interesting and unusual appearance, it can be a beautiful pattern and there are many attractive shades. Decorative bricks can be made from the following materials.

  • Gypsum. Products have an adequate price, are the most affordable. The material seems dull and boring, but after applying the paintwork, the “bricks” have an attractive appearance. Extremely practical material can serve for a long time, is not afraid of temperature changes.

It is important to remember that the gypsum will serve less if the room is damp.This option is not suitable for use in the bathroom.

  • Acrylic. The product contains synthetic additives.
  • Porcelain tiles. Incredibly durable material, the manufacture of which uses a special technology. Granite chips are added to the clay mass, after which it is pressed. Durable porcelain stoneware has high resistance to mechanical stress.
  • Ceramics. Many will not be able to distinguish ceramic artificial brick from the present. The only difference is thickness. It is made by roasting the clay mixture, which contains various binder additives.

Glass and soft

An option that is quite often used as a finishing material for apartments and private houses. With it, it is possible to place emphasis on the details. For example, an original thematic panel is laid out in the living room or kitchen. Glass masonry is fairly easy to clean, but you should treat it more carefully and carefully. It is not only convenient and practical, but also beautiful and unusual.

Such a solution will give the atmosphere of the house a little magic and comfort.It looks noble and interesting and will be able to surprise not only the owners of the house, but also the guests.

    Flexible (soft) brick - a material that allows you to create incredible and exclusive interiors. It has a large number of different colors and decent wear resistance. This product easily laid out not only on a flat surface, but also in the corners of the room. Elastic material is made of quartz sand, acrylic, pigments.

    Imitation options

    Not everyone has the opportunity to make the finishing of the room a real brick. A limited budget, a small room and a lack of quality material are problems that prevent it from being used. But there is a solution: to make a brickwork with a material that can imitate a brick.

    Wall-paper in the form of laying of a real brick is an option that has a lot of advantages.

    • Laying is much more difficult than glueing. This allows homeowners to design a lot faster.
    • There are a large number of different design solutions, so choose something suitable is not difficult.
    • Wall-paper is used for registration of a semicircular wall or a surface on which there are defects.
    • Installation work and the material itself have an adequate price.

    There are several types of wallpaper under the brick. Before you choose worthy, you should read the description of each option.

    • A simple option is vinyl wallpaper. Their structure is dense, the surface is embossed, so this material easily emphasizes the design of the room and acts as a good protection for the wall surface. Easy care, resistance to moisture and light - the advantages due to which this option has become popular and in demand.
    • Non-woven wallpapers have good durability, look extremely realistic, are convenient and practical material that will help to arrange the surface in a certain style.
    • If the budget is limited, you can buy washable wallpaper made of paper that is quite easy to glue, calmly tolerate steam, temperature changes and high humidity.
    • Painting wallpapers are another idea for creative people who like creative and unusual things. They are white canvases.The material can be painted in any shades, making it an attractive brickwork.
    For painting

    Many manufacturers have themed wallpapers, which depict high fences, ancient castles and medieval interiors. Pretty creative solution for those who want to plunge into the magical atmosphere.

    Colors and visuals

    You can choose the right color for any interior design. There are many options that allow you to create the perfect design, making the room more stylish and comfortable and creating a unique atmosphere.

      Options for possible colors.

      • Gray brick is a good option, as this color is neutral. It helps to create a light and concise background for the subsequent decoration of the room. A light gray tint can make a room wider visually, and a dark gray tone creates a cozy atmosphere and saves the room from excess volume, visually reducing it.
      • White masonry or brickwork wallpaper is an option for a room decorated in the Scandinavian style. An unusual looking surface can enrich a design through texture.You can paint the finished brickwork in this color and decorate it with the help of various decorative elements. It all looks incredibly beautiful, airy and elegant.
      • Red brick possible to use in any interior styles. It can be an accent. But making out such an option masonry should be aware that the red furniture will be lost on a bright and catchy background.
      • Black color in the design of the brickwork is often used to highlight any area or one of the zones. Through such a decision in the decor it is possible to create a contrast.
      • Beige - ideal for interior decoration of light colors.

      Where appropriate?

      Brick tiling can be made in any room it is worth choosing a successful option which will underline pluses of design and will hide its minuses.

      • On the kitchen. In most apartments, the kitchen is a small room, so before you use such a design solution, you must carefully consider everything. Under the features of the room should be selected quality, type and style of brickwork. With the help of a brick wall, you can conveniently divide the space of the room,making it several functional areas.

      Most often created workplace and area for lunch. In some cases, stands the bar. Both white and colored materials are ideal for this.

      • In the living room. A pleasant atmosphere and unusual accents are what can be created in the living room with the help of brick elements. Monolithic material well emphasizes the chosen design of the room. Some styles allow you to combine brick with wood. Thanks to the brickwork, an incredible atmosphere is created, especially if you choose the right pieces of furniture, lighting, colors and decor.

      You can try to combine light and dark elements. Such a solution can refresh the atmosphere and make it more stylish.

      • In the bedroom. The brick wall in this room looks creative and appropriate. It is necessary to choose gray or white, as well as other neutral tones to create a spectacular design.
      • Hallway and corridor. Brick - a worthy decoration for this room. You can create spectacular and incredibly beautiful design ideas that bring charm and creativity to the interior of the room.Often used white or red decorative materials, but you can pay attention to the color options.
      • In the bathroom. The most daring and unusual solution is decorating the surface with bricks in the bathroom. It is extremely rare to see such a design, but some creative people still dare to bring such an idea to life. It is better to use brickwork in a spacious bathroom.

      It is important to remember that for a long service life, moisture resistant clinker types that have a high cost will be needed.

      • On the balcony. Interesting brickwork will look very appropriate and harmonious on the balcony, add comfort and style.

      What is combined?

      The brick wall is a complement to the original, fashionable, stylish and spectacular design. But in order for the interior to look beautiful and solid, you should carefully select the rest of the design. Laying should look organic and harmonious.

      Professionals recommend using two or three shades in the design of the wall, as in this case it will be easier to pick up pieces of furniture. In this case, the basis is the darkest or the lightest shade.Under the light wallpaper and laminate flooring it is worth choosing white or gray color of the brick.

      If the decoration is too strict, you can liven it up using a bright carpet or catchy rich accents (for example, motley original pillows on the couch). Red brick tone is successfully combined with blue, orange and yellow. Facing brick perfectly with wood.


      Masonry, decorated with the help of these elements, looks interesting in both classic and modern style. An unusual element of decor is used in American and Scandinavian, as well as in country and Provence styles. In some cases, brick cladding can be seen in the room, the design of which is decorated in Baroque or Empire style. In this case, the wall is complemented by stucco and plaster.

      Fans of minimalism will have to apply the minimum amount of decor when making a brick wall. The room is decorated with strict pieces of furniture.

      To make the decor resemble ethno style, you need to put on the background of a brick wall elegant and elegant hand-made objects or beautiful vases. You can also buy an unusual carpet that will decorate the interior and highlight the attractiveness of the cladding.

      If the interior is classic, then you should include fashionable retro accessories in the decor, and also give preference to antique furniture and a chandelier made of crystal. Then this facing will look incredibly stylish.

      Making and processing a wall with your own hands

      The brick wall is easily and simply created independently. Even those who have no experience can do this. It is only necessary to strictly follow the recommendations. To make bricks, you need to purchase a special form for filling and coloring compositions. Professionals recommend choosing plaster and clear varnish. You should choose a form made of polyurethane. If you can not buy it, you can create a product with your own hands, using plastic.

      It is important to ensure that it is of the required size and shape. The sizes can be different, but the bricks should turn out to be rectangular.

      Preparing a plaster mix, you should carefully read the instructions to the composition turned out high quality. Next, the mass is placed in the cooked form and left for some time until it is completely dry. Finished products need to be fixed to the wall with glue, which is intended for laying tiles.To make the effect more realistic, it is better to make breaks on the edge parts of some elements.

      How to paint?

      You can not begin to paint the wall immediately after the laying. It is necessary to allow the finish to dry well, so that the moisture level is natural. This is not a very fast process, which can take up to two months, but during this time all the active alkalis are neutralized, so it is extremely important.

      It is necessary to paint masonry as follows.

      1. The wall should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned, eliminating defects and a small amount of mortar remaining after the laying of the wall. This is done by grinding machine.
      2. Next, you need to apply a small layer of soil in which there are antiseptic additives.
      3. The wall is painted along. Each strip of paint should overlap the previous one by a few centimeters.
      4. After the first layer dries, you need to apply the second. The direction must be vertical.

      Making and painting brickwork is an easy process. It is important to choose the right materials and ensure that they are of high quality. Also, be attentive to the requirements of technology.If the room is small in size and does not allow decorating with a real brick, you can create an imitation of it. The wall is painted in any shade, artificial seams are applied on top.

      To “brick” facing was more voluminous, you can use a special roller and putty.

      Operation Tips

        In order for the brickwork to last for many years and there are no defects and tarnishing on it, you need to purchase special means for protection that will keep the unusual design solution beautiful and aesthetic. This brick is an attractive element that has a pronounced texture and interesting shade. Therefore, the preservation of its qualities is extremely important for the interior. You should choose high-quality tools that do not harm the wall, and make it safer.

        For rooms in which there is not enough light, varnish with a gloss effect is suitable. This tool will not affect the color of the wall and reliably protect it. If the room is sunny, it is necessary to treat the brickwork with a matte effect. This protection is not too noticeable, but it copes well with the protective function.

        The walls of old brick represent a coarse beauty that looks attractive and creates a historic atmosphere. But in order for it to be a real interior decoration, it should be put in order with the help of brushing. In some cases, you need to wipe contaminated places with water with a small amount of vinegar added.

        Before using aggressive cleaning products, you need to inspect the brick and check its condition. The surface that began to crumble is not processed.

        In rooms with high humidity (in the bathroom) it is necessary to more adequately protect the brickwork. In order for the lining life to be long, it is necessary to deepen the seams that are beginning to crumble by several centimeters. Then they are restored with a new solution. After that, you need to perform a seal so that the brick does not become covered with mold.

        The brick is simple, but at the same time rather complicated material, therefore, when using it in the design of masonry, it is necessary to remember some of its features.

        • After painting the wall, the paint is removed extremely difficult, since the structure of the brick is porous and absorbs it well.
        • If the wall is too long, you shouldn’t allocate it completely with brickwork. It is better to “smash” it with furniture, an unusual mirror, or use decor. So the design will look much better and more harmonious.
        • You can make a brick wall reflected in the mirrors. This allows you to combine the space of the room into a solid ensemble.
        • On such walls, pictures of any subject matter look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. The more similar elements, the more attention will be paid to the wall itself.
        • If you need to add a little comfort, you can hang on the wall, decorated with brick, a small number of open shelves. It is necessary to choose the color and material of the elements, taking into account the style of the room.

        Beautiful examples

        With the help of brickwork you can create an exclusive and unusual design, emphasize its features and make the atmosphere more warm, cozy and pleasant. You can find a large number of interesting and aesthetic examples of the use of cladding of this kind in the interior.

        • White brickwork emphasizes the tenderness of light colors, making the design more airy and light.It makes the space wider visually, due to what the room seems spacious and voluminous. Furniture and accessories are ideally combined with the original wall.
        • Photowall-paper under a bricklaying is successfully combined with an interior and look incredibly naturally. You would think that natural brick was used here, and not an imitation of the material. It all looks stylish, modern and concise.
        • Black brick wall - the original solution. It is a bold accent and does not spoil the atmosphere of the room. White pieces of furniture complete the overall picture. The design looks bold and elegant. The successful combination of shades creates a beautiful and pleasant interior.
        • Raw brick looks no less beautiful than decorative or tile. It fits well into the room and adequately complements it. Light shades of furniture combine well with the color of the wall.
        • Warm wall colors make the interior more luxurious and elegant. The design, made in bright colors, looks gentle and forms a calm, cozy atmosphere.
        • Great idea of ​​the pattern applied on white wallpaper under the brick. Bold, bright, rich and catchy.A great option for creative and creative individuals who like innovative solutions.
        • An interesting combination of natural brick and foam masonry. The wall looks more attractive because of the addition in the form of original paintings.

        How to make a brickwork of gypsum plaster, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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