How to choose a round sliding table?

Small housing today is not something rare and non-standard. Most modern apartments are not distinguished by sufficient footage, under which it would be possible to “roam” and implement any design ideas. The selection of furniture for such residential areas should be approached especially carefully and responsibly, so as not to reduce the already compact space. Today, the discussion will focus on round sliding tables, which are an excellent option for placement in a small-sized dwelling.

Advantages and disadvantages

Round sliding tables have several advantages for which modern consumers love and value them so much.

  1. First of all, it should be noted the laconic form of such interior items.Thanks to this uncomplicated appearance, such furniture will easily fit into many ensembles.
  2. Round sliding tables do not have angular elements, which indicates the unconditional safety of their design. Particularly relevant are similar products in homes where small children live.
  3. A lot of people will fit in for a cozy round table, and in the unfolded state their number may increase.
  4. Products with round and oval tabletops themselves are more comfortable and convenient to use due to the lack of sharp corners.
  5. It is impossible not to note the relevance of sliding mechanisms in such furniture. When folded, the table may seem very tiny and will easily fit even in a very small room. But it is necessary to decompose it, and before you will open a spacious tabletop, behind which will be able to sit at least 5 people.

Serious flaws in this furniture is not. However, it is worth noting that over time, sliding structures often fail or stop working properly. As a rule, this happens with cheap designs that are not of the highest quality.


There are several varieties of round sliding tables.It is worth getting to know them better.

  • There are products in which the round tabletop moves apart. with two halves. They need to be pulled in different directions and deploy an additional wooden plate, located in the underframe. As a result of these simple actions, a very comfortable oval dining table is obtained. Such structures-transformers are most often made of wood (this also includes MDF or chipboard). Slightly less often fashionable designs from glass meet.
  • No less popular today book tables. They, like the previous version, consist of two main halves. One of them easily unfolds and forms two mirrored, rounded surfaces that assemble into one spacious worktop. The popularity of Transformers-books due to ease of operation and long service life.
  • More compact are special designs. with lowered sliding parts. Such systems are available not only in round, but also angular (square and rectangular) tables. The hanging elements of the furniture can be easily laid out and fixed by placing them on the additional legs with the help of special fittings.

There are round sliding tables and the type of supports.

  • The most common products are on four legs.
  • The second most popular are tripod constructions.
  • Products on one leg may seem less stable, however, high-quality manufacturers produce reliable and resistant variants.
  • Coffee tables, which are usually placed in the living room next to the couch, are most often equipped with supports on wheels.


Modern sliding tables with an elegant round table top are made from the following types of materials.

  • Tree. Such models are rightfully recognized as the highest quality, environmentally friendly and beautiful. In furniture production, such species as oak, maple, pine, birch, beech, hevea, alder and walnut are used. Oak products are the most durable and durable, but they are also quite expensive. If you want to save money, then look at the furniture made of pine or birch. Selecting a table from an array, you need to consider that it will require regular and responsible care. From time to time, the material will have to be treated with protective impregnations so that it does not dry out or crack.
  • LDSP, MDF. Furniture made of similar materials is much cheaper than wooden versions, and is equally durable and wear-resistant. However, tables made of MDF or chipboard look simple and ordinary. Moreover, LDSP contains hazardous formaldehyde resins that release substances into the air that are hazardous to the health of households. In order to harm the body, it is recommended to select products from class “E-1” chipboard or veneered models.
  • Glass. Glass products look particularly stylish and modern. It is recommended to buy high-quality and durable designs from red-hot raw materials. However, the properties of such a material do not at all free the owners from careful handling with respect to such a table, since absolutely any type of glass can be broken.


The diameter of the round table 90 cm is suitable for placing two people. However, if you decompose it, then more people will be able to sit behind it. For the location of 3-4 people, a tabletop of 110 cm will become an ideal option. A model with a size of 100-120 cm is common. A table of this size is suitable for a larger kitchen or living room. If you have a compact room, it is better to purchase a miniature sliding structure with a table top having a diameter of 70-80 cm.


You should pay attention to several popular colors that are used to make high-quality and beautiful furniture.

  • Classic black and white colors. They look spectacular in both contrasting and similarly shaded interiors. The main thing is not to create an ensemble in which such furniture will merge with the general background.
  • Natural colors. Natural shades of natural wood will never go out of fashion. Furniture of such design can transform the interior and make it more hospitable. Particularly worth highlighting tables shade wenge, walnut, oak and mahogany.
  • Bright colors. Round tables of saturated colors will look harmoniously on a neutral background. Do not overload the interior with bright colors, otherwise it will be annoying.

The form

Elegant tables, devoid of angular components, can be either round or semicircular, and oval table top. Be careful when choosing such furniture for a small room. In such conditions, a bulky model can visually distort the layout and make it even closer.


The round table will look organically in the following styles.

  • Classic. For such an interior suitable laconic wooden model, not weighted by a variety of decorative elements.
  • Minimalism. For a minimalist ensemble, you should choose the most simple monochrome specimens. The laconic the table, the better it will fit into the situation.
  • High tech. In these modern interiors there will be a glass table or a wooden monochromatic model in black or white.
  • Country For a country style, a simple wooden table is also ideal. It can be unprocessed and unpainted.
  • Provence. For Provencal style, it is also worth choosing light wood tables.


A round sliding table can be decorated with various elements.

  • Carved inserts;
  • Relief ornaments;
  • Artificially aged surfaces;
  • Metal parts;
  • Luxurious gilding;
  • Applying decoupage;
  • Patinated.


A round sliding table will look organically in a variety of areas, be it a kitchen or a living room. The color and stylistic design of this furniture should correspond to the main ensemble so that it is harmonious and complete.If you bought a light table and put it in the same bright room, then the ensemble will have to be beaten with bright details of the decor (vases, pillows, upholstery and the like). This is necessary so that the interior design does not seem too "shining" and does not hurt the eyes with its whiteness. With dark combinations, the situation is the same. Do not create merging interiors.

If you choose a table for the living room, it is recommended to start from the style of execution of the rest of the furniture in the room. For example, if there is a sideboard in the hall, then the round table should be selected in a similar color and figure design.

How to choose?

The round table should be selected according to the following criteria.

  • Material. It is better to buy wooden furniture, but it is expensive. An alternative could be a model of MDF, laminated chipboard or glass.
  • Quality of construction. All parts must be securely fastened. Squeaky or crunchy sounds should not come from furniture. Be sure to check the sliding mechanism before purchasing. It should work perfectly.
  • Design. The external design of the round table should be matched to the main interior in both color and style.
  • Manufacturer. Contact only popular and reputable manufacturers, so as not to run into a low-grade product.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

Malaysia produces excellent products of hevea, rattan and wenge. As a rule, consumers are satisfied with such products and note their durability, which persists even after many years.

Beautiful and high-quality round tables are produced by Italian brands Bisazza, Accadema and Morelato. Buyers are delighted with the wood and glass products of these brands. Grieve the consumer can only the high cost of some models.

Beautiful and laconic furniture made of glass and wood is offered by the Russian manufacturer StolLine. Its range is striking in its diversity. People note affordable prices for high-quality round tables, as well as a large selection of their shades.

Modern examples and stylish options

Glass sliding table should be placed in modern interior styles. To highlight its fashionable appearance, you can use metal chairs with contrasting seats in white or black.

In the cozy ensembles such as Provence, the table can be supplemented with a tablecloth of pastel colors in the flower.You can add a special charm to the furniture with the help of wooden chairs of different colors.

A dark, large table on a metal pedestal will look chic in the interior, combining glass and wooden materials. Arrange around such a product bright chairs with thin metal frames.

For information on how to arrange a round table in various interior options, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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