Choosing a computer desk for the student

A desk for a student is not just a piece of furniture for a child’s room. A student spends a lot of time behind him, doing his homework, reading, so he should be comfortable and ergonomic. Now no one is surprised at the presence of a personal computer in elementary school children. The best option in this case would be the acquisition of a computer desk, because after him you can work with a PC and do your homework.

Modern models of tables are very diverse both in appearance and material of manufacture, and in terms of functionality, so that each parent will be able to choose the most suitable option for the student.


Today the following types of computer desks are popular.

Straight (linear)

These are the most common models due to their versatility.They can be placed anywhere in the room, and if necessary, easy to move. The large straight worktop is ideal for homework and creativity.

Many models of this class are equipped with a sliding stand for the keyboard, which allows not to overload the working surface. There is also a stand for the system unit and other office equipment, which allows you to maximize the use of the table.


Very compact models that are located in the corner and, as a rule, have a large number of shelves and drawers, which allows you to place all the necessary items and accessories for the student.

In size, these models are larger and more capacious than linear ones, however, they have one significant minus - they can be placed only in the corner.

Rack tables

These models have a concise appearance and design, however, not suitable for every student. The fact is that usually their table top is small, which means that there may be some difficulties with free space on the surface. But some manufacturers solve this issue, additionally completing the rack with drawers and shelves.

As a table-corner, and any of these options are usually complemented by a drawer or drawers for storing textbooks, notebooks and office.

Books are usually convenient to place on the open shelves, so their availability will be for the student by the way.

Manufacturing material

Modern manufacturers of computer tables offer many options for their execution. The following materials are popular.

Metal and plastic

Tables with aluminum frame and plastic table top will fit perfectly into the nursery in the style of minimalism or pop art. Can be made in a variety of colors. Very light, inexpensive tables.


One of the most cost-effective materials for furniture production. It is a compressed wood shavings, covered with a laminated layer. The material can have a bad effect on health, since chipboard is impregnated with a special adhesive composition, which often contains formaldehyde (a dangerous carcinogen).

In addition, the top layer of such furniture is easily damaged and it does not withstand contact with water.


Excellent alternative to chipboard. It is a bit more expensive, but the performance of such a computer desk will be several times higher.

It is not afraid of moisture, it looks beautiful and stylish, and the impact-resistant modern PVC coating does not fade or splinter.


Wooden computer tables look expensive, they are safe for humans. However, their price is far from budget, besides products from the array are very heavy and it will be problematic to move such a table on their own.


Visually expanding the space, however, are not recommended for use in children's rooms.

Whatever material is chosen for the table, the most important thing is that it fits into the overall interior of the room, maintains the basic color scheme, and is also convenient for the student.

Subtleties of choice

Considering that a schoolboy spends more than one hour preparing homework, The computer desk must meet certain requirements that will preserve the health and posture of the child.

  1. It is recommended to properly select the width of the tabletop. The optimal figure is 100 cm. The fact is that experts recommend installing a computer monitor so that the distance to the eyes is at least 50 centimeters. In addition, the student will need to place textbooks and notebooks, as well as take a correct and comfortable position in which the elbows lie on the table.
  2. Adjustable tilt. Some tables have this option, it is very convenient for the student, as it allows you to create the optimal slope for homework and drawing.
  3. The correct height. Not all computer desks have the ability to adjust this parameter. This problem can be solved by choosing a comfortable chair with several positions of the back and the seat, as well as a stand under your feet.

You should also consider when choosing a model how the table will be positioned relative to the window. According to regulations, natural light should fall directly or to the left on the work surface. This is especially true of corner models.

    It is not recommended to choose very bright, flashy colors, as they will tire the child and distract from homework. It is better to add, if desired, a table of classic colors with bright accessories - pencil cases, a book stand, mini photo frames.

    A computer desk, on condition of proper and reasonable selection, can replace a classic writing desk for a child.. This is a great option for both learning activities and for fun and relaxation.

    On how to choose the right table for the child, see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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