Panels for stone walls - non-standard approach to interior design

In the construction market from year to year there are more and more new materials that allow you to create the original design of any room. For example, these are imitation stone panels that are easy to install. In addition, they are relatively inexpensive.

Special features

Panels for stone walls are decorative finishing materials. They attract many, because thanks to them the room acquires a very original look and style. Such material has several advantages. For starters, it's worth mentioning that This type of finishing material is completely environmentally friendly. This allows you to install such panels in any room at home, even in the nursery.

All types of these panels are made of lightweight material, so that the overall construction of the wall does not become heavier.Despite their lightness, they are made of durable and durable materials. Over time, this panel will not change its color, deform or fade in the sun.

In addition, they are absolutely not afraid of high humidity, so they are often used to design a bathroom or kitchen.

Decorative panels are an excellent opportunity to create indoors the design of the dream. At the same time you will not need to buy expensive finishing materials. In addition, to mount and dismantle this material easily and independently.

This type of decorative finishing material is perfectly combined with other types of finishes. For example, such panels can be safely combined with decorative plaster, natural wood trim or wallpaper.

Advantages and disadvantages

Finishing materials of this type have a number of significant advantages. The panels can easily imitate natural stone. For example, this is relevant when making a fireplace. It is worth noting that this finishing material is also different in that it is not combustible. Even if a spark from the fire of the fireplace falls on the finish, nothing will happen.

In addition, most materials react quite calmly to temperature extremes, so they can decorate absolutely any wall of the room. You can easily choose your favorite texture. It can be an imitation of a smooth and even stone or a relief surface that imitates any natural stone. Another significant advantage of this material is that it can be safely used both for internal building works and for outdoor work.

The material is absolutely not afraid of moisture, frost and heat. The panels allow you to hide some irregularities and flaws in the wall. They perfectly mask the flaws and make it possible to give the interior an updated look. You can easily hide the wires from the equipment behind such panels, and they will no longer spoil the overall look of your favorite room.

As you can see, the advantages of these panels is enough. If we talk about the minuses of the material, they are not. The only thing that experts do not recommend to buy too cheap finishing material.

Due to the fact that some untested and unscrupulous manufacturers, trying to reduce the price of their goods, make panels of low-quality materials, the expectations about the perfect repair can not be justified.Too cheap panels of dubious quality can not only spoil the quality of repair, but also harm health.


The main difference between the various panels under the stone is that in addition to high-quality plastic, various additives can be added to their composition. Stone powder and special resin are used to create almost all types. As a rule, most panels are made by casting, which allows you to get any shape and texture. It can be any artificial stone, wild, rocky or natural. It may well be a brick imitation.

By the way, often such a finishing material is made not only of plastic, there are models of wood and even of aluminum. The latter allow you to apply to the surface of any elements with the effect of 3D. From above they are reliably covered with a special film that ensures durability. Plastic decorative panels or, as they are also called, PVC are most in demand because of their lightness and reasonable price. In addition, such veneering materials make it easy to create a false wall and for such a surface is very easy to care for.

Another popular type is stone veneer models. This material is a thin plate of one or another natural stone. Typically, the thickness of such a finishing material is not more than 2 mm. Color and texture of the material can be anything. Vinyl models are most often used for outdoor use. Such panels differ in special durability and wear resistance. For interior decoration, they are not always suitable due to excessive thickness.

MDF panels - this is another type of decorative finishing material, which is made of pressed chips. There are models that are completely made of wood. As a rule, for such panels, particularly strong and durable tree species are used. For example, it can be a pine or an oak. Any texture and pattern is applied on a wooden surface with a special method.

Fiberglass models or, as they say from fiberglass - this is a great opportunity to order individual panels, since this type of material is made by stamping. Typically, manufacturers make a model of any natural stone, and after making a variety of models.The main advantage of this material is that you can choose any color. The variety of colors and textures is amazing. Often for various works use any kind of acrylic material.

It is worth mentioning that this material has a special protection against UV rays, so that for many years it retains its original appearance. In addition, acrylic models perfectly withstand the load.


White or some other color of the walls with time may just get bored. In this case, decorative panels come to the rescue, which allow you to feel some kind of unity with nature. It is easy to make a stylish room out of an ordinary room; Wall panels are very light, which makes it possible not to weigh down common wall structures and walls in general. In addition to the fact that the panels are made of various materials, they also have other distinctive features.

Panels can be sheet. Usually, this is a large sheet measuring at least 1x2 meters. Sometimes there are models and larger. This is a great option in case you need to decorate the entire wall.Tiled models - this is a finishing material, which is made in the form of a square of a certain size. Most often for the decoration of rooms use this option.

There is another view - it is rack. The thickness and length of such decorative slats may be different. Such material allows for more detailed and fine work. Often this type of panels is used in combination with tiled models, which allows you to create a more complex design.

How to choose?

Before you opt for one model or another, it is recommended to decide on which particular works this material is needed. All the above models are suitable for interior walls. Facing the facade of the house should be carried out exclusively with materials of high resistance, which perfectly withstand the temperature drop. For example, these are models from vinyl, acrylic, aluminum, or some other metal.

Panels made of such material as MDF or wood are suitable for a living room, bedroom, children's room or a corridor. For rooms with high humidity, this option is not used, since the panels will swell over time, the shape and overall appearance will deteriorate.

Models made of fiberglass, suitable for any living room, as well as for wall decoration in offices and classrooms. This material is great for the kitchen because it is durable and easy to care for. It can be used for decoration of the corridor or bathroom, as it is moisture resistant. The material is light, so you can create any design with your own hands.

Choosing the shades and colors of the panels, you should pay attention to several recommendations. For the design of the corridor is best to choose lighter shades. Let it be models with imitation of small stones. For the design of the living room a great option would be a combination of several different textures and shades. Due to this, it is possible not only to create an original design, but also a unique atmosphere of comfort. If the room is very dark, then you should choose such light shades like cream and sand colors.

The best options

In order to make it easier to make your choice, you should pay attention to a small rating of those manufacturers reviews are the best.

  • Famous brand Total produces a large number of various models.As a rule, this company manufactures its products from fiberglass. In the presented line you can find solutions for non-standard designs. For example, special panels for the design of arches.
  • Canfor It is famous for its high-quality products from wood and pressed shavings. For the formation of panels, the manufacturer uses only high-quality resins, which are absolutely safe for human health. All products of this brand is environmentally friendly.
  • Aluminum panels company Aluland with a special laminated coating receive a lot of positive feedback from consumers. The variety of colors and textures pleasantly surprises, and also pleases with the high quality and durability of the models.
  • SnowBird Company lets out various models both from plastic, and from other qualitative materials. The main advantage of this brand is that you can easily find finishing material for both exterior and interior work. All models are of high quality, excellent tolerate temperature drops and will serve for many years.

Choosing this or that company, the kind of panels you like, you should definitely read the reviews on the official websites of brands.It is recommended to pay attention to the fact that proven manufacturers always frankly talk about the technology of making models, about the materials used and give a great guarantee on their products.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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