The use of wall panels under the tree: fashion design ideas

Today, in addition to painting walls and wallpapering, there are other options for finishing. Wall panels, stylized wood, are one of the spectacular examples.

Special features

Wall panels, which are imitations of natural wood, are represented by several varieties. All of them are affordable and great for interior decoration. Products do not require special care, have many positive characteristics.

Materials, stylized wood, look great on the walls of any rooms. Such panels create a warm and cozy atmosphere. This type of decoration is suitable for decoration of both residential and office premises (for halls, corridors, classrooms). There are many interesting colors and textures, so you can choose the right material for any interior.

An additional plus is that the finishing of the room with wall panels under the tree does not require special skills and the purchase of any special tools. If the walls in the house are smooth, then the material can be fixed with ordinary nails or even with a stapler.


Wall panels that mimic the tree can be divided into two types. The first - front panels, which can withstand various atmospheric phenomena for a long time. At the same time, they do not lose their visual appeal. The second type is interior or interior panels. They are made by other technologies.

Outdoor models

To protect the room from adverse environmental factors, use the front wall panels. They can be operated for more than a decade, because they have a number of protective properties.

Fiber cement

Such panels reliably imitate wood. They are made from a mixture of eighty percent of cement and twenty percent of other components. These include water and sand, as well as polymer fibers (or, in other words, “fiber”).

In the manufacturing process, the mixture is pressed and mixed in a dry form.Then water is added to this composition. Since the material is processed under very high pressure, the products have a flat shape. Thanks to heat treatment and special solutions, fiber cement panels can last for a very long time. After all, it makes them frost-resistant and water-resistant, as well as gives anti-corrosion protection. Painting and varnishing make the products particularly attractive.


Such products are not afraid of sunlight and sudden changes in temperature. Made of plastic panels of polyvinyl chloride, which can resist moisture. Also in the material there are special additives that protect the PVC panels from ultraviolet rays. Materials for finishing of this type have a variety of colors. They are able to imitate different types of wood: from oak to larch.


One of the most popular wall finishes is vinyl siding. This material is an imitation of the surface of the logs. It is made from 80 percent of polyvinyl chloride and 20 percent of other additives. These are modifiers and some coloring pigments that give the product resistance to various natural factors. Such additives make vinyl panels resilient and resilient.In addition, the material can be exploited for a long period of time.


The basis of the WPC panels are wood-polymer composites that ensure the strength and resistance of the material to moisture. Each detail consists of two layers, which are connected by jumpers. The sides of the board are made in the form of a ridge lock. This makes installation work simple and easy.

Products have an attractive appearance, they really resemble wood. But the protective properties of this material is much better. He is not afraid of not only moisture, but also the sun. In addition, it is environmentally friendly due to wood flour, which accounts for 70 percent of each product.

Interior models

With the help of such finishing materials you can create a solid and stylish interior in any room. They can even compete with natural wood trim.


This material is made by pressing large chips with a polymer resin. The link is glue made on the basis of phenol-formaldehyde resin. The strength and durability of the material provide hydrophobic additives.To improve the environmental friendliness of fiberboard, resins are often replaced by other components that are not dangerous to human health.


Such panels are slightly different from previous materials. The essence of their manufacture consists in hot pressing of the mixture, which consists of cellulose and polymers, as well as special additives and ordinary water. All components provide environmental friendliness of fiberboard products.

To create a decorative effect, they are covered with a polymer film or melamine laminate. They give the surface a light glossy shine. Imitation wood allows you to use material for interior decoration of the corresponding design. Such false panels are difficult to distinguish from natural wood.


They include a mixture of lignin and wood dust, which is pressed under vacuum pressure. In rooms where the humidity level is too high, sheet MDF panels with a laminated moisture resistant film can be used. In dry rooms, finishing is done using materials coated with a layer of paper imitating wood.


Such options are both smooth and relief. They have a porous base, sufficiently resilient, thanks to which they keep their shape perfectly.In addition, the products are easy, do not overload the surface. Panels of this type are presented in various shades.


Such wall panels are very durable, have soundproof properties. They weigh little, but at the same time in the interior of the room look monumental. Products of this type perfectly imitate the old tree.

Advantages and disadvantages

Perhaps the wall panels under the tree will soon overshadow a lot of materials, because they have a number of advantages. The panels are very easy to install, have a presentable appearance, reliably imitate the texture of natural raw materials.

Real wood panels are expensive, so using decorative artificial panels, you can save on finishing. They are easy to care for. You do not even need to use household chemicals, simply wipe the panel with a damp cloth.

The cladding of this type can mask some defects of the walls, and it can also be part of the insulation installed inside the room. Interior panels can be used in rooms decorated in various styles.This is not only a “village” direction, but also a loft, Scandinavian, oriental style.

However, wall panels have disadvantages. Some of them have a fairly narrow scope. And some species are even toxic. In addition, not all materials of this type are moisture resistant. But many of them are composed of formaldehyde resins that are harmful to health.

How to choose?

Wall panels under the tree can be made of different materials. This should be taken into account when determining where they will be used. For example, decorative wall panels are heat resistant. This allows you to use them for interior decoration of kitchens. You can also pick up and ceiling panels from the same material. This will make the design uniform.

There are panels, decorative which emphasizes a noticeable pattern. This makes the room more aesthetic and attractive. In addition, the appearance of the room does not change over the years. After all, indoors, the color will not be able to quickly burn out or fade. Such finishing materials can be used not only in the office or living room, but also in the bedroom. They are considered safe.

For the bathroom, be sure to choose moisture-proof panels. The ceiling can also be decorated with waterproof materials. So all surfaces of the room will be fully protected from the negative effects of moisture and steam.

Useful tips

When buying wall panels, you must consider the main points that will make the right choice:

  1. When making a purchase, it is worth paying attention to the labeling. All indicators must be listed there. This combustibility, and toxicity, and other important characteristics.
  2. It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the room where the panels will be installed (temperature, humidity, etc.).
  3. Be sure to check if there are any defects on the surface of the panels.
  4. Also it is worth considering carefully the color of the panels. Products from different batches may vary by tone or even two. After installation, the difference will be very noticeable.
  5. If the room is small, it is worth buying large panels that visually expand the space. For huge rooms fit sheet or tile materials.

The best options

Decorating the walls with the help of materials, stylized under the tree, allows you to create an interior for every taste.

Look beautiful wall panels, fixed in a horizontal way.This design makes the room visually more spacious. Thus, the room is divided into several zones. There are comfortable sofas near the walls, where you can relax after a working day. Panels on the walls are combined with the ceiling, creating a stylish and harmonious atmosphere.

The complete lining of the room with wood panels looks impressive. It involves finishing not only the walls, but also the ceiling. This technique creates a textural unity.

Overview of decorative panels PVC and MDF: types, properties, installation, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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