Tables-console transformers: features and functionality

The console table is a convenient and practical piece of furniture that turns into a large dining table at the right moment. For the first time such a piece of furniture as a console, appeared during the reign of Louis XIV in France. Therefore, for many, consoles are associated with high-class salons and refined decorations of the Renaissance palaces. But modern console tables have a stylish design and an improved design. And they relate more to the basic design element than to the museum exhibit.

Features and benefits

Often, the owners of small apartments have to face the economy of free space. And small housing requires a balanced approach when choosing furniture.And in such situations, the folding table comes in handy. A more functional and compact furniture than the console, it is difficult to imagine.

Today, designers offer a wide range of simple and practical console models. The transforming console is a narrow table that can change its size at the right time. The table top can reach a length of two meters. Typically, the console is located near an empty wall or near furniture.

The advantages of folding tables:

  • beautiful and stylish appearance;
  • compact size;
  • universality;
  • functionality and practicality;
  • optimizes the use of each square meter;
  • ease of use;
  • structural reliability;
  • proper use of space in a small apartment;
  • a variety of forms and styles allows you to enter the console table in any interior style;
  • possibility of use for various purposes.

The console is not quite familiar to us furniture. When assembled, this model is a small cabinet that can be used instead of the desktop, a miniature dressing table in the bedroom, as a pier in the corridor, or it can become a stand for a beautiful lamp. And the retractable console perfectly replaces the book table known to many families.

The console in assembled form has the same compact dimensions and takes up minimal space, but at the same time it is convenient to sit behind it and there is where to put the legs, unlike the table-book.

In a small apartment you have to use light and calm colors in the interior. But the miniature dimensions of the transforming table allow you to choose bold and saturated colors and use the console as a bright color contrast. White or black glossy table looks no less profitable and original in a well-designed interior.

On a narrow console table, you can store beautiful family photos, flowers, a table lamp, candles, unusual decorative objects, or even a laptop and a stereo near the TV area, as well as other modern equipment.

Design features

The height of the legs is selected based on the purpose of the console.

For example, if you need a transforming table for family dinners, then the standard model is 60 centimeters high. And if you are looking for a console for decorative purposes, you can choose a larger model - about 100 cm. When assembled, the dimensions of the table top are about 60 cm wide and 90 cm long, depending on the model chosen - this is the main feature that makes the console an indispensable piece of furniture .And at the same time transforming furniture has a large margin of safety.

The folding console table consists of several elements and a special sliding mechanism. The support is two or four legs, which are divided and can be increased to 10 pieces.

The most popular model Goliath (made in Italy) turns into a large white dining table.

Tabletop legs move away from each other and are located on the side of the table. Included are additional inserts for the table top, the number of which can vary from 4 to 8 pieces. Additional worktops are inserted into the central part, while you can adjust the length of the table if necessary. Each insert increases the table top by 45-50 cm and extends to three meters.

Thus, a small console with a compact size with minimal effort turns into a large table for 14 people.


Modern sliding tables are made from various materials.

The most expensive models are made from natural solid wood and stone - such luxury consoles look incredibly beautiful and noble.Models of pine, birch, ash, alder, beech, oak and other tree species has the most reliable and durable construction.

Such a console will last more than one decade. But at the same time, these models are very expensive.

The most accessible console of wood chips. Such models have low weight and attractive appearance, can be painted in different colors and complement any styles. But, giving preference to furniture made of chipboard or MDF, it is important to remember that it requires special care, does not withstand heavy loads and is afraid of moisture. And it is better if the tabletop thickness is at least 2.5 cm.

Modern manufacturers produce transforming tables, combining various materials, for example, metal + wood, MDF / chipboard + metal, solid wood + chipboard, metal + glass. As a decor, the legs and the tabletop of the console can be decorated with carved inserts, metal elements, lace details or mosaics. In this case, the console becomes not just an ordinary piece of furniture, but a real work of art or a bold art object.

Due to the variety of materials and the latest production processes, furniture designers were able to experiment and create consoles unique in design.For example, the refined and sophisticated model Garda Decor (manufacturer China) has received great popularity among buyers.

Varieties of console tables-transformers

Console, turning into a table, is particularly popular among owners of small apartments. And due to its versatility, the console can be used in any part of the house.

  • In the corridor - the console occupies the minimum space and can be used as a decorative or functional element. Some models have additional niches hidden under the table top for small accessories, which additionally expands the functionality of the transformed table. The large mirror next to it will be just the way.
  • In the living room - an unusual and stylish console perfectly complements the interior and can be a real highlight. A glass model will give the interior lightness. The transforming console located in the living room can advantageously replace a small table or a TV stand. And when the guests arrive, they will quickly turn into a large table for a family dinner.
  • In the bedroom - as a dressing table or bedside table.Miniature, with beautiful decorative elements of the console will perfectly fit into a bright and delicate bedroom. The combination with an elegant wall sconce will create a cozy atmosphere.

Tips for choosing a console for an apartment

Key points to consider before purchasing:

  • The dimensions of the table in assembled and disassembled form - the console should fit harmoniously into the room and comply with the chosen style of the interior.
  • Color and decor - depends on your wishes and the style of the room.
  • Type of transformation mechanism - give preference to a simple and convenient design.
  • Material and price - both criteria are inextricably linked.

At first glance it may seem that the console is a simple, discreet and extra piece of furniture in the interior, but the combination of functionality, aesthetics and convenience make the transforming table a great addition even in a small apartment.

Review the sliding console table in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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