What should be the corner glass computer table?

The first and most important requirement for an angular glass computer desk - you should like it very much and fit perfectly into the interior. Otherwise, pay your attention to more practical and less original models.

In any urban style room, a computer glass table will not only look appropriate - prestigious and expensive. And it doesn’t matter how much it actually costs - even simple, not “designer” and relatively inexpensive glass tables look status.

Stylish accessory

The glass computer desk is very original. The surface of it with glitter, cold, smooth, perfectly complements the interior in the styles of avant-garde, hi-tech, modern, techno.

Designs of glass and metal can be beaten in a futuristic interior.The simplicity and conciseness characteristic of glass furniture, in harmony with minimalism.

Steampunk - not so demanded style that requires a thoughtful design decision, but this table can fit into a fantastic setting.

Special features

As a rule, we choose the corner model because of its small size and functionality. Glass computer tables are compact, but functionality is not their forte. They are inferior to fellow from more familiar materials in ergonomics. No impressive shelving - it is possible to add several shelves, no drawers, and the bottom filling is also shelves.

Such a table is hardly suitable for a workplace where you will spend 8 or more hours a day.

Glass is always cool - this feature can cause discomfort during prolonged use. Glass does not extinguish sounds: in a small apartment everyone will know that you decided, for example, to pojavnichat computer.

By purchasing any glass furniture, whether it be a computer table, a coffee table, or a TV stand, you undertake to maintain perfect order and cleanliness.A slapped tabletop with fingerprints and a dusty system unit under the transparent surface will not add coziness.


Imagine how you will work, where you will store paper, discs, office. The capacity of the corner tables in comparison with the straight more, as a rule, all the necessary items are located at arm's length.

But we must remember about the limited possibilities of glass constructions. The model itself can not be big.

The choice is limited to compact and medium options.

  • Compact suggest that the person working at the computer will be facing the corner. These are tables with a diagonal arrangement. Under the tabletop they usually have several shelves where you can attach the system unit. Often there is a small superstructure. A corner computer table made of transparent or frosted glass looks very elegant.
  • With the increase in size and storage space becomes larger. Among the models of medium size there are tables with a diagonal-perpendicular arrangement - the user can fully turn to one of the walls.They are often equipped with a whole block of lower shelves, which is located under the longer part of the tabletop.


It is necessary to determine the place for the system unit, monitor, keyboard.

The simplest models of glass computer corner tables do not have space for a system unit. Think where you put it. Maybe you should immediately purchase an exit shelf. In some models, it comes in the kit.

Exit shelf - it is very convenient: the system unit can be put deeper, without taking up space on the side.

Another common option - the system unit is placed on the bottom glass shelf.

Remember that the distance from the eyes to the monitor should be about 50 cm. If the width of the tabletop is 60 cm or more, the monitor can be located directly on it. If the tabletop already, then be sure to be a stand under the monitor.

Sliding shelf for the keyboard is found far from all models, and often it is made of plastic.

The fact is that plastic is much better than glass, dampens sounds, so if you want to reduce the "noise" of work, look for just such a model.

Where to put?

Conventional corner computer desks are designed to stand in the corner and save space. Glass table - the choice in favor of originality of design, you can think about the original placement in the interior. The table can be placed in any part of the room, creating a working area.

Be sure to immediately consider connecting the computer to the power supply.

The demanded material of the framework for the tables made of glass is steel. The tree is rarely used. As a rule, to a wooden-glass table, you can pick up a separate cabinet with drawers, hinged shelves. The interior should be supplemented with a rack or a cabinet for a TV, made in the same style. Such kits will refresh eclectic and fusion interiors.

If the place for the table is determined, and it is unlikely that you will move it, pay attention to stationary models. If the location is in question, or you understand that moving the table will often have to - you need a mobile model. This is an easy-to-move construction on rollers.

An interesting solution for the interior in the style of high-tech will be a table "soaring in the air." The console model is mounted on the wall, and if it is placed just below, it can easily cope with the functions of the shelf under the TV.


It depends on you - whether you build the interior in such a way that the corner table attracts attention, or if you prefer it to “dissolve”. Glass furniture never clutters a room, and a transparent corner structure is quite capable of creating the illusion of free space.

Glass can be opaque - matte, colored. The most common color is, of course, black. Black glass tabletop will look favorably in the interiors of modern, hi-tech, classic. However, if you are to the avant-garde and futurism, you should aim to find glass furniture in a bright palette.

In addition, the table top does not have to be uniform and uniform in texture. Drawing drawings by means of a photo printing, an engraving, sandblasting is possible. But, in any case, the glass must be impact resistant, at least 10 mm thick. Then your computer desk will be quite reliable.

See more computer glass tables in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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