Tables on wheels: pros and cons

When planning and arranging the interior of his house, a person fills it with not only functional, but also comfortable, modern and beautiful things. One of these items can rightly be called a table on wheels.

These products can have various functional purposes. One of the options for using such a table as a serving. They are also used as a journal.

They are indispensable in the kitchen and can be used in a wide variety of rooms and styles.

Materials and sizes

It should be said that in its size tables on wheels can be both compact and large. Everything depends only on the dimensions of the room in which it is planned to use it.

For example, it is easier to move small copies around the room and choose a suitable place for them.

From the size also depends on the functional use of this piece of furniture.

One option is to use such a mini table on wheels as a coffee table or as a place to work at a laptop.

There are also tables with adjustable height, the advantage of which is that they can be either low or high, depending on how you are comfortable at the moment. It should be noted that, contrary to its mini-size, a coffee table on wheels in your room will occupy a central place and give it comfort.

Among the countless materials used in the manufacture of various tables on wheels, use wood, for example, oak, glass, MDF, as well as chrome-plated metal. Glass can be transparent, colored or tinted.

One of the material options for this furniture is construction pallets. This is very original, and if you like this, and your interior is decorated in the style of a loft or industrial, then you can also use boxes or chests as the basis.

Functionality and dignity

It should be noted that the table on wheels as an interior item is completely optional, but it is very useful and convenient. One of its advantages is the low height, which allows you to comfortably use it while sitting on the couch.

Based on the very name of this type of furniture, we immediately note its second advantage, namely, mobility and convenience in moving around your apartment or house.

Also, a table on wheels can be used as a stand for your TV, which is an undeniable advantage.

Therefore, this coffee table is practical and compact. This element of the interior is very ergonomic.

Another advantage of it is multifunctionality. This is a dining or dessert table, and a working area, and a place to store small things.

Another feature of the mobile table is its function of decorating your interior. Now you can choose furniture of absolutely any style and type, depending on your preferences and the interior of the apartment.

Serving tables are becoming necessary for carrying dishes and food when there is a need for customer service away from the kitchen, for example, in a restaurant or at an event.

In this case, such a table should be equipped with comfortable handles and bumpers. Also, the trolley should have several tabletops for transportation of a greater number of dishes, bottles and various containers.

This serving table is very ergonomic, reliable and practical in operation.

The only possible disadvantage of tables on wheels may be their limited margin of safety, which is typical of any things and objects.

The advantage of this table is the possibility of cozy and comfortable drinking tea with dessert right in the living room. Also a table on wheels can be a comfortable bedside table for a laptop.

It should be noted that one of the advantages of tables on wheels is that such an element of the interior is well suited for limited areas.

Also, such a table in the kitchen turns into a mobile kitchen islandwhose functionality is very high. This is a work area, a dining table, and a place to store utensils. Multifunctional and very convenient.

Colors and shapes

The shape of your table on wheels can be completely different: round or oval, classic rectangular and so on. For example, the modern style is distinguished by the presence of smooth lines, bends and unusual shapes.

It should be said that the choice of design and shape of this piece of furniture is determined by its functional purpose,tastes and overall design of the apartment and this room.

Also there are quite unusual table forms from individual designers. It all depends on your imagination. For example, the shape of the serving tables on wheels can be oval or in the form of a cart.

The shape of the tables on wheels can be as follows: folding, having the most diverse shape, but compact in assembled form, stationary (rectangular or figured) and transforming tables. For example, coffee tables on wheels can often have several table tops.

It should be emphasized that the color solution for the table depends primarily on what place it will occupy in the composition of the room.

If this is a central place, then such a piece of furniture should compare favorably in color from the whole interior of the furniture. If otherwise, then in this case, a simple plain table will do. It all depends on the choice of interior style, classic or avant-garde.

It should be noted that the tone and color of the table on wheels depends on the overall design of the room. It can be either dark brown or light or white.

Separately, it is possible to single out the category of modern coffee tables on wheels from an exotic dark wenge tree. These tables are well suited for a variety of modern interior styles, be it high-tech, ethno or art deco.

This furniture is quite durable and at the same time beautiful and aesthetic. The color palette of wenge wood ranges from chocolate brown to almost black. Such a table would be well combined with glass, plastic or metal.

Selection features

Generally speaking, the coffee table was one of the first items of the interior, which acquired an additional element in the form of wheels. And it happened in France in the XVII-XVIII centuries.

It should be noted that the choice of model depends on what kind of emphasis you are going to give your table. Invisible element of the interior or the central place of the whole room. Also, the choice of model of the table on wheels depends on your preferences and functional purposes of this piece of furniture.

It should be said that tables on wheels can be magazine, serving or have other functional purpose.

If your home is equipped in a loft style, then a coffee table made of pallets is well suited. This is very unusual and interesting.For the same style, you can use old luggage, chests or drawers as a material.

Another option is a glass coffee table. However, these tables are expensive prices. If you want an unusual and original table to your apartment, then in this case you will be helped by the choice of a designer model to order.

The “book” model is essentially a transforming table, which has two configurations., assembled and sliding. The convenience of such a table in its compactness and the ability to quickly make small large tabletops if necessary.

Among the serving tables there is a wide variety of materials and forms. The choice of such a useful table for the kitchen depends only on the functional purpose of this piece of furniture.

Often tables on wheels can have individual design solutions and look very extravagant and unusual.

Also, tables on wheels are used very often in the kitchen. They come in various shapes and sizes and allow you to store various utensils and be an indispensable and convenient helper for humans.

This is a very versatile thing with a lot of roomy storage systems for kitchen items.First of all, this is an additional area for work.

An example of the design of a coffee table on wheels. Made of chrome metal parts and MDF worktops. The color is dark. There are several intermediate worktops below the main one. Generally well suited for loft or modern style.

Here is an example of an unusual design serving table on wheels. The design is made of wood. The color is dark brown. A pair of wheels is quite large. In general, performed under the classic style.

Tables on wheels can be both compact and large. Depending on this, as well as on other factors, such a table can find application in a wide variety of rooms. Be it even the bathroom.

The table on wheels has, of course, both negative and positive sides for each individual person. But for the most part, this piece of furniture carries positive qualities in its use.

How to make a table on wheels with their own hands, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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