Tables of solid pine in the interior

Pine wood is one of the most beautiful textures due to its rich fibrous structure. Lightness and plasticity, beautiful color, environmentally friendly material, affordable prices - all these qualities distinguish solid pine furniture. Tables and dining groups of pine are popular. They are purchased for city apartments, and for country houses, and for outdoor recreation.

Special features

Pine wood has a fibrous, loose structure. Pine has no hardness of oak or walnut. Therefore, the table tops and frame are thicker than from other wood species. It is difficult to make an elegant table with twisted legs made of pine. The furniture from coniferous breeds is more massive and thorough.

The solidity of forms of pine tables is compensated by the ease of the material. This furniture is easy to rearrange due to its low weight, which is very important for the tables.They often have to be moved to accommodate more guests.

The heterogeneous structure of solid pine has a rich pattern that does not require additional decoration. In addition, the softness and friability of the fibers are not very suitable for complex wood carving.

Furniture made of natural wood more susceptible to damage, unlike plastic. Dining tables are particularly often exposed to high temperatures and moisture. It is necessary to take into account this factor and try to avoid mechanical damage from sharp objects or hot dishes. Then the dining room furniture will preserve beauty and last for many years.


Characteristic features of the material determine the preference for a particular form of tables made of solid pine. Tables have a simple table top shape:

  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval.

Very rarely, shaped chamfer is used in the decoration of the end sides of the tabletops, as a rule, this is a direct treatment of the edge of the tabletop.

Structural elements and legs are made straight, without bends, not only for rectangular tables, but also for round and oval table tops. The latest forms of tabletops can be supported on one or two massive figured supports.

Countertops are both solid and folding.Transformation mechanisms are applied standard, as well as for other breeds of a tree.

The shape of the table is selected depending on the purpose and size of the room. A large table in a small dining room or kitchen will be inconvenient, since you need a place for chairs and a passage.

Also, the design of the decoration of the room itself determines one or another table shape. A round table is more appropriate in a classic living room, covered with wallpaper, and a massive square can be surrounded by stone trim.

Combinations in the interior

An interesting pattern of wood with its own character dictates its requirements for the environment.

With walls and floor

The traditional amber color of the tabletop is an active element of the interior. For a harmonious design of the room you need to finish the floor of the same straw color laminate or choose a white flooring. Good with pine furniture look bright floors, achromatic range: a combination of parquet dies in a pattern of red, blue, green, yellow, blue colors.

The walls should be white, blue, pink, light olive and other soft watercolor tones.

Wallpaper and texture of finishes is best to use the most simple, It is necessary to abandon the decor in the form of stucco or wallpaper with a metallic pattern. Any ethnic pattern or floral decor on the wallpaper will be appropriate in rooms with pine furniture.

With other furniture

The rich color and pattern of the pine tabletop does not tolerate the neighborhood of another tree. The massiveness of the structural elements of the table should be supported by similar chairs or armchairs. Well, if the entire dining group is made in the same style. The rough form of the table goes well with the hard chairs in the same design and bench on metal stylish legs. And a few more nuances:

  • if you put soft pillows in ethnic style on the chairs, this will add warmth and comfort;
  • the dining room or living room can be fully furnished with furniture made from this type of wood;
  • as pine furniture is massive and bright, the room should be spacious;
  • in a small room a lot of pine furniture will look too heavy. It is better to limit yourself to the necessary furnishings and supplement the interior with green plants.

Pine comes to life in the green indoor plants.

Traditionally used tables made of solid pine in ethnic interiors, where there is a lot of decoration from natural wood conifers.In a uniform color scheme, such interiors do not look overloaded, but, on the contrary, even in small rooms a large rectangular rustic table with powerful chairs with armrests against the background of pine timbered or lined walls looks organically.

Pine effectively combined with different materials. The glass table top looks very unusual and modern on the structures of solid wood pillars in the form of an unprocessed array in a minimalist environment.

Tables from solid pine are good in any interior, you just need to choose the appropriate setting. Any taste preferences can satisfy different models, which are very variable, as well as the finish of the table tops.

Finishing options

Solid pine looks organically in straight design lines, the beauty of the fibers and the twists of the twigs are the beautiful design that adorns the interior. Lacquered or waxed models retain the texture and pattern of wood.

Pine arrays are well suited for the creation of design of premises under the old. The tabletop is darkened with stains and roasting non-uniformly to create the effect of natural aging of the tree.Top surface coated with clear or tinted varnish. Having added a table of the same decoration with chairs, a sitting chest, you can reproduce the brutal interior of the Middle Ages.

For fans of the classic style there are models with elements of thread. Tabletops on one or two massive carved central supports are in constant demand. These tables fit well with traditional soft furnishings.

Tables from solid pine can be painted in any color, like furniture from other types of wood. This may be a local painting of all elements in one color. A technique can be used combining finishes. Structural elements of the body and legs are painted white, and the tabletop itself is polished with varnish to preserve the beauty of the pattern of natural wood.


Furniture from solid pine because of the beauty and durability of wood, environmental friendliness and relative cheapness - one of the most popular. Tables choose polished or painted, depending on the style of the room.

For rustic interiors Natural wood in the massive structures of the dining room group is the best suited.This style is applicable in spacious rooms with high ceilings. Large dining ensembles, decorated with antique, decorate the front dining room. Since the furniture itself is rather bulky, it requires a lot of space. In general, this style reminds of the Boyar Terems and the court of King Arthur.

Light yellow knotty wood table top indispensable in interior decoration country style. The ethnic design of dining groups of pine harmoniously looks in the summer house, complemented by homespun rugs, mats, bright pillows.

Traditionally, such furniture furnish bath rooms. Log walls and softwood furniture create an atmosphere of healing. At this table it is pleasant to drink hot tea after taking bath procedures.

The open veranda of the cottage, furnished with pine furniture, will erase the line between the natural landscape and the interior of the house. On a hot day, the whole family can dine al fresco.

Scandinavian style with his striving for utility and naturalness, he prefers strict and elegant designs.

Ultramodern Style Chairs pop Art effectively combined with an antique table and wood decor.Natural wood laconic tables and benches look beautiful in style. modern minimalism.

In the next video you will see the production process of dining wooden tables.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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