How to choose a game table for the computer?

Almost every person actively involved in video games, sooner or later came the thought of buying a gaming table. It is logical to assume that the initial task is to acquire more good computer equipment. But a comfortable “workplace” plays an important role, since a long time spent at a computer table can affect the body not in the best way. Full immersion in the virtual gaming space requires certain conditions and comfort that can be created by special gaming computer tables. You will learn about what criteria you should pay attention to when buying, as well as what models of tables are relevant now - from this article.

Features furniture for gamers

Visually, the gaming table is significantly different from the usual office or writing. This can be noticed even with the naked eye. The peculiarity of this design is that the table is designed in such a way that it can be used at different levels. In other words, a computer desk for gamers is an ergonomic design (often angular) that can accommodate many different gadgets. Such as one or two monitors, joysticks, steering wheel, pedals, speakers, system unit and the like.

Another feature of the table, designed for gamers, is a sliding compartment for a keyboard with a mouse. Recently, however, more and more manufacturers are abandoning the idea of ​​installing a special keyboard compartment. The whole point is that the popularity of cyber-sports captures the interest of all a large number of people. Accordingly, the time spent by a person at the computer increased several times. The computer desk should be comfortable enough so that you can rest after it.

In the presence of a sliding compartment for the keyboard, the elbows are unnaturally pressed to the body. After a couple of hours of playing in this position, the person begins to feel very tired and overworked in the back. The ideal arrangement of hands when working at a computer are elbows bent at a right angle or a little more. As a rule, extremely thick tabletops are used for computer gaming tables. Thin peculiar office and writing desks. The whole construction is covered with specialized materials that create a coating with heat-resistant and moisture-resistant properties.

Criteria for choosing a gamer's table

Having decided to purchase a gaming computer desk, you need to think through several aspects in advance. First of all, it is required to determine the future location of the table. This is one of the key aspects on which it will depend on how comfortable your time at the computer will be. It is desirable that the table was located in the part of the room where the direct rays of the sun do not fall in the daytime. Close proximity to the outlet is also welcome.

The second thing you should definitely pay attention to is the size of the computer desk. The future design should fit well into the overall interior.It should not block access to other furniture or occupy most of the room. Therefore, before buying, having already decided on the future location of the structure, measure the space. Take time to calculate the maximum height and available width for the table. Otherwise, you will have to arrange a permutation in the room. It is also recommended to measure the dimensions of the monitor and the system unit, so it will be easier for you to choose the desired length and width of the table top.

Reviews of popular models

Strong interest in cyber sports and video games has pushed furniture brands to launch computer desks for gamers. To date, these designs are presented in a wide range. Depending on your preferences and financial capabilities, you can choose a table that suits your needs. Below are reviews of the three most popular models that are in different price segments and have different functionalities.

The first model of the game table is called The Original V1. To date, this design is one of the most expensive.This model is equipped with a variety of retractable surfaces that can be adjusted for themselves at different heights. The package includes just three flat-panel monitors and a car leather seat, which is the prototype of what is installed inside the Porsche car. The design is available in only two color shades - red and blue.

The advantages of this gaming table include: the use of only environmentally friendly materials, comfort, pleasant design, versatility, the presence of various auxiliary functions. According to the reviews, The Original V1 model has several significant drawbacks, including: difficult transportation, huge size of the whole structure, high cost. From the available functionality I would like to note several moments at once. This is the ability to use this model as a table for a comfortable game on a computer, a recording studio or a home watching movie. In the manufacture of this model uses high-strength materials - natural leather and steel frame.

For those who are looking for a comfortable and stylish computer desk - the Scrivano Porada model is created especially for you. This is a unique combination of comfort and chic in one design. The table is a transformer made of oak massif. The design has a rather complex mechanism, while easy to use. The table is equipped with a retractable tabletop on roller legs. This also includes a compartment with drawers for office supplies.

Of the obvious advantages can be identified: compact design, rationality and reasonableness of using the workplace, stylish design, using only environmentally friendly materials, compliance with technological quality standards. This model has only 2 drawbacks: limited working space and relatively overpriced. The functionality of this gaming table allows you to store office items and other small details, using the design as a desk.

The best budget version of the gaming table is the model KC 20-22 M2, which is made of high quality chipboard, pre-coated with varnish. The ends of the table are faced in a special edge.The package contains a removable sliding shelf for the keyboard and a computer mouse, as well as a separate compartment in order to conveniently position the system unit. This design also allows you to place the printer or scanner on a specially designated shelf, and also to fit all the necessary office in the drawers. The table of this model can be made in any color shade.

The most popular models are made in colors: milk oak, walnut, valencia, sonoma oak and wenge. The game table has many advantages, among which: compact design, ease of transportation, comfort, rational use of the working space, low cost, use in the manufacture of extremely environmentally friendly materials. Among the shortcomings can be noted: a fairly small space for documents and stationery items, the limitations in the working space. The functionality of this model gaming table allows you to use the design and as a desk.

There is enough space for convenient placement of additional computer equipment, which includes speakers, printer, system unit, steering wheel and pedals. In the package model KC 20-22 M2 in addition to a removable removable compartment under the keyboard, there is a separate shelf for computer accessories (speaker system or printer), an open drawer for a system unit, an enclosed cabinet for various office supplies and a small shelf for disks or small documentation. This model can be purchased at major online furniture stores.

The creation of a computer desk with their own hands is described in detail in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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