What should be the size of a computer desk?

 What should be the size of a computer desk?

Computer desks today are indispensable attributes of each home. Such interior items have won such widespread and enviable popularity due to the fact that the life of a modern person is inextricably linked with computer equipment, for which a separate place is needed.

However, the choice of high-quality computer tables depends not only on their configuration and design, but also on their size.

Special features

In our time, without a computer desk can not do. These pieces of furniture are special in that they can be used in a wide variety of settings.This can be either a city apartment or a private house, or a small or large office, as well as a government or entertainment institution. Thanks to multitasking, such furniture can be called universal.

Moreover, such constructions are often located both in adults and in children's bedrooms, because today even the youngest users effortlessly master the appropriate technique. Properly selected computer desk is perfect for work, and for games and recreation. These furnishings are multifunctional, as they can be used not only for working with a laptop or a stationary PC.

Often, models with large and roomy countertops are divided into two halves. One of them is assigned directly under the computer, and the second becomes a writing zone. As a rule, such tables have impressive dimensions, but it is very convenient to use them.

Such widespread and sought-after furniture finds its place in almost any room of the dwelling. This can be not only a serious study or a schoolchild's bedroom, but also a living room, a library, and even a kitchen (in the case of a studio apartment).

Work and study at such a table should be as convenient as possible, so modern furniture factories produce a variety of options that have a very different structure, as well as various indicators of length, height and width.

These parameters play one of the most important roles in the selection of a suitable model of a computer desk.

The fact is that, working on a construction of unsuitable sizes, the user will be very uncomfortable and uncomfortable. Moreover, the continuous operation of such tables can cause significant harm to human health. So, working for too low a model, you have to constantly bend over and give the body forward, which over time can lead to a serious curvature of the spine and stoop, not to mention the aching pain that can become your regular companions.

No less serious is the need to approach the size of the computer desk that you are planning to buy for the child. It is very important to pay attention not only to the width and length of the tabletop, but also to the height of the structure as a whole. If you do not want to harm the growing body, then the computer desk for it must be chosen correctly.

Of course, the choice of furniture of one size or another in many respects also depends on how many items you plan to place on it. If there are not so many, then it is quite possible to do with a compact model with a small table top.

If you are looking for a more spacious and spacious version, then its dimensions should be appropriate.

How to calculate all sizes?

If you want to know the correct parameters of the computer desk, then You should refer to a simple mathematical formula that many buyers use today in choosing furniture:

  • For self-calculation of the height of the computer desk, you need to perform the following actions: height (in centimeters) x 75 cm (standard height of the PC tables) / 175 cm = construction height
  • The width of the computer desk should not be too miniature. It is recommended to add another 30-40 cm to a specific parameter of this or that tabletop. Thus, you will provide extra space for the bedside tables;
  • The minimum correct depth of a computer model without add-ons is 45 cm. Of course, if there are other additional components in the design, then this indicator may be more, for example, 60 cm.The optimal depth of such furniture primarily depends on its structure and equipment.

Standards and popular dimensions

Standard dimensions of tables for PC and laptops are recommended to consider, ranging from the most compact models. With the exception of height, the remaining indicators are subject to change without any restrictions.

As for height, it plays one of the most important roles in the design of such furniture. Incorrectly chosen version can harm not only the spine, but also the user's sight, since the monitor on such a model will be at the wrong height. Mainly, the selection of the right option depends on the position in which the person will sit.

Experts say that in the process of working at a computer desk, the body should remain in this position:

  • the back is straight;
  • forearms - relaxed;
  • shoulders - not raised and not tense;
  • muscles are also relaxed;
  • feet should be level and be on a special stand, a shelf under the tabletop or simply on the floor.

Classical height of the table for computer equipment is 750 mm (75 cm).It is calculated on the basis of the average growth of both sexes. Thus, the average height of men - 175 cm, and women - 162 cm.

If the growth of the user is very small (150 cm) or, conversely, too impressive (190 cm), then in such cases the following solutions will be a real salvation:

  • height-adjustable chairs;
  • order designs according to individual sizes;
  • worktop with regulation function.

As for the standard width of the computer desk, there are several of the most popular options:

  • corner options have a traditional width of 160-170 cm;
  • narrow tables are available with a width of 120-135 cm;
  • Classic straight varieties have a standard width of 100 cm.

However, the width of the structure depends on several important factors:

  • the minimum is 60-70 cm, and the maximum is 80-95 cm;
  • the compartment for the system unit should be at least 20-30 cm;
  • preliminarily take a free place to place the bedside table and add another 30-40, 45 cm to the whole structure;
  • products of the angular structure must have a turning space of the table top, constituting 50-60 cm.

Another important parameter of a computer desk is its depth. The main dimensions of the whole structure as a whole largely depend on it.

When calculating this detail, you should consider the following nuances:

  • tables that do not have add-ons, as a rule, have a depth of at least 45 cm;
  • structures in which additional superstructures are present have a depth of 60-70 cm;
  • angular specimens equipped with shelves, most often have a depth exceeding the mark of 85 or 90 cm.

Custom solutions

Many consumers are faced with the fact that they are not suitable for any model of the computer desk from the standard series. In such cases, do not panic and get upset. Fortunately, today many manufacturers offer a custom-made furniture service. So, you can come with your sketch and measurements, in order to order the perfect design of optimal dimensions. Of course, such products often cost more than popular display cases, but in this case the end justifies the means, because as a result you will get the most convenient and comfortable computer desk.

In addition, today multifunctional designs with adjustment are very popular.They are in enviable demand not only due to the fact that they can be easily adjusted to a person with any height and configuration, but also because they can be selected even for a compact home and save free space.

Adjustable are the table supports, the tabletops themselves and the stands for the monitor. If you combine such furniture with comfortable adjustable chairs, as a result you will get a universal tandem, for which all family members will be able to work, each time arranging functional structures for themselves.

Functional models

Modern manufacturers produce a great variety of computer tables with different structure and functional components of a complete set. Let us consider in more detail the most popular and sought-after options that are found in many homes today:

  • Straight lines These products are among the most popular, as they were the first in the furniture market. Most of these designs have spacious rectangular countertops. They can be placed along the free wall in the room, freeing up the free space in the central part.It is recommended to have straight tables so that they do not block the passage and do not interfere with free movement in the room, since the presence of sharp corners of such furniture can lead to painful blows;
  • Corner. These models are the second most popular. Their main advantage is that they allow you to save space in the room, as they can be put in a free corner. In addition, in them, as a rule, the system unit can be pushed a little further, without thereby cluttering up the workspace. All items on the corner worktop are always available;
  • Diagonal. Today, such models are enviable popular, as they look original and it is very convenient to use them, as noted by many buyers who have forked out on such designs. At these tables, the user can be diagonal, and his face is directed to a corner. Often, this structure has a miniature mini-tables. Their disadvantage is the lack of functionality. Bedside tables, as a rule, are present under the main coating of these models, and sliding elements are completely absent.

Diagonal designs most often have small tabletops. The length of the side parts in them can be only 60-70 cm, but there are more compact options. Superstructures of these tables are extremely rare. Much more often in them it is possible to meet small bedside tables with drawers.

  • Diagonal-perpendicular. Sitting at such computer desks, the user's face is turned into a corner, but he will always have the opportunity to turn around to the wall or to the side of the window opening (perpendicularly). These options most often have considerable dimensions, so for small homes they are not recommended to buy. However, it should be noted that the diagonal-perpendicular tables differ in functionality. They often have useful compartments with drawers, roll-out or built-in cabinets, superstructure shelves and other practical details;
  • Rack. Today, well-thought-out designs of computer desks, in which there is an additional rack, are very popular. Most often, these options have considerable dimensions, but they should not frighten and repel the buyer. The fact is that having such furniture in your room, you can save on the purchase of a drawer or bookshelves, because you will already have a rack combined with a computer desk.

Examples in the interior

Today, every consumer has the opportunity to choose the perfect computer desk, which will organically fit into his home. At the same time, it does not matter in what style the furnishings are made. It can be both timeless classics and a shocking avant-garde.

Today, the angular designs of computer tables are very popular. They often combine in themselves several different colors. For example, the main body may be snow-white, and the doors of the drawers - dark chocolate. Such a model will look interesting, even if it has compact dimensions.

You can put such a table in a coarse light gray room in a loft style with a milky gray parquet floor, uncluttered wall paintings and a dark round carpet on the floor.

If you like minimalistic but stylish ensembles, then you should look for a simple folding table with a snow-white tabletop and wooden supports. Opposite it is recommended to put a small stool in a similar design (with a white back and a seat, as well as a wooden frame). Such an uncomplicated but stylish tandem will look great against the background of a window with light Roman curtains.As for the wall decoration, it should also be light. On the floor is to put a dark laminate.

Fans of modern and progressive ensembles should look for unusual tables in the shops for laptops with straight wooden tabletops and painted metal frames. Such designs can be supplemented with angular high chairs with a cover for the entire length. As for the decoration of the walls and the floor, such furniture will look harmoniously against the background of dark walls with imitation of wooden bars and snow-white carpet.

If you bought a black computer desk (any: angular, straight, trapezoidal), then you should know that you can’t put it in a dark room. It is better to place such a model in a room with light or pale walls (both monochromatic and striped) and fill it with white computer equipment. Lay caramel parquet on the floor. If there is a window at the table, then it should be hung with light curtains of pleasant tones, for example, pale pink or orange.

As for the chair, it is recommended to put snow-white models on the metal frames near the black table.

A charming desk, in which there is free space for placing a laptop and comfortable add-ons with wardrobes, is the perfect solution for the student's room. For example, an attractive soft beige model with soft green details will find its place in a cozy corner with soft pink walls, a snow-white seamless floor and a light ceiling. Next to such furniture, a plastic highchair on wheels and abstraction wall images will look organic.

The soft rectangular beige shade design with high add-ons and a slightly curved table top will perfectly complement the soft blueberry wall finish and a rough brown laminate with dark patches. To advantageously emphasize the shade of the walls, you can pick up a metal high chair with a purple seat and back, and also arrange decorative details of similar tones in this area.

On the windows, hang white curtains or blinds, and dilute the ensemble with live plants in pots.

A computer desk with a rack can be used not only as a working area, but also to divide space with it.Most often, such receptions are addressed by studio apartment owners. For example, a light model of wood with an open rack can enclose the living area with a green-yellow sofa. Unusually and freshly similar furniture will look on the background of snow-white wallpaper under a medium-sized brick or stone, as well as a rich chocolate floor, finished with a semi-gloss laminate.

You can learn how to make a computer desk with your own hands from the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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